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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to put the gates in the country with their own hands : Current tips

Gate to the country of the metal

common choice avid gardeners are metal gates.They are the result of fusion of different designs of iron:

  • Valves
  • iron bars
  • metal sheets

Metal gates

The main feature of this version is its quality and durability.
purchase the necessary components needed to make their welding.Then, a protective layer paint coat surface.Coloring agents protect against corrosion and premature damage to the structure.
weight metal gate and the complexity of their installation by the thickness of the material, its welding complexity.Metal profile characterized by light weight and ease of installation.The thinner the structure sheets - the greater the likelihood of repair facilities in the country.
popular view has recently become the gate of a metal typesetting material and trapezoidal sheet.

Gates made ​​of profiled sheet

Considering the metallic raw material for cottage gates, you can highlight their advantages:

  • Durability:
  • massive structure;
  • Reliable protection;
  • Attractive appearance (in particular, iron gates).


  • tendency to corrosion;
  • complexity of welding and installation;
  • requirement for ongoing care.

Metal gates have a number of shortcomings

Holiday gates made of wood with their hands

Ten years ago, the wooden doors to the garden are a good option.Now they are inferior to the proposals upgraded the construction industry.

Wood Gate

In the country, you can install two types of wooden gates:

  1. Cheap primitive structures, which are a continuation of the fence.They used boards, ranks
  2. Costly gates made of "high-end" solid wood structure.Used rare breed of bars

first point is often used in the construction of the entrance in the country with their own hands.We construct a special frame and nailed boards are connected.Second - it requires the involvement of experts and the use of original parts and auxiliary fasteners.
Despite the environmentally friendly and natural material, wooden gates often need to tint, preventing the destruction of the structure of the board of the barrel.Humidity, dryness, wind affect the appearance of the gates made of wood.

Wooden gate has long passed into the category of obsolete

Mixed gates: the rules of combining

materials to the list of mixed designs include designs with combined sources of construction:

  1. forged metal gates with the addition of polycarbonate sheets.Carbonate is the basis of forged elements - frame.This is an attractive option for massive buildings cottages, two-storey town houses
  2. PVC gates.Installed plastic
  3. Lattice gates.They are rarely used for suburban arrays.Mounted of reinforcing rods, nets and netting

not knowing on what to choose, you can resort to a combination of variant design goal.

Mixed gate

gate installation guidelines for giving their own hands

popular option for cottages are built from polycarbonate.Their installation takes place in a combined form with other materials.Their installation can be spent only a few days with the assistance of a helper.

It should follow a certain set of actions:

  1. Layout area.It is necessary to know the parameters of the gate - their height, width, to decide which way they will open up.
  2. It is important to calculate the exact parameters of the gate

  3. Mounting of support pillars.On their construction hung gates.pillars of steel are used frequently.They are durable and can withstand the weight of polycarbonate
  4. assembly.Holiday gates are two doors.The optimal form is considered to be rectangular.Polycarbonate sheets are attached to the metal ribs
  5. Attaching polycarbonate sheets for doors comes with screws and self-tapping screws
  6. Eliminating rough cuts sheets.On the edge of the polycarbonate attached special lanes that can hide flaws sloppy cutting plates and add attractive appearance suburban gates
  7. Suspension gate leaves.They are attached to the loop.Manually adjustable

Note: selecting the material, you need to carefully measure the parameters of the holes for the gate.It is important to pay attention to the tight closure of parts of the structure.There should be outweighed or inconsistencies in the wings.

For details on the installation of the gate principle to give recommend that you review the video in the next tab: