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August 12, 2017 18:06

Baby cots are : selection and features

situation in the children's room plays an important role in child development.According to psychologists, the right choice of furniture, colors finishing materials, can stimulate the activity of both the child and, on the contrary, it oppress.That is why the creation of a children's room interior should be approached carefully and attentively.Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the bed.This is the place where the child should feel comfortable during rest and sleep.Moreover, its dimensions must be optimal both with respect to the child and to the area of ​​the room.About how to choose the right bed in the nursery on.


  • overall design of the room
  • Requirement baby cot
  • Ergonomics - above all
  • sofa or bed?
  • Bunk bed for child
  • How to place the bed in the nursery
  • Baby bed: photo

overall design of the room


Naturally, the bed in the nursery - a central piece of furniture, which istypically takes the most space.That is why it is the most conspicuous.Design bed for a child to be a continuation and logical culmination of the entire concept of a child's room.If it is not, it can be "spot" in the overall picture.For example, crib or car in a racing car for a little boy to be unattractive to look at the background of vintage chest of his grandmother.Therefore, ordering a separate bed, it is necessary to match the overall style of the room.Less problems with the room interior is matched, if you buy a set of furniture, which will also include a bed.

Requirement baby cot


basic requirement for children's bed is the material from which it is made.Her body must be made of wood, which is dissected by several layers of lacquer.

material.The most suitable timber for the children's beds are solid wood, such as walnut, oak, ash, birch.They are quite strong in its structure, which reduces the risk for the child to get a splinter.In addition, natural wood - a material not toxic and their hygienic properties is perfect for the production of children's furniture.It allowed the manufacture of some parts made of plastic or chipboard.

second important requirement - design fortress.We must not forget that early age children are quite active, so a large proportion of the probability can jump, run, play throughout the room, including the bed.Therefore, it should be pretty strong to withstand all childish pranks.The design of the frame must not contain sharp edges and exposed metal parts on which a child can get hurt.

bed height.Many adults think it is not too important, but for a child 3-5 years extra of 10-15 cm will be enough to get injured in the fall.Given that the majority of children behave restlessly during sleep (constantly revolve), better to choose a lower bed.For children 3 to 5 years is better to provide the ability to install a removable rim, which will be at the uselessness removed.He will be able to hold the baby from falling.

mattress.Mattress for Baby beds to be orthopedic.At this age the child's skeleton begins its formation and we can not allow his wrong statement.Therefore, the mattress must be reasonably rigid and reliable aisles.Consult the furniture manufacturer to find out the configuration of the mattress, if it is an integral part of the bed.In some cases, manufacturers offer buyers purchase a separate body and the mattress.This is the best option, because in case of need it is possible to easily replace it.

Price baby cot made of wood is usually fairly high, but the quality is worth the money.

Ergonomics - above all

If a child's room area there is no problem and it is enough to install any bed, the ergonomics are no problems.But what to do if the place is small, such as in small apartments?Then, the first requirement for bed - functionality.Earlier pieces of furniture were made according to standard templates, it is now the master can make any bed, depending on customer requirements.

Over the past few years on the market there are several types of beds have excellent functionality:

  • Children's loft bed.An excellent choice for small apartments.The design of such beds is that it is located on a bed height of 1,5-1,8 m above the floor.In simple words, a loft bed is nothing but a bunk bed, only with the difference that the bottom is no bed.Usually, the bed has a working platform for the child, for example, written or computer table.In some cases, under the berth is possible to organize a large chest of drawers or a small closet for clothes or toys.However, this cost is not small bed.
  • bed with drawers.Also popular model for the child.The box at the bottom arrange two ways: pull-out and under the mattress.In a first embodiment, the box opens for things like in the chest, in the second - it is located under the mattress, which thanks to a special mechanism easy rises.In the second embodiment, the amount of usable space a lot more, but the mechanism of lifting the mattress is more expensive.This is an excellent model of the child's bed, the child.
  • Bed convertible baby.Perfect for small apartments.Moreover, its size may be adjusted depending on the child's age.

sofa or bed?

Mario_enl - bed

Many potential buyers bed for a child are given one question: Which is better to buy a sofa or a bed.Each solution has both positive and negative sides.Let us consider each of them.

Sofa can be promising in the future, such as the child gets older it can be spread, in some cases, getting a full double bed.In the folded state, it does not occupy a large space.

However sofas are quite complex mechanisms unfold that frequent use may break.The cost of repair mechanisms can be expensive.Most of the sofas are not too comfortable surface to sleep, because the main objective of this piece of furniture is different.Usually mattresses for them are made of foam rubber, which may eventually fall, making it uncomfortable to sleep.

In any case, the choice between the bed and the sofa is for the buyer, who for himself has to weigh the "pros" and "cons."

Bunk bed for child

8.23.2013 - bunk - bed - 0

This option is the best for families with more than one child.This baby bed (from 3 years old child) will be able to save floor space.In addition, the children really like this piece of furniture.The only and the main condition for this bed should be safety.

Her body must be strong with a huge margin.If you suspect that a child who is sleeping on top, weighs about 40 kg, the bed frame should easily withstand a load of 200 kg excluding the weight of the mattress.

sure to make sure the assembly as a bed, from him will depend on both the safety of children.The upper deck must be equipped with a strong board, so that the child can not fall from a height, even wrapped a blanket.Still need to pay attention to the strength of the stairs to the second tier.Oda must be strong and well-treated the child, getting up, I do not hurt your hands and feet.

How to place the bed in the nursery

cot alisvl_enl

For a strong and healthy baby sleep is important not only to make the right choice of bed, but also to position it correctly in the room.According to child psychologists, the location of the bed is just as important for sleep than the convenience of the mattress.

Important rules:

  1. bed baby in the room should be located so that he could see everyone who enters it.However, do not put it in front of the door.Many internal energy experts argue that this may disrupt the child's sleep.
  2. can not have a cot near windows or heaters, as well as near the heating risers.From the windows, whatever the case may appear drafts that can cause illness of a child.
  3. riser or radiator in an accident may simply injure the baby, also known cases of the serious consequences of breakthrough heating systems.In addition, the furniture installed near heat sources may simply crack from dryness.
  4. In no case can not be put a bed in the area of ​​the fall of heavy objects: heavy chandeliers, cabinets, shelves.Even established the strongest thing is sooner or later fall, and, if it happens, it is best to let it fall to the floor, not on the child.At night, the objects hanging over the bed, the baby can cause anxiety, which can lead to insomnia.
  5. Many psychologists agree that children themselves are able to subconsciously choose the location of his bed properly.It is only necessary to observe them.At night, some parents may notice that their child is asleep across the bed, or the legs at the head.If such a position is repeated often, you should rearrange the bed under the scheme.
  6. Do not have a bed in front of a mirror.The first night of any thing reflected in it can scare the kid, well, and, secondly, specialists in "Feng Shui" argue that this is bad for children's energy.
  7. It is desirable that the bed was not electrical appliances: computers, televisions.They create not too healthy baby electromagnetic waves, as well as potential sources of fire hazard.

Baby bed: photo

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