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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose LED lamps for home lighting

LED lamp (LED) - is the latest alternative to obsolete the incandescent lamp.Their range has recently expanded considerably, which creates certain difficulties: as a simple consumer to choose an LED lamp that it was of good quality and not too struck on the budget?And in general, whether it is necessary for the house?

Pros and cons of LED lamps

Doubts about the appropriateness of the use of LED lamps for the home are associated with the main and perhaps the only disadvantage - the high price.Today, the price of this lamp starts from 200 rubles, the upper limit may be an order of magnitude greater.

merits of the LED bulbs have a much longer:

  • very long lifespan, which is up to 50 thousand hours, which corresponds to 10-12 years in continuous operation;for comparison - the average life of an incandescent lamp - about 1,000 hours and energy saving - 10,000 hours;
  • low power consumption - lamps with LEDs consume several times less electricity than incandescent bulbs;
  • sustainability - LED lamps, as opposed to the popular energy-saving, do not contain toxic substances harmful to the environment and human health;
  • wide range of applications - LED devices are used in residential areas as a primary or secondary source of light to illuminate the interior, as well as a night light, table lamps, lanterns, etc.


Criteria for selection of LED lamps

.When buying LED lamps should pay attention to several key factors.


high cost of LED lamps makes particularly attentive to the manufacturers: buy such products is only well-known companies to ensure quality and long-term performance of their devices.

most reliable today considered Osram Opto Semiconductors (Germany), Nichia (Japan), Seoul Semiconductors (Korea), Philips-Lumileds and CREE (USA).Cheap Chinese products better not to take: a part of the LEDs includes a material with low reliability - sapphire.The German and US LEDs applies the best technology with silicon carbide.

I buy LED bulbs in the store - the choice is huge and the prices are reasonable.

Cap type

LED lamps for home lighting fixtures have a different type of cap, the most popular of which are:

  • E 27 (base standard for incandescent lamps);
  • E 14 (the standard for the "Mignon" lamps);
  • GU 5,3 (for point lights);
  • G 4;
  • G 9;
  • T 8.


Lamp Form

lamp with LEDs can have very different shapes: round, pear-shaped, in the form of candles, similar to an ear of corn, a tablet, extended, etc. The choice depends on your taste..


radiator Radiator - a ribbed surface portion made of aluminum.It is used for cooling the LEDs that do not tolerate high temperatures.

not buy lamps with frosted bulb, opaque: can not see it, if the LEDs are arranged on the heat sink, as it should be.

If the manufacturer did not pay enough attention to the cooling of the LEDs, the lamp quickly fail.Plastic lamp housing also may not provide a sufficient level of the cooling unit LEDs.

Light-emitting diode


Modern LEDs make it possible to receive up to 70 lumens per watt with.Especially good performance characterized by high-performance LEDs are expensive.Buying LED lamp, usually guided by an analogy with the incandescent lamps, reducing the capacity of 5-10 times.For example, to replace the 60-watt bulb, you need to buy LED lamp power of 6 watts.

Color Temperature

This indicator controls the color that shines an LED lamp.The color temperature of 2700 K corresponds to the yellowish light, which is inherent in, including incandescent lamps.This glow shade more comfortable and pleasing to the eye.At a temperature of 2800 - 3200 K warm white light becomes at 4500 - 5000 K - neutral "daylight".Thus, the higher the temperature, the cooler will shade of white.



power supply power factor should not be less than 0.9.The quality of power supply directly affect the performance of the device.It should be a built-in protection against voltage surges, the breakdown, overheating.Lamp with poor unit will flash, that is visible to the naked eye.Therefore, to acquire the lamp is only on the well-known manufacturers.

packaging and appearance

lamps have quality lamps must be a corresponding package.It must be present indications about the manufacturer, power, color temperature indicator light output and CRI, as well as a bar code.

lamp itself must also be high-quality design: smooth, without burrs and rough edges, no bad dyed surfaces, protruding wires.Although today

LED bulbs are expensive, but the technology continues to evolve, with a lot of prospects.Experts believe - the future for LEDs!