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August 12, 2017 18:06

Choosing a good septic tank for the garden - a material volume and option execution

Villas tend to have no connection to centralized sewage system, so the device autonomous system is a vital necessity.However, in a small area, such as a cottage, periodic special vehicles from entering the cleaning sump or extremely difficult, or impossible without damaging plants.Today we talk about choosing a septic tank for the garden.

in recent years have increasingly become established systems in place to treat the wastewater.They are one of the most important elements of a septic tank, such as "tank", the installation of which I already wrote.This tank, which has an internal partition dividing it into individual sections.Sewage, passed through it, cleaned at 60 - 80% (depending on the model), and need only to their further processing.

size and internal design of septic tanks are different, and for each site it has to be individualized.There is no point in taking the product more than you need, bandwidth, so as it will only waste of money.

septic - to - garden

Rules septic

choice when choosing a septic tank should pay attention to such moments:

How often and how many people are at their summer cottage?

If there come only periodically, for the whole day on weekends, it is sufficient, and the most simple septic tank.Should be guided to products with a daily throughput "capacity" of about 500 liters.Such models are single-chamber, and are cheaper than the rest.If giving someone resides, such a design would be enough to ensure the vital activity 3 - 4 people.

But we must bear in mind that the single-chamber septic tank requires regular cleaning.If the family is large, or to the country constantly have guests, it is better to stop the choice on the septic tank, works in conjunction with a filtration system (trench, pit).However, in this case there are certain limitations on the ground.

At the same time the dimensions of the septic tank (and hence pattern) are selected based on the space available on site.It should be taken into account and that a septic tank should not be placed anywhere.There are some rules for choosing a suitable location.And yet the fact that if a place is, it fully complies with the requirements.

vertical and horizontal septic

material from which the tank is made

Experts recommend choosing a septic tank with a plastic body.Firstly, such products are easy to install in place.Secondly, a septic tank located in the ground, it is exposed to moisture.A plastic corrosion is not terrible.

If it is set into the soil with the presence of corrosive elements, it is best to purchase a septic tank of polyethylene.It serves well and at sharp temperature drops.Polypropylene housing more sturdy, while it can be used in high temperature range.

Performance - vertical or horizontal

Vertical model is better suited to areas with low levels of groundwater.Its advantage is that the installation of the tank do not need a lot of space - in fact it is a barrel with a lid.However, the depth of the pit should be appropriate.

Horizontal model similar to the tank.Number of covers corresponding to the number of sections.Therefore, at a relatively shallow depth of the installation area such septic tank takes much longer.


Septic tanks are divided into aerobic and anaerobic.The aerobic purification of sewage tanks occurs by means of bacteria.To ensure their ability to live in a septic tank must be supplied oxygen.

Work anaerobic septic tank is based on the fermentation of waste (organic).To improve the efficiency of the inside of the tank periodically (according to instructions) added activating agent.

surest option - the use of both types of treatment to create an autonomous sewer system.In other words - at least two sections.