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August 12, 2017 18:05

Rating gas boilers - which models and brands are popular in our country

A 5875 It should be noted immediately that navigate only on the brand of a gas boiler hardly worth it.First of all, the user has to wonder, "fit" whether a particular model of boiler heating system, whether there is a difficulty in its service or it is only by professionals from the service center, fuel type and many other factors.But this is more related to the issue of optimal choice.

Nowadays market is literally saturated with various heat generators operating, including, and "blue" fuel.Compared to previous years the increasing popularity won the products of the countries of the Asian region (for example, the Korean gas boilers «Navien» ), which is a serious competitor models from Europe, and that, given the huge range of products, greatly complicates the choice of boilers.Involuntarily the question arises - what is the brand of the boiler still prefer among all the parameters of equivalent counterparts?

We make a kind of overview of the most popular brands, and taking into account the feedback from users, and sales statistics.It is worth noting that the first position out of the brand new, progressively "pushing" the ones that previously were considered the leaders.

Rating popularity of gas-fired boilers on the basis of sales in 2014 includes about 1 000 models from different manufacturers.In the last lines - mainly the product under the brand «Ferroli» .Least sold - series «Atlas D» , «GFG» , «GN2» , «Econcept» .

Average sales volumes (in the range of 25 - 55%) is characterized mainly for the production of domestic boilers.Among these heat generators manufacturers such as of "Grodnotorgmash» , of "Raton» , «Alvin» , "Lemax» , "Alfa Calor» and several others, including and foreign(for example, «Daewoo» and some models «Ariston» ).

One of the best selling boilers are products of German company «Vaillant Group» .In the production of heating units, he specialized for nearly a half century.All models feature low price, are therefore available for all categories of the population.The most famous among us - Series «Turbo MAX» and «Atmo MAX» .They first appeared on our market and deservedly won acclaim users.


Equally popular gas heating boilers and other products from Germany - firm «Wolf» .The Company is relatively young but its boilers are renowned not only superb performance, and ease of operation and maintenance, virtually all of which can fulfill the owner himself.In addition, all models are characterized by the highest possible efficiency than favorably with those of many peers.

no less popular in boilers brands «Protherm» from the Czech Republic, «Buderus» from Germany and Italy "Baxi", with respect to the production of the last brand you can say that it has made a big "leap" in terms of sales, althoughRussian market is presented not so long ago.

Ferroli Though already noted that demand for phones «Ferrolli» (Italy) dropped significantly, but this does not apply to all products.Models series «eco TEC», «eco COMPACT», «Pegasus» still in demand by buyers.And this is not the last role played by their compactness.

boilers under the brand «Ariston» confidently close the top five.Basically, the model gained popularity wall variant, characterized by small size, respectable appearance, and most importantly - easy operation.Almost all models have an LCD screen, which displays not only the current settings, and fault codes, which in most cases allows you to migrate or minor repairs on their own.

rating rating, but they reflect the real state of affairs?If they match, you will see a large "discrepancy" as the leaders and outsiders.After all, some take into account sales, other - Query statistics on the Internet.Even those that are focused on the marketing of the product data are relative, and there are a lot of questions.

For example, if each buyer makes his choice consciously?It is clear that this does not apply to those who have the education or occupation is more or less clear idea of ​​the boiler equipment and apparatus, and the peculiarities of its functioning.But are there many among us?How to be an ordinary, ignorant to the consumer?He is forced to rely on a variety of handouts or someone's opinions and reviews.That this requires a separate discussion, and the question of the choice of the boiler discussed in detail here.


Practical advice

is necessary to understand that the boiler is not "at all" is selected, and for myself, for the specific operating conditions.What should be done before buying it?

  • Explore the reviews of those who have acquired and tested the performance of a particular model in practice.A careful reading of easy to understand where the text of the "custom", and where he wrote the real user.By the way, it should be understood that some of the so-called "reviews" that contain the negative in relation to specific products, can be initiated by competitors.And this happens often.Conclusion - the Internet provides only general information, which is not limited.
  • ask the neighbors, acquaintances, and so on, that they think about their purchase.What is the behavior of the model?It is no secret that not all, even the "most-most" (imported) devices adapted to our conditions - voltage swings, poor water quality, and similar operating realities do not do that the boiler is guaranteed by the manufacturer served a term.By the way, it is necessary to select and voltage regulator for the boiler.
  • It would be nice to go to the nearest service center and privately talk with the masters.The question is simple - what models they often have to be repaired?With an eye for an eye, these guys tell all;because their earnings are in no way tied to the volume of sales.A purchase of practicality - one of the components of the optimal choice.