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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to cover with varnish wooden floor

attached to wooden floor aesthetic appeal, while maintaining the unique wood pattern, as well as protect it from the negative effects of mechanical and other possible means of multi-layer lacquer coating.However, the choice of materials and carrying out this procedure involves a lot of nuances, the ignorance which lead to poor coverage and wasted time because it is necessary to remove the entire thickness of the varnish and start the whole process again.


  • Criteria for selecting varnish
  • Types of varnish, their characteristics
  • How to paint a wooden floor varnish
    • Surface preparation
    • Primer floor
    • wooden floor lacquer painting
  • Useful Tips

criteria for selecting varnish

Before you buy a nail wooden floor, it is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • breed timber.Wooden floor, built of oak, beech, it is desirable to handle with lacquer having an elastic structure;

Wood species 500x450

  • operating conditions.Most coatings have a predominance of certain property over the other indices, so you should choose a varnish or with increased moisture resistance, or with a high degree of wear resistance, etc .;

500x450 Operating Conditions

  • compatibility with varnish to the surface of the proposed treatment.Breed exotic trees often slow down the curing process, so you should initially take care of processing the surface of an additional shut-off the ground;

Compatibility 500x450

  • possibility of subsequent updates to other coating composition.Some types of coatings, when laminated to each other, can significantly spoil the appearance of the coating appearance of cracks, bubbles and other troubles.To avoid this, you must know exactly how the composition of the surface has been treated previously or be thoroughly scraping the floor;

Layering 500x450 varnish

  • type of premises.For the bathroom, kitchen ideal varnishes, polyurethane or a urethane-alkyd based, has high moisture resistance and durability.For the child should stop the choice on the lacquer coating, which is based on water.For the corridor, living room to look for paints, providing high resistance to abrasion.

Type of 500x450

Thus, it is necessary to take care of the full awareness of these issues, even if we have to call the seller acquired the house to clarify some issues.

Types of varnish, their characteristics

Variety varnishes intended to cover wood surfaces are different in many ways, therefore, faced with a choice, raises a reasonable question, how to cover varnish wooden floor.

Based on the composition for the treatment of wooden surfaces are suitable:

1. Polyurethane varnish, which acts as the basis for the production of polyurethane, have high moisture resistance and high strength, which allows their use in environments with very high humidity.Under the influence of moderate strain lacquer elasticity prevents the appearance of cracks on parts of complex configuration.

Polyurethane varnish 500x450


  • resistance to most of both organic and inorganic acids;
  • the possibility of introducing more colors, you can modify the original varnish shade;
  • high degree of adhesion to any material;
  • no deformation under the influence of ultraviolet rays;
  • resistance to abrasion, mechanical damage;
  • from the ability to withstand very low to very high temperatures (-50 to +100 ° C);
  • speed of drying;
  • ease of application;
  • durability of the coating.


  • low emission of toxic substances during application and curing of varnish;
  • relatively high cost.

2. Acrylic paints are made on the basis of water, which indicates that an environmentally friendly material.However, the low rate of moisture resistance prevents the floor covering in the premises requiring frequent wet cleaning.In operation with an acrylic varnish must provide room humidity range of 50% to cure the coating uniform.At the same time increase the resistance to mechanical stress, reduce drying time caused by the lacquer layer helps to add hardener, though lacquer ecological decline markedly.

Acrylic nail 500x450


  • quite acceptable strength and elasticity;
  • during application and solidification shade and texture of flooring is not modified;
  • absolute incombustibility;
  • high adhesion to the tree;
  • good spreadability on the surface;
  • relatively high cost.


  • lifetime depends on the intensity of movement on the painted surface and the indoor environment;
  • long dries.

3. polyurethane-acrylic paints are far behind on all the characteristics of polyurethane, in view of the entry into the acrylic elements.However, polyurethane-acrylic paints are quite suitable for flooring in a room with a low level of permeability at a reasonable price.

Polyurethane - acrylic lak1_500x450

4. Alkyd paints - a mixture of alkyd resins with organic solvents, so that these paints are considered to be the environmentally friendly composition.However, most paints used with the addition of curing agents that reduce the drying of the coating from 3 to 1 day, causing a pungent smell that requires a respirator equipment in the process of applying to the surface.

Alkyd paint 500x450


  • good moisture resistance, wear resistance;
  • resistance to some acids, most detergents;
  • UV resistance;
  • quickly cure;
  • short service life.


  • reduction lacquer layer in the process of evaporation of the solvents;
  • essential oils released during application and curing to form an unpleasant smell in the room;
  • need for continuous ventilation to dry completely.

5. Urethane Coatings produced as water-based or based on synthetic resins, which substantially affects the environmental and material need for the respirator composition during application to the surface.

urethane 500x450


  • resistance to fading;
  • moisture;
  • high elasticity;
  • combustibility;
  • relatively high abrasion resistance;
  • chemical resistance;
  • speed of curing (about 12 hours);
  • reasonable price.


  • excretion of toxins prior to curing.

6. Urethane-Alkyd paints have absorbed all the advantages of alkyd and urethane groups to form improved in performance structure.

Urethane alkyd varnish 500x450

compared with alkyd paints, urethane-alkyd possess:

  • more resistant to mechanical damage;
  • increased moisture resistance;
  • high wear resistance.


