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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to repair a suspended ceiling with his hands after the cut - instruction video

films PVC and fabric webs used as suspended ceilings, characterized by sufficient strength and elasticity.And yet, even they are not protected from damage.Consider one type of defect - cut stretch ceiling, and see what can be done independently, without the involvement of specialists in this situation.

Spot damage

Simply put, an ordinary puncture the canvas.This is the most simple case, and repair does not take a lot of time.It will need much more to find the adhesive that is suitable for this material.

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What to do?It is advisable to immediately apply to the company, which is engaged in the installation of stretch ceiling.Even if they do not have in stock special rep / set, professionals will give good advice, what kind of makeup to look to seal a puncture in particular PVC canvas, depending on its variety.But this is true only if it is the point of damage when the minimum diameter of the hole.

somewhat easier with fabric tension ceilings - a small hole is easy to sew.The main thing - to choose the appropriate color nylon thread.All the pros and cons of fabric and PVC for ceilings discussed here.The cut

Ā«Fault" is more complicated.Methods of repair is largely determined by the location of the damaged area.

Near the wall

Typically, this technology is applicable, if the lag of not more than 150 mm, although it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the fabric, which affects its elasticity, and therefore the ability to stretch.

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can do so - to find (buy) a small piece of coaxial (TV) cable.Moreover, again, need glue.The cable is cut so that its length is slightly greater than the size of the cut.Then coax glued to the edge (on the side "facing" the room).After drying the composition of the canvas is stretched, and a piece of cable neatly tucked behind the carrier bar (baguette).

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Recommendation.In some cases, the inevitable appearance of wrinkles in suspended ceilings.They are eliminated in the same way - with the help of a piece of coax.The main difficulty - in the lining of cloth over the entire area.Therefore, such a repair alone is better not to do.With assistant will easier and better.

At a distance from the wall

The only way to repair a cut in such cases - applying patches.The elasticity of the web has its limits, and if you hold on to the defective portion of the baguette is not possible, other methods of self-execution there.

p- h What to prepare a patch?From the same material as the stretch ceiling.If after installing left nothing left, you can, as already noted, apply to the company responsible for the installation.Some waste they exist.Daubed special thin patch / adhesive layer is pressed against the cut place and is fixed in this position until the "setting" agents.

If possible find a tape with a width corresponding to the tape, and he will approach.To repair the tissue web is quite useful and a piece of fiberglass.The feasibility of using something to remove minor damage to a stretch ceiling is determined by the size of the cut.

cuts are different.If the edges ragged, they have to cut.Consequently, the parameters of damage can significantly increase.In such situations, a few wiser to change the design of the room.For example, to establish at this point pendant light, make a decorative box made of the same fabric (tissue), but a different hue (color).


All that is said above is suitable for repair at a relatively small cuts.A more significant faults have to change the suspended ceiling.