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August 12, 2017 18:06

Most manufacturers of cast-iron baths : Russian , Chinese , Spanish, French

The cast-iron bathtub in the interior
  • Review of prices and leading manufacturers
    • Roca
    • Jacob Delafon
    • Oxame
    • Artex
    • Plant «Universal»
    • Kirov Plant
  • Pros and cons of iron
  • Useful Tipscare

cast iron bath has long been a commonplace in our apartments.Moreover, only a couple of decades ago, it was the only option of sanitary bathroom equipment, as other baths are simply not produced.Only relatively recently cast began to take their positions, giving way to more easily and aesthetic acrylic.However, there has recently been a new surge in popularity of cast iron baths.This is due to the fact that modern cast iron baths relieved of most of the shortcomings that were peculiar products are produced in the USSR.

Cast Iron Bath on feet
A cast iron bath with anti-slip coating
Vintage cast iron bath

prices Overview and leading manufacturers

Cast iron baths produce plumbing company in the world, so now you have the opportunity to buy the product is notonly domestic production, but also imported from Europe or Asia.We begin our review with the European companies.

A cast iron bath


Spanish company «Roca» known in the plumbing market for almost 100 years.Was born near Barcelona, ​​a small company started its activities with production of radiators and boilers.Gradually expanding the range of products and opening new stores, the company was able to win the hearts of customers around the world.The company now has stores in 135 countries.In Russia, «Roca» has its own factory.Cast iron baths

company «Roca» attracted by its design - simple, elegant shape and glossy shine enamel pleasing to the eye.Relief bottom prevents slipping.The manufacturer offers its products a 10-year warranty, which says a lot about the quality of products.

Luxury bath Roca
Bath Roca
Freestanding Tub Roca
Rectangular cast iron bath Roca
A cast iron bath with hydromassage Roca
Bath equipped with headrest and handles

Cheapest bath this company is worth about 20,000 rubles, its length- 120 cm, width -. 70 cm the most expensive models cost about 100,000 rubles, in this case you pay for unique and unusual design.Conventional cast iron bath in standard lengths of 170 cm, costs about 26,000 rubles.

Bath Roca in the legs

Jacob Delafon

company «Jacob Delafon» is more a rich history, as there was in the 19th century.Based in France, the company has gradually expanded around the world and today has 27 branches in different countries, including in Russia and in the United States.It specializes not only in the plumbing for the bathroom, but also engaged in the production of furniture, the organization of hospitality and service of power systems, however, makes it all it is a part of the company «Kohler», which merged at the end of the 20th century.

Bath on the legs painted Jacob Delafon
Rectangular cast iron bath Jacob Delafon
Blue -standing bathtub
Designer Jacob Delafon cast iron bathtub
Bath Jacob Delafon with hydromassage
Oval cast iron bath

cast iron products of the company «Kohler» is characterized by great diversity.You can choose one of the many available options, which include built-in baths, baths with mortise holes for faucets, wide and deep baths, hot tubs and more.In its products the company provides 25-year warranty.Standard, rectangular cast iron bath from «Jacob Delafon» cost about 28,000 rubles.The most expensive models - design, with bright prints or unusual frame cost about 300-400 thousand rubles.

Designer cast iron bath


Another French company «Oxame» specializes in the production of cast iron bathtubs and already has a century of experience in this field.The company's plants are located directly in France, so the traditional European quality is maintained throughout.At the stage of the manufacture of cast iron bathtubs focuses on enamel.It turns out quite snowy and even a little shine.Enamel protects the pool from corrosion and mold.Cast iron baths Company «Oxame» last a long time, due to generated over decades of production technology and the use of high quality materials.

Cast-iron bath Oxame

prices of cast iron baths from this producer range from 18,000 rubles for the usual half-meter bath to 48,000 rubles for a spacious bath, 180 cm long and 83 cm wide.Vintage bath on decorative legs are a bit more expensive.

Bath Oxame on a special stand


Among Asian manufacturers of cast-iron baths, the most popular Chinese company «Artex».The peculiarity of this company is that its creation involved the Italian engineers and designers.Development of the construction and appearance of products produced by the European side, and there is a direct production in China.This approach significantly reduces the cost of the final product, while maintaining, at the same time its quality is up to par.

Cast-iron bath Artex

Cast iron bathtubs, manufactured by «Artex», well-known Russian buyer.For relatively little money, you get a high quality product.Packaging is very diverse.For example, many models are equipped with handrails and headrests.The enamel that covers the bath, added silver oxide, which has an antibacterial effect and prolongs ekspluatatsii.Samaya small, only 120 cm, the bath of cast iron from the company «Artex» will cost you about 12,000 rubles, and the largest, two-meter - 70,000rubles.The most popular model, length 170 cm costs about 20,000 rubles.

