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August 12, 2017 18:05

Removing the old paint from the heating pipes - chemical and mechanical methods

Colouring heating pipes on the previously imposed a layer of paint is not desirable, even if it seems that the old is not damaged, and the only purpose of such minor repairs - just update it.The reason - the specifics of operation of the system.Variations in temperature lead to a gradual deformation of the paintwork.Even if his visual defects and can not be viewed, the risk of delamination even in some areas is large enough.

application of new paint will give a novelty around the circuit, but how long it will stay unknown.For a short period of time not to engage in the same work, the pipe must be carefully cleaned to the base (metal).How to remove old paint from metal, which exist for this procedure - all these issues will be discussed in this article.

Ways and means of wiping with a metal


k- 1 Aerosols

Commercially available tools are universal, as are intended to soften almost any soil, the composition of the paint, and some - and for removing rust.After about half an hour (± 10 min, depending on the manufacturer) Easy weight exfoliated paint removed mechanically.For example, a spatula, a knife, a chisel.

price - from 188 rubles / score.(0.5 mL).


Such funds are called.Unlike aerosols, they are not sprayed and applied with a brush.processing of longer, but practice shows them to flow up much lower.

price - from 258 rubles / liter.


particular agent is selected depending on the type of paint.This method is applicable for removing the old layer only in some areas, and that if a small thickness.Not characterized by high efficiency and is used less frequently.

Features - any "chemistry" contains toxic ingredients.Before use, you need to take care of the means of protection and provide quality ventilation in the room.


choice of tools and devices is limited only by the presence of what is in the house.

  • E / drill (hammer, "Bulgarian") with a nozzle (eg nozzle described here).It is advisable to use if you need to remove the paint from the tube on a fairly large (longest) section.
  • brush with metal "fluff."
  • Files with large teeth (eg rasp).
  • Abrasive paper with larger particles of abrasive.

k- 2


implications of this technological operation - heating of the metal, after which the softened paint layer is removed by mechanical means.Mainly for this hair dryer is used (the building), less (with some precautions) - Blowtorch.

Practical recommendations for the removal of paint

k- 3 using mechanical methods of cleaning pipes of paint, rust, do not make much effort."Mode" surface treatment must be gentle.Why?Visually, it is difficult, especially under a layer of paint composition, determine the degree of deterioration of the metal.Consequently, excessive zeal may lead to cracks, joints depressurization.The result - the emergence (perhaps after some time), and a new leak, but more voluminous and complex repairs.

Before handle pipe any drug, it should be safe to hide all adjacent surfaces.Moreover, not a newspaper that is quite often before painting, and waterproof material (better - rubberized cloth).

This safety net will not be superfluous, since it is not known how to behave "chemistry" in contact with the flooring, walls, baseboards (especially if they are fashioned from plastic).

Watch the video to remove the paint from the radiator heating and pipe: