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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose a quality acrylic bath - practical recommendations

acrylic tub Acrylic bath, in contrast to the traditional cast iron, requires a more careful selection and evaluation "on all sides."The point features of the material from which it is made.Acrylic (if you do not go into the nuances of technology) - a variety of plastics.

Hence, care, and some "caution", and thoroughness, which must be accompanied by the purchase of this product.What we consider what criteria to choose (and it turns out that would become "excruciatingly painful") - this is what we'll talk in this article.

To clarify everything else, we note that in general the process of manufacturing of these products is forming acrylic sheet.It is given the desired (depending on the product) configuration is produced and then an additional protective coating (reinforcing) coating (several layers) of the polymer resins and fiberglass.So, where to begin selection of acrylic baths:


Batha Naturally, they are determined by the size of the room where the bathtub will be installed.But there is a general (average) the criteria that determine the ease of use, and for all family members, regardless of the height and age.

  • tank depth.It is advisable to focus on the figure of about 50 cm.
  • Height bathtub.Enough about 70 cm. Higher bumpers make it difficult to use.This concerns, above all, elderly people or overweight.
  • length.No need to explain that one must take into account the growth of the largest member of the family.If it is convenient, then everything else - even more so.
  • width.That's just the advisors can not be.What it seems more comfortable bath, and the need to borrow.The main thing is to put in place and installation does not interfere with its dimensions.

In fact, many experts seriously recommend, do not hesitate, in the store to get into your favorite bath and check out their feelings.For convenience, the comfort of the reception plays a role procedures.


is clear that the thickness of the workpiece, the more difficult to work with her.Some of the manufacturers that produce the most original forms of bath simplify his task, using as a starting material thinner sheets.What is reflected is described below.


frame It is optional, but without it the capacity, as a rule, not installed.As he mounted what material is made (metal is best), provides for a possibility of fixing it to the floor, and in what way?By the way, the more points of contact, the more stable and more reliable design.


In addition, acrylic bathtub that you want to install, and it will still have to be connected.Plums, connectors and the like - where to buy them, if you need to replace?And whether they are sold separately in this village?What can replace what peers?With this question you need to understand very carefully.

sheet thickness

acrylic It is from this figure depends on the strength of the product.Take into account that the weight of typing in the water capacity is quite substantial.Plus - weight taking a bath.The best option when the web thickness is not less than 5 mm (not to be confused with the total thickness of the walls of the product).These baths are considered the highest quality.acrylic sheet is always placed on top of all other layers - reinforcing.

number of layers

To understand how well done reinforcement, just look at the section of rail.Every once in your life met with laminated plywood.This is in principle the same.The more layers, the better.


He is always present, if any "chemistry" is used in the production process.The lower the quality of the materials used, the sharper the smell.


on the surface of a good bath should not be viewed spots or "divorce."Therefore, even a simple visual inspection gives some food for thought.


Tank bottom

Experts recommend choosing products with an absolutely smooth its surface.It is in these bathrooms can not hide the existing technology failures, and as a consequence - defects.Some models are at the bottom have different "swelling", any relief that is often attributed to "care" about the manufacturer of injury.Practice shows that this is often one of the tricks of marketing, allowing to issue low-grade products for the better.So you need not be lazy and hold his hand across the surface of the bath.

Some manufacturers use metal (in the form of rods) to further enhance the flanges and the bottom.

story would not be complete if you do not stay at the "issue price".The cheapest (Chinese production) baths are about 5 500 rubles.High-quality domestic products - from 8 000 rubles.Imported products are, by definition, is more expensive (+ shipping costs).Therefore, such a bath at the price of 9000 rubles need to purchase with caution.Is it too cheap?

Much depends on the form.For example, instances of angular placement will cost 3 - 4 thousand more expensive than traditional, rectangular counterparts.

well proven bath manufacturers such as «Ravak», «Cersanit», «Kolpa-san», «Riho», «Aquanet».Among domestic - "Triton", "Radomir".Enumerate all makes no sense, as they are many.

Practical recommendations

  • Going to the store for acrylic bath, it is useful to take with a flashlight.He's the best sellers "tell" about the quality of products.To determine whether the thickness of the product is sufficient, it is necessary to include a lantern and leaned to the side.If the light spot can be seen on the opposite side, it is better to abandon such purchases.Furthermore, it is necessary to make such a test at different points - on the walls at the bottom.The thickness may be uneven across the bath surface, which also confirms the low quality of the product.
  • product strength is checked simply "tapping" the body.Dull sound indicates the sample reliability.
  • Bath of cast acrylic is considered to be of higher quality than extruded.

In conclusion, I want to say that you should not rely on complete and objective Seller's advice, the more so in the article the most comprehensive information.Not to mention the fact that many of them are in some sense "evil";not every home has its bath is acrylic therefore can not be "thread."

all their tips and tricks they found, as a rule, the product description, which is made by the same manufacturer.So the objectivity and impartiality of even the most polite, nice and "a lot of knowledgeable 'sales manager raises certain doubts.