  • price on the order exceeds the value of a urethane and alkyd paints.

7. nitrocellulose lacquer based on a combination of nitrocellulose, volatile solvents, plasticizers and resins, represent a rather toxic compound.The properties depend on nitrovarnishes introduced into the resin composition, affects certain parameters.The most common nail is used as a primer before the main lacquer as perfect clog pores of wooden surfaces, giving it excellent waterproof performance.

nitrovarnishes 500x450


  • high strength;
  • speed setting and drying;
  • low cost.


  • low weather resistance;
  • covering wooden floor varnish requires increased efficiency;
  • high fire risk;
  • need frequent updating due to coating of varnish flaking after a short period of operation.

8. Oil paints containing oil and vegetable resins, organic solvents, divided into thin, greasy and average.All kinds of oil varnishes are distinguished by different performance characteristics and application area.As a varnish for wood floor, the price is not very high, the ideal medium oil compositions.

Oil varnish 500x450


  • high elasticity of the coating;
  • good insulating qualities;
  • moisture;
  • relative hardness;
  • well to polishing;
  • reasonable cost.


  • in the process of curing is necessary to observe the immutability of the microclimate;
  • duration of drying;
  • when spraying natural wood texture partly masked.

9. Epoxy paints are compounds of epoxy resins with organic solvents, hardeners and other additives to form a toxic compound.Thus the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere takes place even after curing the coating for 3-4 days.

Epoxy 500x450


  • high moisture protection;
  • resistance to mechanical damage and chemical exposure;
  • curing speed;
  • low cost.


  • low weather resistance;
  • using lacquer requires a respirator;
  • stay in the room during the release of toxins poses a serious health hazard.

10. The alcohol compound represented varnishes various kinds of resins with ethanol to form a fairly liquid formulation.Usually, the first layer 2 serve as a primer, penetrating deep into the structure, with the application of each coat of varnish is preceded by careful grinding of already deposited layer.Thus, the wood floor surface is brought to almost perfectly flat.

Alcohol varnish 500x450


  • no toxicity;
  • ease of application;
  • speed of drying;
  • low cost.


  • low level of water resistance;
  • relative durability.

Based on the foregoing, the modern market is full of a variety of paints, suitable for coating wood surfaces, so choose a suitable lacquer, both on the financial side, and in terms of the required performance, not be difficult.

How to paint a wooden floor varnish

qualitative covering wooden floor varnish is performed in several stages, partial non-observance of which may result in a fatal error.

Surface preparation

Preparation of the surface 500x450

  1. Clear the room of all furniture standing on the floor.
  2. Score strongly protruding nails from the floor, remove the exfoliated chips.
  3. Damaged planks must be immediately replaced.
  4. putty repaired even minor cracks.
  5. Camouflage Gvozdeva or self tapping holes through a mixture of sawdust in combination with joiner's glue and leave to dry.
  6. if necessary, to remove any solvent resin.
  7. Sand the floor to a flat surface using alternating nazhdachku from coarse to fine.
  8. Thoroughly vacuum the floor.
  9. the presence of defects repeat the grinding process and then vacuumed.
  10. Rinse the floor with a little non-aggressive detergent and leave to dry.

Primer floor

just before varnishing the entire floor surface is better primed using, for example, nitrocellulose lacquer, in order to avoid darkening of the floor surface when spraying or poor curing due to the possible content of the inhibitors of the tree.In addition, a primer is needed for better adhesion of lacquer to enhance the wood and moisture repellent qualities.

Priming the floor 500x450

After drying the primer layer can proceed to the immediate application of varnish.

wooden floor lacquer painting

coating varnish the floor is made:

  • at a temperature of 20-25 ° C;
  • brush with artificial bristles, preventing molting;
  • bare feet that leave the least trace;
  • using microfiber cloths to remove the footprints from the surface to the direct application of varnish;
  • from the far corner to the exit.

Clearcoat application 500x450

of work stages:

  • apply a coat of varnish, following along the arrangement of fibers, carefully wiping the composition of the surface;
  • wait for curing and sand covering large sandpaper, using a circular motion;
  • vacuum, wipe the floor with a damp cloth and allow to dry;
  • cause re-coat of varnish;
  • after 2 weeks to obtain a perfect coating surface can be polished.

Useful tips

  1. Save brush or roller in the dry period of the next layer of varnish can be with a cloth soaked in solvent, then wrapped in a cloth to clean the brush in a plastic bag and fasten well that the solvent is not volatilized.
  2. Manifestation whitish sagging on lacquer coating evidence of moisture accumulation.To resolve this problem, the site must be treated with solvent and varnishing again.
  3. Get rid of the bubbles on the surface of the applied lacquer layer can be spending on board the sharp end of the brush.
  4. Swelling lacquer layer when solidification is removed by grinding and then coated with varnish.
  5. If the varnish is not cured during this period on the label, it is possible to:
  • lacquer improperly matched with respect to the substrate, so it is necessary to increase the air temperature in the room;
  • in the amount of hardener added less than indicated on the package, so the applied layer must be sanded and apply new varnish;
  • high humidity - should be strengthened airing.

tips 500x450

Thus, the question of how to cover the wood floor varnish, it is possible to say that it is quite a complex process that requires much time and effort, but the final result is such zeal.