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August 12, 2017 18:06

Visor with their hands

visor has two main functions: decorative and protective.By adding such a facade element can greatly improve the aesthetic details of the whole house, to make an exclusive exterior and give your dwelling a unique style.But this is not the main function of the visor.In the first place the existence of this product protects the area of ​​the front door and the door itself from the negative impact of weather conditions.Therefore the door, above which is a canopy retains its performance over a long period of time.


  • basic requirements
  • choice of material for the construction of
  • Species visors
  • Construction Shed shed
  • gable canopy over the door with his hands
  • arch structure
  • Conclusion
  • Visor of polycarbonate with their hands.Video

basic requirements

You can determine the following requirements for the visor above the door:

  1. This element should provide protection from precipitation.
  2. visor to fully perform this function, it should advocate the porch on two feet or more.
  3. extremely important to shed possessed sufficient strength and resistance to wind and snow loads.
  4. Also, it should be in harmony with the overall style of the house.


choice of material for the construction of

  1. for successful selection of material for the visor in the first place should be based on the appearance of the front of the building and roofing.For example, a brick house will look more successfully shed made on brick piers.And that was not the contrast between the appearance of the house and the visor, they cover should be made of the same material.
  2. Also the protective properties of raw materials must be considered in choosing the material.Frosted or transparent glass and the plastic coating on the basis of sufficiently able to protect only the rain.To create loads of patronage, received as a result of strong winds and large amounts of snow, more appropriate choice would be covering from tiles or sheet steel.
  3. Recently, widely used in the manufacture of their own hands got polycarbonate visor.Demand for this material due to a number of positive qualities, which he has:
  • ease of use - products made from polycarbonate, do not need regular maintenance;
  • with this material is easy enough to work;
  • ready visor will have a high resistance to various mechanical influences;
  • high plasticity index of this material allows us to give manufactured products of any desired shape.

With these advantages of polycarbonate price is not too high and it is available for a wide range of consumers.There are two types of polycarbonate:

  • monolithic;
  • cell.

Polycarbonate sheets is coupled in two layers between which there are bridges which are located longitudinally.Polycarbonate monolithic type distinguishes his exceptional strength.Sheets on their visual features resemble glass but can withstand loads of up to 200 times more.

Species visors

Peaks are classified into types according to the two criteria - by the method of attachment and form.By the first criterion distinguishes:

  • visors reference (in this case the mounting structure is carried on poles, which perform the function of support);
  • canopies mounted on the wall.

Visors reference type can withstand a greater load than the suspended structures.Also, there are several forms of canopies.It can be:

  • arched design;
  • tent canopies;
  • lean-products;
  • dual structure.

Visor with their hands, photo:

Spoilage Basque Step Andes Railing

shed - on - input - from - polycarbonate


Construction Shed shed

visor of this type differs low weight and ease of installation.For its production as a suitable support for fixing and suspension method.Usually, for the manufacture of this type of construction is selected metal or wood.The procedure works the following:

  1. First you need to determine the width of the porch and to add this indicator to 30 cm per side.The data obtained will correspond to the width of the future canopy.To determine the height of the products is necessary to make calculations, focusing on the construction of the house.The product should be placed at an angle of 20 ° or more.
  2. On the basis of the figure is a sketch, stating the length of the ramp.
  3. further from the material used must be made rafters, the amount of which will correspond to the length of the slope parameter.Also carry out a beam and struts.
  4. assembly of all components in a single structure depending on the type of material.When using wood frame should be collected on the screws, and welding should be used for working with metal.
  5. The next step is to perform a fixation of the finished frame over the porch.Securing the beam is carried out by screws of stainless steel structure and struts are attached by anchors.
  6. After that you need to carry out installation batten on rafters system.As a material for crates fit the boards or planks.Slats must be laid according to the material that is used in the coating.If this metal sheet or slate location slats should be every 40 cm. In the case of tiles, having flexible properties crate should be made of plywood or boards.
  7. At the final stage in the rafters system should be put roofing.Doing canopy over the porch with his hands to protect it from atmospheric influence.To this end, the two strips are mounted.One of them should be attached to the wall and the upper ramp fragment, and the second - adjacent to the lower pitched part.
  1. You can then install the drain pipe.You should also bear in mind the caveat that if the building in which the installation is carried out visor is laminated wall mount should be carried out on bearing wall.And in those places, where the slopes and beams need to perform sealing.This will help avoid getting wet insulation layer.


gable canopy over the door with his hands

visor of this type has a more complex implementation, but better functionality.This design better protects against wind and rain, and cleaned the snow off it more convenient than with single visor.For its construction will need to do the following:

  1. product settings also determine how and when you install the visor pent form.Also it is necessary, focusing on the construction of a length, to calculate the size of battens and brackets.And, given the height and width of a peak performance, you need to define the parameters of truss system.
  2. Further, if the assumed production of suspended structure, you need to prepare two arms of a wooden or metal material.Two beams
  3. should fasten to one another perpendicular manner, and then connect via the slope.It is important to stick to the angle of 45 ° -60 °.
  4. Then you must mount the brackets to the wall, you observe the space between them should correspond to the width of the future canopy.
  5. vertical beam should be attached to the wall.Using a level to expose them as desired, and then fix the stainless steel screws.
  6. for preparing a support visor to install the pillars of a wooden or metal material.First, you need to dig a hole, then make a pillow, putting it at the bottom of the sand layer.On top of this layer is necessary to lay a layer of gravel, install posts and pour concrete composition.The upper parts of the supports connected by means of supporting beams.
  7. then produce two pairs of rafters that hold the bolts.Rafters are fastened to the upper beam, and then mounted the ridge beam.
  8. Then the rafters sheathing is installed, over which is laid a layer of roofing.
  9. At the end of the bar and install eaves gutter.


arch structure

manufacturing technology of such a peak is the simplest of all ways:

  1. make a sketch and determine what should be the size of the frame after the measurement parameters porch.This element is made quite easy.As the material is necessary to prepare two tubes of aluminum material, they must be bent so as to obtain two arcs.
  2. Then these arcs must be connected at both ends, using the straight sections similar to the pipe.If desired, this can make the construction more rigid beam welded thereto.
  3. After the arc to the rear, it is necessary to weld awnings - with their help will be fixing the visor to the wall.
  4. At the end of the work cage should be covered with paint.
  5. After it dries runs framework assembly to the wall by screws.
  6. visor above the entrance with his hands ready .

Design - in porch , private - home


Visor is an important element of the exterior of the house.Its presence helps protect the door from the rain and as a result of an increase in its lifetime.Today there are several types of canopies and enough variety of materials for its manufacture.This makes it possible to choose the element to the style of any home.Installation of construction is carried out quite simply.To handle this task quite familiar with the description of the process.

Visor of polycarbonate with their own hands.Video