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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to install a gas stove in the kitchen by yourself

installation and gas - stove - 2 stove - an essential element of any kitchen.It should not only have an elegant appearance and a variety of functions.From its correct installation, too, depends not enough.Stove should not interfere, and at the same time it should be easy to come and easy to work with.The installation (but not the connection) can be carried out independently.

The first step is to prepare a comfortable place for a plate.If you still have an old stove, then it is necessary to bear;when you change the place of installation should be in advance to move the kitchen furniture.New gas stove in the kitchen need to enter directly into the packaging.Stove has a "soft" upper trim, which can be inadvertently damaged during transfer.

The location should be as flat and horizontal.At the plate has adjustable feet, but they have a limit regulation.So the presence of large irregularities, depressions will not provide the horizontal leg plate position.And it is necessary to prevent "slippage" from the stove cookware.In addition, the stove must not wobble.Stove must be at least a foot away from electrical outlets, windows and doors.Between kitchen furniture plate and also should not be less than 30 cm. This is defined in the technical specifications for the installation.

If the wall is wooden or upholstered tiles, you should install it on a heat shield (metal sheet superimposed on cardboard or asbestos cloth).Its dimensions should be slightly higher than the plate size.

How to install a gas stove

installation and gas - stove Before replacing the plate previously unpacked.Inside it are accessories -.. Gratings, pans, etc. All this must be removed.After that, you must first tie the very leveling feet.This work should be carried out together.And for convenience, and not to damage the surface of the plate.

When connecting plate is more convenient to use a special flexible high-pressure hose.It can be purchased at any specialized department, and it is not expensive.Hose, in contrast to the metal pipe, allows to move within the small plate if necessary.This is useful for some small repairs (laying linoleum, for example).Good pre-attached to the wall behind the stove special collars, which will keep the tube in a fixed position.

Do not forget to read the instructions on your plate, as each model - its own characteristics.