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August 12, 2017 18:06

Removing the bath : the replacement of cast iron , steel , acrylic bathtubs on legs

Dismantling bath
  • preparatory stage
  • Tools Required
  • Security works
  • bath Dismantling legged
  • iron bath Dismantle retaining
  • integrity of cast-iron bath Dismantling using sledgehammers
  • Removing the old steel bath?
  • Removing acrylic baths

often people say that the repair of the fire worse.It is almost impossible to finish.There will always be something that you need to grease, dokleit, finish, etc.However, this approach is rarely applied in respect of the bathroom.If no repairs in the living room or even in the kitchen you can still somehow manage, without the toilet and bath you will hardly be able to live long.

If you have to overhaul the bathroom, one of the most pressing problems of the dismantling of the bath will be for you.The fact is that even if you do not plan to buy a new bathroom, and only want to make repairs in the room (to lay new tile, change the plumbing, pipes, etc.), you will need to completely vacate the premises by any foreign objects, includingand the bath.

preparatory stage

Find out who is obliged to deal with the disposal of bulky cargo under contract with your management company.The fact that any bulky waste and construction waste, you have no right to throw into a common container with household waste .For disposal of such waste additional container can be installed in the courtyard of what is decided at the general meeting.Your management company can provide you with this service privately for a fee.If none of the options available to you, you may have to trash to take out in a specially reserved for this purpose place, most likely outside the city.

moved out of the bathroom all items: washing machine, wall cabinets and shelves, mirror, sink, toilet - in a word, all cleaned.

Preparatory stage

Remove old taps - if you started a major overhaul, it makes sense to replace all the plumbing again. Especially because the life of the mixers and so in most cases, short-lived.

Think about whether a bath at the door or pass will also need to remove from loops or even dismantle the whole door frame.Even if the bath in size fits into the passages should be noted that in the bath may be more legs, which can easily damage the door.In most cases, easier to briefly remove the door from its hinges, than to buy a new one.If you absolutely do not want to do, try to protect the door cover from damage using a soft cloth or film.

dismantling of the door frame

In such circumstances, pay for the service of dismantling and removing the bathroom is sometimes a lot easier than doing it on their own.

Tools Required

If you do decided to dismantle the bath, you need to stock up on:

  • wrench and a set of wrenches;
  • screwdrivers;
  • pliers;
  • chisel;
  • hacksaw;
  • sledgehammer;
  • scrap;
  • grinder;
  • goggles and a respirator;
  • large piece of cloth;
  • silicone sealant;
  • new rubber gaskets for plumbing;
  • bags for construction waste;
  • an extra pair of hands - to engage in such a serious matter alone can not just be difficult, even traumatic.

Security works

When removing the bath, as well as any other important matter, it is important to observe safety precautions:

  1. Turn off the water supply. Do not forget that water is supplied not only to the sink and the bathtub, but also to the toilet drain the barrel.Therefore, it is best to immediately close the shut-off valve located on the road to drain the barrel.
  2. Seal input sewer hole. For example, close them a waterproof film, attaching it with tape to the floor or wall.
  3. If you plan on replacing the bath and replace part of the sewer pipes, bring new pipes in advance in order: they must be clean, fit together in diameter, the ends of the plastic pipes must be cleaned.
  4. Choose suitable clothing. Since you have to work with heavy tools such as a crowbar and sledgehammer, it would be better if you just in case, protect your body tight pants and shirt.This will soften the blow, if something goes wrong.
  5. Use protective goggles and a respirator - when working with a sledgehammer, especially if it is damaged enamel, large and sharp pieces of construction debris can damage your eyes and get into the respiratory system.
safety equipment

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bath Dismantling legged

Many of the old baths, especially cast-iron baths Soviet times, were made on the legs. Due to the high humidity in the bathroom eventually turn sour legs and pull out of the bath is becoming increasingly difficult.If bath legs stubbornly refuse otkruchivatsya, you have two options - either leave them in the same place and try to make the bath with them or cut off their grinder.In each case you need to look at the situation, whether they leave or a better cut.

Removing the bath on legs

Dismantling the iron bath while maintaining the integrity of

Dismantling the iron bath is the most difficult, as this weighs bath very much.In some cases, make a cast-iron bath home entirely you will not allow the width of doorways.

if they are wide enough, you can try to make the bath a whole, adhering to the following plan of action:

  • Make sure that the bath feet firmly fixed and will not fall off during transportation. If this happens, you can suffer serious and even get broken.Check whether the injured eventually wedges, which are attached to the legs of the bath itself.
  • should start with the dismantling of the siphon. Try to unleash it with a wrench.Start with the place where the water is drained out of the bathroom.If you can not untwist, have to resort to the use of a hacksaw on metal, grinder or a hammer and chisel.
  • old baths, especially still Soviet times, it was decided to fix firmly walls using mortar and they also coat the entire bath and share it with tiles.The whole of this solution should be removed with a chisel.Bath should be free to move away from the walls and floor.
Disassemble the cast-iron bath
  • If the bath has been embedded in the wall, it is necessary to remove the bath feet first on this side, put under the bath something to prevent damage to the floor and not to drop the tub at his feet, and thenwith the power to put pressure on the bumpers bath - tub should be loose and fall down.
  • next step is to move the bath away from the wall at such a distance that there was free to accommodate one person.On average, this distance to half a meter.To do this, the easiest way to use a crowbar or tire iron.
  • Once the bath is pushed, one person enters the space formed and helps expand bath at 90 degrees below.Be careful!Do not let the bath fall or move out.In order to not slipped tub, work gloves, and after bath will be able to turn over, prop it with something heavy bottom.
  • From this state of the bath is convenient to deploy in a horizontal position so that it is freely passed through the doorway, and it was convenient to carry together.
whole cast iron bathtub

Dismantling the iron bath with a sledgehammer

Disassemble the cast-iron bath with a sledgehammer

If fully make cast-iron bath is not possible, we will make it in parts:

  1. Remove the trap and get rid ofmortar around the perimeter, as described above.
  2. Try to move the bath away from the wall at least centimeters 15.
  3. Cover the tub with a damp cloth - it will allow you to protect your body from debris that may fly off during operation sledgehammer.
  4. There is no point pounding hammers across the surface of the bath - just put a couple of hard blows accurate.You can use scrap, in which case you will need to apply a precise blow with a sledgehammer on the scrap in the place where once stood the drain.If the bath is not given in, you can use the grinder and make small cuts on the sides, and then work with a sledgehammer at the bottom of the bath.

Removing the old steel bath?

Basic principles for dismantling the steel bath are the same as for the dismantling of the iron, the only difference is that, firstly, steel bath weigh less, and secondly, break a bath with a sledgehammer will not work - if the bath is notpasses through the doorway, it will have to cut.

Instead siphon in steel baths, as a rule, used a special system of plastic or steel pipe, which is also referred to as strapping or bath system and overflow drain.Remove such a system is much simpler than the cast iron pipe.First, try to promote a system.

steel bath

If you do it not, then the steel piping to be sawed grinder and plastic can be divided into ordinary hammer or any other suitable tool.

broken bath

acrylic baths Dismantling

main advantages of acrylic bath is its lightness (weight bath, on average about thirty kilograms), and a variety of different forms.Bizarre twists bath in some cases may significantly simplify the removal bath through doorways, so acrylic bathtubs rarely have previously saw before disposal.

Removing acrylic baths

Difficulties during removal of acrylic baths can only occur if it is set to any additional equipment, such as hydro-massage system.In this case it is best to contact the experts, so as not to make the system unsuitable for further use.

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