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August 12, 2017 18:06

Porch at home with their own hands

Want to build your own front porch?No problem!Though concrete, although wood, although metal - choose any.This metal will be done with a beautiful roof-canopy made of polycarbonate.

Porch at home with their own hands

porch of the house with his own hands

Building a concrete porch

Article Contents

  • 1 Building a concrete porch
    • 1.1 Select sizes
    • 1.2 Fill the foundation for the porch
    • 1.3 Install formwork
    • 1.4 Fill level
  • 2 Metal porch with-shed roof made of polycarbonate
    • 2.1 Making foundation
    • 2.2 Cook ladder
    • 2.3 Make visor
  • 3 Wooden porch
    • 3.1 Building a foundation
    • 3.2 Mount lags
    • 3.3 Make kosour (string)
    • 3.4 make out a platform and stairs
    • 3.5 Video - porch at home with their own hands
Porch of concrete with their hands

Porch of concrete with their hands

reliability, durability and overall solid design.

Select sizes

Dimensions steps : a - normal ;b - winder

Dimensions steps: a - normal;b - winder

Usually porch consists of several steps.Our task - to choose the best design dimensions.

Optimum width of stairs -. 80-100 cm If possible, you should increase the width of - so porch is more comfortable and beautiful.To reduce undesirable.

Permissible angle ladder - from 27 to 45 degrees.

stage Width Height stage mm march tilt angle degrees.
400 100 14
380 110 16
360 120 18
340 130 21
320 140 23
300 150 25
280 160 29
260 170 33
240 180 37
220 190 40
200 200 45

in step width is made to be about 25 cm, height - 12-20 cm, depending on whether,who will enjoy the porch.Children and the elderly?We are making steps lower.Mostly young and full of energy users?We can increase the height of the steps.

Equips the upper platform so that it was about 50 mm below the end of the front door.

The calculation of the optimal width of the tread

optimal tread width calculation

Fill the foundation for the porch

Roy pit along the perimeter of the future steps.Depth -. 50 cm

Installing formwork for the foundation perimeter.

Make the foundation for the porch

Making the foundation for the porch

Fall asleep bottom of the pit a 20-centimeter layer of gravel and compacted.Top pour 10-cm layer of sand.Sheds water for better compaction.

harbored platform roofing material.Puts reinforcing mesh (recommended mesh size - 10x10 cm) and fill it with concrete.The solution can be prepared independently.The proportions of the standard:

  • cement - Part 1;
  • sand - part 3;
  • gravel - 5 parts.

poured concrete.Aligns the fill valve pierces it in several places, to release excess air.Concrete reserve for several days for primary curing.

expansion joint device porch

device expansion joint porch

Install formwork

Installation of the side formwork panels

Installing the side panels formwork

to construct shuttering for the steps.To do this, we use a thick plywood.The height of the formwork must be 20 cm higher than the height of the next steps.

The principle is simple: cut out elements of formwork height of each step and set them in the appropriate places.Between a contractible shields with metal plates, wood or any other suitable fasteners.

formwork manufacturing Completion

Completion manufacturing formwork

Important!Side panels must harden using additional stiffeners.

Steps necessarily reinforced.In this case the valve must be installed and is laid in all three planes.Even more convenient option - to weld the frame in the shape of the future and build a staircase formwork around him.Do as you like.

Formwork and Reinforcement

formwork and reinforcement




stage lubricate internal wall formwork oil.Due to this in the future we will be able to pull it off effortlessly.

solution for preparing the filling so as to blend the foundation-platform.

Laying of concrete

Laying of concrete

Ladder fill in stages, from the first stage.Each step of giving a little dry, and only after that the next fill.Thus it is necessary to install additional formwork elements on the front side of the steps.Along the length of these elements must match the width of the stairs.The height of doing this, as well as at the very stage.

Important!Formwork side in contact with the concrete, must be as smooth as possible.

poured concrete carefully flatten and pierce in several places fittings.

Bloodthirsty stage

drenched stage

Formwork remove at least 7-10 days.In conclusion, we can only perform finishing steps.We can oblitsevat of stone or tile, hardwood planks and perform any other finishing at its discretion.

remove formwork

Remove formwork

rails are optional.The height of handrails -. 90 cm You can use the next option.He also suitable for metal and wooden porch (in this case, we replace the metal elements wood).

Set at the bottom and the top of the porch support posts made of metal pipes.The length of it is desirable to be chosen so that the slope of the staircase railing matched bias.Connect the upper and lower ends of the uprights slightly smaller cross section tubes.We use welding.

Upper tube will assume the function of the handrail.To fill the space between the two pipes using any rental.Items set to any interval.In this moment everything depends entirely on your preferences and imagination.

Porch of concrete

Porch concrete

After mounting structure we clean the metal parts and gruntuem them in 2 layers.Such treatments will extend the service life of handrails.

The finished porch you can revet granite

finished porch you can revet granite

The metal-roofed porch with a roof made of polycarbonate

This porch will go perfectly with almost any home.

Metal roof - porch with a canopy made ​​of polycarbonate

Metal porch with-shed roof made of polycarbonate



Making foundation

the whole foundation settling as in the case of a concrete porch, with only one difference: at the same stageyou need to install support for the future of the visor.

supports better to install in every corner of the visor of the future - so the design will be the most stable.If the porch is large, we do support the length of its walls with a pitch of not more than 2 m.

