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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sauna in the basement with his own hands

very large room is not required for the sauna, so it can be arranged even in a small country house.If there is a need in this pomyvochnaya not only, but also to a greater extent - recreational room designed for family use, the sauna made with his own hands in the basement will be exactly what you need.

Sauna in the basement with his own hands

Sauna with their hands in the basement

What is a sauna?

Article Contents

  • 1 What is a sauna?
  • 2 sauna room size
  • 3 Ventilation in the sauna room
  • 4 materials everything for home saunas
  • 5 sauna equipment in the basement
    • 5.1 Video: one option home sauna installation
  • 6 making the sauna room and the necessary accessories
    • 6.1 Video: interesting options for interior finishing saunas
  • 7 Ready saunas - one of the viable solutions
    • 7.1 Video: sauna in the basement -recommendations for independent arrangement

Some fans warm up can not imagine their life without going to the real bath, others do not understand why she general need, when you can

take a shower or bath. Therefore, costs a little to understand the purpose and the sauna is that it gives for the human body.

This room is capable of without medication improve the body:

  • Dry steam helps release the body from accumulated toxins and slags ;
  • procedures in the sauna restore elasticity of muscles;
  • Sauna positive effect on the nervous system, can help relieve stress and relax after a busy day ;
  • primarily curative steam has beneficial effects on the skin, opens and cleanses the pores, allowing the skin to breathe ;
  • Sauna normalizes blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body ;
  • proved that exposure to dry steam reduces the risk of allergic reactions;
  • Such exposure helps treat skin diseases ;
  • Sauna is a good prevention with predisposition to common diseases of the respiratory system, if arthritis, radiculitis and friends x x ronicheskih diseases.
  • The saunas are used decoctions different herbs that are poured on fiery stones-stove oven.Their aromas, enveloping the room, have a beneficial effect not only on the physical health, but also on his psychological state, bringing it back to normal.

difference between a sauna and a Russian steam bath.

Sauna - this is the same room, but it there are significant differences from traditional Russian.It determines, in many respects, much greater opportunities for its device in the basement.

Sauna involves the use of a hot dry steam

Sauna involves the use of a hot dry steam

  • Sauna is known for its dry steam coming from the hot stones, when a small amount of water gets on them.In the Russian bath is used for wet steam, hot steam.Therefore, the humidity in the first does not rise above 7%, while in the steam room with wet steam it exceeds 60 - 70 % .
  • In the sauna room there is no need to hold the water for bath procedures require its minimum amount.Typically, to generate steam using reflux ravyanye infusions and decoctions, which are prepared in advance.
  • In the sauna the air temperature is raised to 120 - 130 degrees, unlike the Russian, in which it rarely rises above 70.
  • The sauna should always be provided with a good exchange of heat through supply and exhaust air flow.
  • conditions in the Russian bath is much softer due to moisture from the hot steam warms the human body much faster.But more effective cleansing effect organism is achieved thanks to the dry hot steam.
  • sauna can be arranged in any room, placing it in conditions of high heat preservation.For the Russian bath it is recommended the construction of a separate building with a special design and special conditions of supply and drainage.

Understanding the specifics and features saunas, we can conclude that it arrange in the basement - it is possible, in contrast to the classical water bath, which requires a more serious changes in the room.Therefore, the benefits of a sauna in the basement of the device include the following points:

  • Savings Supplementary Accessories TV in St. ides was not necessary to the construction of a separate building.
  • In the same section - preservation of the free territory of the plot.
  • for bath treatment is not required to go from one building to another, which is especially comfortable in the winter.
  • no need to carry out significant alterations in the system of water pipes and sewer layout.

sauna room size

Possibility to use the sauna small size of the room can also be called an advantage for her device in the basement.So standard size for this type of mini-baths will:.

  • Ceiling height from 200 to 230 cm In this parameter, you need to focus on the ro item is adeltsa home.Too high a ceiling would contribute to a large heat loss, as long as the room is heated, and then , fuel or electricity will also increase.
  • premises shall be calculated on the number of people who will take the same time improving procedures, and from the possibility of comfortably accommodate visitors during their meeting.So, for one person enough room size of 100 × 200 , for two or three people 180 × 200 for four ÷ five -. 210 × 220 cm
Mini sauna in the plan.For its care enough area of ​​approximately 2 × 2 meters

mini sauna in the plan.For its care enough area of ​​approximately 2 × 2 meters

  • shelves width can vary from 50 to 70 cm, depending on the owner's preferences and the size of the room.
  • very important to observe the height of the shelves from floor - each must be on a certain level.The higher is the regiment, the hotter it will be on.They have about three levels from the floor, with a ceiling height of 200 cm: the bottom row is raised to 45 ÷ 50, the second - 85 ÷ 90, the third - 135 ÷ 140 cm

should be noted.that the arrangement of the third row of shelves possible only provided if the height of the ceiling of the room is 250 ÷ 260 cm, as between the top shelf and the ceiling of the distance should be at least 120 cm.

Ventilation in the sauna room

For ensure optimum air movement need to do the right ventilation system, which is the basis on on the laws of physics of the circulation of air masses, depending on the temperature difference.Thus, the heated air is lighter than cold air, so the latter, entering the room, picks up warm mass.On this basis, for a better warm-up facilities must be properly installed ventilation holes, so that hot air from the furnace moved along the desired trajectory.

For normal operation of the sauna , consider the ventilation

For normal operation of the sauna, consider the ventilation

There are several schemes of installation of ventilation fragrances, depending on the placement of the stove and shelves.

