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August 12, 2017 18:05

Rules sharpening ceramic knife in the home - tips and videos

If you have ceramic knife, you are very lucky.These blades require sharpening constant, such as metal.However, and with time, or as a result of misuse and the question arises about sharpening ceramic blades.To search for a specialized workshop for working with ceramics, read the basic rules of this work, and you'll be able to sharpen ceramic blades Blunt.

To sharpen ceramic knives at home, are special sharpeners. fact that any material can be treated with a solid material only.Pottery has a high hardness, so it is used sharpeners sharpening Diamond Products.

Ceramic knives for sharpening mind divided into two types - single-sided or double-sided sharpening.The most common double-sided sharpening, since it can use as a "right-handed" or "left-handed".On your device sharpeners are divided into mechanical and electrical.

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Broad popular sharpeners Kyocera Corporation (Japan).They are versatile, as they provide not only the alignment of the cutting part of the blade, but also the right chips, adjust the angle of sharpening.Automation ensures the right choice of the required distance between the grinders planes, depending on the thickness of the blade.Since all the knives, this thickness is not uniform over the entire length, such adjustment ensures the quality sharpening cutting part throughout.Furthermore, the model system is provided by the workplace cleaning crumbs or dust formed.

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ceramic knife sharpener can sharpen and sharpening machine, but only at low speeds and with the use of a diamond circle.It is possible and the so-called Musatov.It should be noted that the requirements for blade ceramic knife is not like a metal.Ideally, the cutting edge portion of the cut should be convex.But the metal of the blade so it is impossible to sharpen.The reason is that the ceramic - a material brittle.and should take into account the fact that the ceramic sharpening process is quite long and requires a lot of patience and accuracy.And know that the technique of manual sharpening on the winepress is different from sharpening on Musatov.Selecting a suitable device, read the nuances of its application.

Keep in mind that ceramic knife can sharpen a limited number of times. Therefore, do not use it when cutting bones.Strongly cut frozen food and not worth it.And never use a ceramic knife on a cutting surface of the glass.