Roy pit about five-foot depth for each leg.On the role of the great pillars cope metal pipes.We insert the tube into the hole and fill it with concrete.

support can also be done from the bursa.Operation is the same, but first the lower part of the beam need to wrap or roofing material prosmolit and further impregnate antiseptic.

At the same stage set support for future steps.Similarly we dig pits expose them metal rack and pour concrete.It is unlikely that the porch will have a very long ladder, so it will be enough to establish the pivot at the bottom and at the top of the structure.For greater certainty can install them in the middle of the span.

further procedure up to the stage of pouring concrete, remains the same as in the arrangement on the ground for a concrete porch instructions.

At pouring concrete take into account that we will have more to drown ladder structure in solution.Fill it not up to the top of the site - leaving approximately 100-300 mm gap (depending on the size and design to equip its features).

Then, after the installation of the metal structure, we fill it with the pit to the top.

View from the house before the construction of the porch

View from the house before the construction of the porch

Plans in accordance with the plan of the house

Plans in accordance with the plan of the house

Cook ladder

metal cutting

metal cutting

Take two metal sill.Welded them to the set and the previously concreted supports.In the future, we are welded to these products for the rental levels.

Take equal- metal corner.Cut according to the length of the selected steps, increased by the length of the weld.Welded metal corner on the circuit.



Then take the second piece of corner welds and it also on a path to the already recorded area.Then welded the second corner to u.In a similar manner to fasten the corners of the two U-sections.



Since the leg is attached to the blind area

So leg is attached to the blind area

obtain the product in the form of the letter G. Putting them together.At the top of the T-connect elements via equal angles.To do this, he welds on a path to both products, placing the shelves inside.To connect to the bottom of the stages use the same area, but the place was already out shelves.

The frame of the first stage

frame of the first stage

Sides for steps

Sides for steps

cook sidewall

Cook bokovinki

Making the step

Doing stage

On the stage is laid flat slate and welded mesh

On stage laid flat slate and welded mesh

To fill levels can be useddifferent material, for instance, timber and plywood.Mounting is performed using screws, screwing them from the bottom side.For additional fastening wooden elements using a conventional silicone adhesive.

Fill solution steps

Fill solution steps

staircase manufacturing Version

Option manufacturing ladder

In general, the trim ladder perform at its discretion.If desired, you can not plug the horizontal openings, and simply mount directly on the trim step.

Make visor

Expose the external rack

exposes external rack

racks frame we have mounted on the stage of the foundation of everything.Further work in this order.

Expose the external rack

exposes external rack

Set lateral support on the frame size.We can do canopy curved, if desired.It's enough to make an incision in profile with a pitch of about 4 cm and bend it to the desired level.Plus curved canopy is that it will not be delayed rainfall and various types of garbage.

Racks and rails

racks and rails

The frame for the canopy

frame for the canopy

Railing stairs

Railing stairs

Puts polycarbonate frame and fasten it with the screws.Withstands step of fastening of 300 mm.The edges of the sizing.This canopy is ready.

Skins for the porch overhang

Skins canopy for the porch

Wooden porch

Wooden porch

Wooden porch

The scheme of construction of the wooden porch

scheme of construction of the wooden porch

Building a foundation

The foundation for the porch

foundation for the porch

pile foundation- the best solution for wooden houses adjoining porch.Such a foundation is simple and quick in the arrangement, but it is very reliable.

Roy pit at the points pile installation - in the corners of the future steps and the length of its sides with a pitch of 80-100 cm depth of holes -. 80 cm Optimally -. Below the freezing ground.

Treat the reference beam antiseptic, wrap the lower part of his roofing material, and then inserted into the hole.Fill the timber aligned vertically in concrete pits.

Give concrete to harden and proceed to further action.

Mount lags

If necessary, Cut down the top bar to all the piles were on the same level.The height of the legs forward so that after the laying site between her and the front door remained roughly 5-inch height difference.

Attach the logs to the supports and the wall of the house a suitable manner (screws, dowels, etc., Depending on the material of the wall).

Make kosour (string)

Production string ( kosoura )

Manufacturing string (kosoura)

Install stringers wooden porch

Installation stringers wooden porch

Getting to the manufacture of the carrier ladder.To it, we will strengthen the steps.That is, the string - a lateral side steps.

To produce the string using wooden boards with a thickness of 5 cm. Take the board and draw a step on it.Billets cut out a jigsaw or a saw.

fastening bowstring joists with tongue and groove connection.

make out a platform and stairs

The drawing of the lower steps of the wooden porch

drawing the lower rungs of the wooden porch

screwed or nailed to the joists planking area.If you wish to be laid on top of the boards any topcoat - guided by their own preferences.

are attached to the risers and treads a bowstring.Work start with the bottom step.The procedure is simple: fix the risers, anchoring him tread and so on until the end.For fixing screws using a tongue and groove connection.

Manufacturing sites and stages

site Manufacturing and steps

Gashes kosoura wooden porch

gashes kosoura wooden porch

Mounting the steps and risers

Mounting steps and risers

railing and canopy equip at its discretion.Installation instructions for these elements cited previously.The sequence is similar, only need to replace the bearing elements and parts plating on similar articles of wood or other material is preferred.

Wooden porch

Wooden porch

Successful work!

Video - Porch at home with their own hands