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August 12, 2017 18:05

Deck log cabins with their own hands - the best way to choose them all

When it comes to wood for private homes, it is meant primarily or frame construction, or finished log (lumber), construction of "turnkey".And if the construction of log cabins in the home is possible because, as our ancestors did?The answer is simple - yes, log cabin is quite capable masterovityh any host.About all the nuances of her reader will learn from this article.

The construction of any building - a set of different activities, including both the preparation for construction, and the phased implementation of the individual process steps.Treat them all, starting with the "zero" cycle, we will not, because the subject - that cutting of the log house.But one comment will not be superfluous.It concerns the most expensive part of the structure, the foundation, the cost of which can reach ⅓ of the estimate.


What is the type to choose?Given the relative ease of structures made of wood, it is advisable to restrict melkozaglublennoy tape or pile-rostverkovym foundation.For any log enough, if the presence of the process (basement) floor is not a prerequisite.Although in this case there is a good solution - "raise" the house, equipped with a high base.

General procedure works unchanged: the installation of the foundation - lower crown - laying wood samples from the series (bottom-up) with simultaneous arrangement of openings for doors and windows.Next - overlapping and truss system.But what does "log cabin"?This connection is all blanks in a single structure with prefetch material in the planned "points".Construction of the structure of the walls is not possible without reliable fixing of all the elements, so when working with wood in certain places timber (lumber) made gashes (cutting).

But how are bonded to one another sample - in this there is a difference.There are several ways of log cabin.Each of the methods has both advantages and some disadvantages, so we'll do an overview of the most commonly used in the management of the work with his own hands, as there are many.And what exactly to choose - is entirely at the discretion of the master.

cutting technology blockhouses

«Canadian» logging

With this technology, unlike the others, there remains the sapwood.This superficial layer of soft wood, which concentrates except nutrients, various resins.Their presence prevents logs from rotting.



  • log heat loss compared to other cutting methods.
  • This structure easier to maintain the immutability of the microclimate.
  • Increased security log corner parts from freezing and moisture.
  • Durability of wood with sap much higher.
  • Log houses, erected on the technology, "Canadian" cuttings konopatka not needed.Who knows how this troublesome task and how often carried out, appreciate this advantage on advantage.

Deck "Norwegian»

Feature - in the form of "locks".These wedge-shaped, and in the maximum shrinkage joint sealed timber.



  • risk of twisting wood - minimum.
  • Substantial savings on mezhventsovogo a heater.

technology is similar to the previous in many ways.The difference in the workpieces.With this method of cutting logs are pre-treated so as to obtain an oval in cross-section.The presence of openings in the grooves and spikes ensures spontaneous jamming "lock" in the process of shrinkage.

Deck "Swedish»

And here the difference - in the form of cross-section of the log.

c- 6

The advantage is obvious - a log building looks great.The downside is that the cabin requires a lot of time, and is quite complex.It is necessary to accurately trim each log, strictly maintaining the dimensions of the faces.

The hook

This method of cutting is considered one of the most difficult.

own hands to build a framework for this technology powers a master having sufficient practical experience.But as a result you can get a very strong, sturdy and warm corner joint.There are 2 variants of this technique, different way of arrangement of the bowl.

c- 7

  • Up to half of the log.Through
  • .

In bowl

One of the easiest ways of cutting, which has several variants.


  • Easy processing of logs.
  • saving time compared to other techniques.

cabin - in-the- bowl


  • need for regular caulking.
  • risk of falling into a bowl of liquid (rain, condensation).As a result - constant damp, rotting wood and heat insulation.
  • necessity of qualitative warming log.Absence makes the structure interlocks blown even after caulking.

Details cutting process in the lower bowl you can see in the proposed video:

The coir

difference is clear from the figure.The same bowl, only inverted.This cutting method prevents the frame from the accumulation of water in the castle compound.The difficulty is that the workpiece have to repeatedly rotate, so this time the technology requires more.

bottom - slot from above - bowl

This cabin is more complicated, since the beam is treated on both sides.But the shortcomings of the previous two methods is almost canceled.If the sample timber to make sure, then landing preparations will be as dense.

The rump

presence of spike increases the strength of the connections and excludes blowing log.This cabin is quite capable to any host in the construction of a log house with their own hands.

are connected by

In ohryap

Make cutting this way everyone can.

However, professionals do not recommend to practice it in the construction of a house.Log cabin, built on this technology, even if the insulation can be blown, so it is mainly used for ancillary buildings.


balance most famous technology - cutting "in a paw."

In this method, as there are several options.More simple - to direct a paw, harder - beveled.


own hands this work is carried out only on a pre-made templates.The slightest inaccuracy in the joints leads to cracks and eliminate such defects is difficult.

So in practice looks log cabin in the leg:

The author hopes that this brief review of the most used log cutting technology will help the reader choose the most convenient, from his point of view, the way to the construction of buildings with their own hands.Good luck!