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August 12, 2017 18:06

Choosing protective blinds for windows - the principle of operation , maintenance and installation

roll How to protect against hacking window construction and the weather?Lattice will not always be harmonious look on the front of the house.Their main disadvantage is the impossibility of a temporary removal.The best way to ensure the desired level of protection, while preserving the original exterior of the house, - installation of protective blinds at the windows.

Design Modern design of roller shutters - is the result of years of modifications initially imperfect models of garage doors.Even before that, a valve manufacturing principle used in the manufacture of furniture, in particular - the Bureau.The technology was simple - wooden plates connected together by slotted and installed in a special guide grooves.The flexibility of the design allows you to hide the access panel for the oval or cylindrical panels in furniture.

same principle formed the basis of modern protective roller shutters, or as they are now called - shutters.A typical structure is shown in the diagram:


work to consider the mechanism of the best stages.Assume that the roller blinds are installed and in a closed state.To open it you will need to do the following:

  • With drive (mechanical or electrical) is driven by the octagonal shaft.It has a special spring, which compensates for the weight of the stacked leaf consisting of several aluminum blades.They are connected to each other by means of grooves and vertical binding tape.
  • By rotating the shaft and climb up leaf punctures on its surface.The outer protective box does not penetrate the dust and dirt in the lift mechanism.
  • Once the maximum opening height is reached, the movement of the shaft will be impossible.The canvas will be fixed by a tape drive.

Turning the knob in the opposite direction, there will be construction of the closure.For protection of the last profile set locking mechanism - the lock with the side latches.Installation of roller shutters

possible to install such a product yourself?Yes, but it is necessary to strictly follow the installation technology.This is particularly true of the first stage of the project - the removal measurements.Please select the place of installation in the window opening.It depends on the size of the bevel walls in this location.


guide profile must be mounted exactly parallel to each other, and their slots are in the same plane.If the slope of the window opening makes it impossible to do this - should be using the gun to level the facade section.

then marked a location guide rails and boxes.It is best to get the size to provide professionals specialized companies that are engaged in the implementation of components for roller shutters.According to these data, they will make the best set for the installation of roller blinds.During the negotiation should take into account such things:

  • roller blinds method of opening - mechanically or electrically.The latter, of course, more convenient, but it has one major drawback - the dependence on external sources of supply.When a power failure will not be opened from inside the roller blinds.On the outside of the box there is a special hole for the Allen key for emergency opening of the sash.
  • Choice web.If in addition to the protection necessary to provide additional energy savings, it is possible to choose the panel with insulating layer.In some cases, make the insert with observation slits or completely grid structure.

Dimensions paintings are entirely dependent on the size and design of the shaft diameter.

selecting the required set of components, you are ready for installation.To do this, you need the following materials and tools:

  1. Drill.
  2. measuring tool - roulette, level.
  3. Screwdriver or screwdriver.

The first step is to make mounting holes in the base for guiding (step - 30 cm), the basis of the protective box (along the edges and in the construction parts of the horizontal).


They are attached to each other and installed in the window opening.Based on the attached guide.The resulting structure is attached a shaft and gearbox.


3 pre-assembled webs of slat.Combining their butt butt on each end is mounted a special plug.It not only protects against dirt but also will contribute to a better coupling elements.The web guide is installed in and fixed to the shaft.

checked drive operation, the upper part of the structure is closed protective cover.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the installation, you may encounter a number of problems.Without the experience and training of qualified them impossible to solve.Therefore, despite the high cost of installation (in some cases up to 20% of the blinds prices), it is recommended to invite experts to carry out these works.