So, from the heater hot air rises , and that he set the direction and acceleration, next to the oven make the ventilation window.

Inlet ventilation in the area of ​​the stove

inlet ventilation in the area of ​​the heater

  • first diagram shows the passage of hot air, lifted WWE px bl agodarya safety-valve located below the furnace.The flow heats the upper part of the sauna and the maximum warming shelf on the opposite wall, under which there is a window for ventilation.
Options for hot air circulation

options hot air circulation

In this case is not covered by the heat flux of the regiment, standing at the other wall.Such ventilation design is used when the owner needed in the sauna area is not an intensive warming.

  • In the second case, in the room with the same layout, but with ventilation windows located in other places, warming the room passes differently.In this embodiment, the warm stream covered both shelves, one less, and the other to a greater extent, therefore it is possible to choose a comfortable position for the passage of procedures.
Streams of hot air through the room and steam room pomyvochnaya

flow of hot air through the room steam room and washroom room

  • The third scheme next to the stove is made of two windows ventilation - with lower its parts blowing , and above it - to changedirection of hot air. opposite wall - this partition separating the sauna with shower room.The opening for the hot air outlet is provided under the partition.

Passing under it, on on lu shower room, air masses rise up against the wall and go out in the dispensation in its upper part, an outlet.Thus, the desired temperature are two shelves located at the wall and the floor shower room.

From given examples it can be concluded that the heated mass distribution on displaced by the sauna depends on the location of the ventilation windows.Therefore , correctly calculating this motion can be strengthened in one place and weakened in another heat.However, you need to know that drafts and considerable loss of heat in the sauna should not be, so the vents should be regulated - open by a few millimeters, and only when necessary - completely.

materials everything for home saunas

will need building materials, which will help to keep the temperature indoors to construction and design of the sauna and give it a decorative look.

So, for need:

  • Normal or stable planks for covering the interior and, if necessary, from the outside, as well as for the production of shelves and the oven enclosure.It is better to choose a wood of larch and cedar, which contribute to creating a favorable atmosphere heals.
  • Wooden sticks to carry crates walls or to create a framework, as well as for lag floor.
  • Reiki to finish vents.
  • plinth.
  • Insulating material that best fit tightly pressed mats of mineral basalt wool (it is absolutely safe for the skin and respiratory system).
  • Steam and waterproofing film.
  • Ceramic tiles for walls and floor around the stove.
  • furnace-heater.Normally, saunas, set up in the basement, a special version of the electric furnace.You can set and stove with wood, but it will need to provide a way out of the chimney.
  • Elements of ventilation systems - pipes, windows with adjustable dampers, if necessary - fans for forced air circulation.

sauna equipment in the basement

Before start to the sauna building, it is necessary to make its proe CT etc. left detailed size and planned locations of all its elements - shelves, stove and ventilation windows. After be drafted and carefully checked against the selected place sauna arrangement, you can get to work, drawing on existing in it parameters.

  • If basements are large enough, it is possible to isolate a comfortable angle for saunas.
The sauna is conveniently located in the corner of an existing basement - two walls are ready

sauna is conveniently located in the corner of the epidemic of existing premises - the two walls are ready

If the basement is already a small room, it is possible to alter under the bath.

It is advisable to choose a room or area located near the outer wall, then it will be easier to solve a problem with the ventilation device.If the room will be located in the middle part of the basement, you have spend vents of for this purpose metal or plastic boxes or tubes.

  • Solving problems with ventilation, you can begin to work on the walls and floor.

If the sauna is arranged in the ready room, the job should start everything from floors.And the first thing to do - is waterproofing.use liquid rubber or glass is best for her , but also suitable for this roofing material, which is glued to the mastic.Waterproofing is placed on the floor and climbs the walls, about, 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.

If we decided to separate saunas for a corner in the living room, where has not arranged the floor, it is best to do first concrete screed - on it will be convenient to set Karka with a ten.

After floor will be prepared, you can begin the installation of lathing on available walls and frame construction for walls erected.

  • prepared lath bars are mounted on the wall with regard being planned to install bunk.

If it is placed vertically, crate of timber mounted horizontally at a distance of 600 ÷ 700 mm apart.

Horizontal placement of lining

Horizontal placement lining

If the lining is secured horizontally, the timber battens placed vertically with the same pitch.

  • In the manufacture of the frame under the lining, the design is done in the same way as crate on the finished wall.
An exemplary diagram of the frame structure for the sauna walls

approximate scheme of the frame structure for the sauna

walls of both the first and second case is especially necessary to strengthen the place where they will be installed and fixed shelves.

  • When crate and Karka with a ten will be fully installed, the cable wiring is power in those places where the heating will be installed lighting fixtures and switches installed.
  • After that, you can start laying the insulation material between the bars crates .

Further, closed vapor barrier insulation film , which is fixed on the straps crate .

then established wooden wall paneling.

  • If the two walls of the future saunas are a frame, the work is in this sequence:

- first on the outside of the frame is fixed crate ;

- then goes installing insulation;

- further - consolidation vapor barrier film;

- and in completion - trim clapboard.

installing all cladding materials, we can not forget to leave openings for ventilation, and better immediately arrange them accordingly.

  • When wall covering must also be taken into account place furnace location - it should be made of non-combustible materials and a few raised above the floor of the future.The wall behind the stove and the floor area on are faced with ceramic tiles or made brickwork.
The walls around the electrical or veneered wood stove necessarily non-combustible material

walls around electrical or wood-burning stoves are faced with non-combustible material necessarily

  • If the sauna heater will be installed upon the wood after it installation immediately displayed chimney pipe.