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August 12, 2017 18:05

Feeders for birds with his hands

great idea - to give a second life to old things that have ceased to function for its intended purpose, but it is a pity to part with it.So from an old lamp in the garden you can make bird feeder with their hands to feed feed.The grains will remain clean and dry container, closed top, will not get dirty and wet.Lamp capacity will be enough to not fill it every day.If you are interested in such an original and functional decoration for the garden, but you do not have an old lamp, buy cheap model can be at any hardware store.Let's see how to make your own original bird feeder.


  1. Tools and materials
  2. Preparing for grain storage capacity
  3. Making the base trough
  4. We connect the base to the top
  5. Video production of bird feeders with their hands

Tools and Materials

  • lantern;
  • wire of stainless steel thickness of 1.5 - 2 mm;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill with a drill diameter of 2.5-3 mm.

Training capacity for grain storage

First, starting production of the feeder, convenient flip the lights on the bench and hacksaw cut the bottom so as to form a hole with a diameter of 4-5 cm. Through this hole on podstavochku-table for the birds willto pour feed.

then drill drill the holes for the wire on which to hang the table.This table will be placed food, and the birds will sit.The holes should be located near each small stands lantern, about halfway between the base and the edge of the cut.

Making the base trough

Then do the same amount of holes in the middle of the height of the lamp base.The holes should be located close to the edge of the shape, but not in the middle.

To make the table on which the food will pour in, measured and cut out of plywood piece.It must be inserted in the ground plane.First, for the convenience of further work to fix it to the ground should not be.

plywood Put the workpiece on the desk, put it on top of the canopy and wire scratched the place where the holes are located.

Cut the wire segments of a length of 25 cm, at one end making knots or twist the rings, the wire snaps.Skip the wires outside the holes in the base of the lamp inside.

drilled holes in the marked locations on the plywood table and through the stretch wire.Thus, the table is held on the base.

We connect the base with the top

vdevaem upper part of the wire into the holes on the top of the lantern.You must therefore calculate the length of the wire to between the upper lamp and table had at least 3 cm of space, so that the grain could easily spill out of the top of the container.Fix a wire inside, it also zakoltsovyvaya.

now remains to build a suspension.If it is not provided lantern design, you need to drill a hole in the upper part, to the bird feeder can be hung.

in a feeder at one time, you can fill up to 2 kg of poultry feed.As a feed, you can use sunflower seeds, millet, oats.

Care a manger is extremely simple.As food eating it can fill up - do it better together: one unscrew the lid, and then holding the feeder, the second pours feed.Periodically lantern can tint corrosion paint and clean the base from contamination.Birds likely will scatter the food, so it's better to hang the bird feeder in a location where the husk is not to pour on the head of anyone.You can also fix small wire rods to the birds was comfortable to sit on them and eat.

manufacturing Video feeders for birds with his hands