Bath from the Chinese brand

Despite the existence of competition in the Russian production of cast iron bathtubs are also underway.Companies that are engaged in, quite a lot, but we talk only about the most famous.

Plant «Universal»

Russian plant "Universal" is located in Novokuznetsk and produces cast iron bathtubs since the Soviet times, namely in 1961.Do not think that the quality of the products has not changed for so long.Recently modernized and bought new German equipment was carried out at the factory, so we can safely say that its products meet the latest European standards.In assortment there are about a dozen species of pig-iron baths of different sizes, some of which are equipped with metal handles.All items look very aesthetically pleasing and, besides, pleasing ratio "price-quality."

Bath Nostalgie

product "Universal" factory prices have very little spread: from 10 to 17 thousand rubles, so even with a limited budget you can afford the normal full-size bath.

Чугунная ванна с гидромассажем завода "Универсал"

Kirov Plant

Another popular domestic manufacturer of cast iron tubs - is the Kirov factory.About 10 years ago, the factory production line was launched by the method developed in Germany.All products manufactured here, corresponds to sanitary state standards, it is environmentally friendly and safe.Kirov cast iron baths are covered with a special, patented enamel with silver content, which cleans and disinfects the surface of the water for its entire life.Furthermore, the water enriched by ions of silver, has a beneficial effect on human health.

Kirov factory offers cast iron bathtubs bath at the lowest prices.Cheapest bath, "Baby", is less than 10,000 rubles, and the most expensive model is 170 cm long. They cost about 12,000 rubles.

Stand with baths Kirov factory

Pros and cons of iron

I'm sure many of you remember the monstrous cracks and scratches that covered the inner surface of the Soviet iron baths.In the production of the enamel used low quality, so in order to maintain more or less decent appearance, if the bath had not repaint almost every year.Today, the quality of the enamel has increased several times, so the cast iron tub will not lose its original appearance even after many years of operation.

The cast-iron bathtub in the Art Nouveau style

Another disadvantage of baths made of cast iron, is considered to be a lot of weight and huge dimensions that make a bath nearly unaffordable.All this greatly complicated the transportation and installation of this type of sanitary equipment.Modern production technologies allow to produce enough light cast-iron bath, with a wall thickness of only a few millimeters, which it does not lose its original strength and stability.

Lightweight cast iron bath

main advantages of cast iron tubs are preserved from the Soviet times, but added new ones.Cast-iron bath produced today, still the most durable, available on the market.They are not afraid of blows or a fall from a low height during installation.Furthermore, such a bath does not require additional reinforcement, since stable by itself.She calmly withstand a lot of weight and costs without support.All this, firstly, facilitates installation, and secondly, adding aesthetics.Agree, bath installed only on legs, looks much sleeker than a bath on the basis of the carcass.

Bath from the brand Recor

Another undoubted advantage is the ability to cast iron bathtubs to keep warm.The water in this tank cools down very slowly, so you can soak a little longer in a warm bath.In addition, cast iron tub completely capricious in care.A thick layer of wear-resistant enamel is very difficult to damage, so clean a bath can be by any means, without fear of damaging the surface.

Bath decorated with a natural leather

course, not to mention the advantages of cast iron tubs:

  • long life.Some vendors promise that their tub will last you 50 years;
  • wonderful soundproofing.The sound of beating on the bottom of the stream of water bath reaches the ears of your neighbors;
  • affordability.Of the options available on the market - the budget.

course, cast iron bath, like everything else in this world, in addition to the advantages, and even endowed with some of the drawbacks, however, not so much.

Cast Iron Bath Iris

The most significant drawback of baths made of cast iron, is the following: despite the fact that, compared with their Soviet counterparts they decently "got rid of the weight," such baths still remain quite cumbersome.Install a bath alone is almost impossible, therefore please find an assistant.Another drawback - it is the monotony of forms and sizes.There are only a few varieties of cast iron bathtubs.choose a bath of this material will be difficult for non-standard bathroom.

Vintage Tub Recor

Useful tips on care

Modern cast iron bath has a virtually unlimited service life, therefore especially careful attitude does not need - it is very difficult to damage.However, like any other sanitary products, without basic care, it eventually loses its radiant whiteness.Avoid this very easy!

White enamel cast iron bath

Just follow our recommendations: ·

  • Despite the fact that the cast-iron baths are covered with a protective layer of high-quality enamel, not prone to scratches, avoid using washing bath scrubbing brushes andaggressive cleaning agents.
  • If possible, get a cleanser on the tub manufacturer.Also, the surface is well cleaned with ordinary soap or dishwashing detergent.
  • After all hygiene procedures better wipe dry with a soft cloth bath.Try to do this at least once a day and then your bathroom will shine like new.
  • spots appearing on the enamel should be removed immediately after the onset.For these purposes, perfectly suited acetic and citric acid.
Ванна "королевская"
Cast-iron bath Bayern
Yellow cast iron bath