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August 12, 2017 18:07

Why energy saving lamp blinks

If we compare the incandescent lamps and energy-saving, the latter are a step above.This source of light is much better and more progressive.Therefore, incandescent lamps are becoming increasingly rare, and the housekeeper, although is more expensive in some time, surely displace them from our homes.Having bought this lamp, we can expect it to work perfectly.Basically it is, but still sometimes saving lamps start flashing.Why energy saving lamp blinking?On this issue, our article will answer.


  • Design energy-saving lamps
  • work of energy-saving light bulbs
  • Why flashing energy-saving lamps
    • lamp flashes different
    • lamp is off, but flashes
    • flashing light when the switch
    • saving lamp will flash after the
  • Addressing the causes of flashes of energy saving lamps
  • Energy-saving lamps of high quality
  • faults energy saving lamps
    • Dismantling energosberigayuschih lamps
    • Common faults:

Design energy-saving lamps

energy saving lamp design includes:

  • flask.Form meets very different;
  • two spirals;
  • ballast electronic device.

work of energy-saving light bulbs


Like fluorescent and energy-saving lamps the principle of one:

  1. between 2 electrodes placed in a flask, which injected inert gas and mercury vapor, there is a glow discharge.
  2. invisible ultraviolet mercury atoms while passing through the walls of the bulb covered with a phosphor inside, turns to light that we see.The color of the light is different, it all depends on how staff covered the lamp inside.

interesting : Despite the fact that in our networks AC voltage, energy-saving lamp operates at a constant.DC voltage to AC transformation occurs in the electronic ballast via the diode bridge.

Why energy saving lamps are flashing


Permeated idea of ​​energy saving, people threw all available in the house familiar old lamps and energy-saving set.And how frustrating when they suddenly start flashing.

lamp flashes different

flashing energy-saving lamps in different circumstances:

  • when the switch is constantly flashing;
  • at the time of inclusion and a short time after;
  • periodically;
  • even when the switch is turned off.

lamp is off, but flashes

Why flashing energy-saving lamp, because in theory there is no voltage in the network?And it turns out, not in the lamp, and switch with backlight LED or neon.Here's why:

  1. Power contacts are closed as soon as we turn off the switch.
  2. lamp, lit, begins to burn.
  3. Electric current is very small amount of the transit network passes through the lamp, chandelier with energy-saving light bulbs on the ceiling, and again returns to the network.In this case the capacitor in the electronic circuitry of energy-saving light bulb is recharged and the light flashes.
  4. capacitor discharges and a flash again, all repeats in a circle.That's the whole secret of flashing off of energy-saving lamps.

Conclusion: switch can not be combined with lighting and energy-saving lamp.Even if you do not irritate the flashing, then think about how quickly wear out your not so cheap lamp.Due to the large number of launches, it quickly will spend inherent in her life and a maximum of 2 months later it will have to be discarded.

There may be other reasons, namely:

  • mistakes when installing electrical wiring;
  • lamp, released unscrupulous manufacturer.

flashing light when the switch

Once switched on the light, the light flashes.The phenomenon is very unpleasant, and what is its cause:

  1. voltage level on the network how low that ballast energy-saving lamps can not run it in operation.If so, take a multimeter, the tray outlet and measure the voltage.If there is a deviation from the normal (220) of 5%, call the company that is engaged in electricity, complaining about the deterioration of the electricity supplied to the established standard.After all, with the system may come not just light bulbs, but also household appliances.
  2. commissioning the unit energy-saving lamp is faulty.You have no choice, how to buy a new lamp, becauseold can not be repaired.
  3. surges occur in the network.All claims to the power supply company, of course, if you do not perform welding work, including the homes of welding inverter network.Then the reason for it, and you can not do this.

saving lamp will flash after the

This phenomenon occurs when you are on energy-saving fluorescent lamp having electromagnetic launch system.When such a failure of energy-saving fluorescent lamps as load starter, there is a slow start.Latency to 10 seconds.still acceptable, but if it is more, then change the starter.

Addressing the causes of flashes of energy saving lamps

When buying a lamp, you put at the forefront quality and not the lowest price, the issue of energy saving lamps there is no fault.It is necessary to look for the cause in the other and fix it:

  1. The first and easiest way to get rid of the flashing lights off - open the switch with illumination and open the circuit through which the current supplied to the lamp.The capacitor and the lamp will no longer be fed stops flashing.
  2. second way radical - change the switch with a bulb at normal.
  3. third - a compromise, that is,and eliminates flashing and remain illuminated switch.A small current, recharging the capacitor is neutralized by screwing in the chandelier of 2 or more bulbs 1 incandescent bulbs.Of course, this will reduce the number of energy savings, but allows current to withdraw from the condenser to the filament.In this method, an additional 1 positive thing:
  • energy-saving lamp is turned on gradually, and incandescent lamp once, then the chandelier glows faster;
  • energy-saving lamps light color is not always comfortable, but in the combination of this lack is compensated with a conventional light bulb.His eyes, by the way, less tired.

4. The fourth method is technically duplicated 3, will not only complement an incandescent lamp, and a capacitor or 2W resistor with resistance of 50 ohms as a shunt element.Through it will talk a little, but enough for the backlight lamp worked.

Energy-saving lamps of high quality

energy saving lamps - migayut_5

buying energy-saving lamps, take it a rule to pay attention to who is the producer.There is no doubt the quality of light from such famous manufacturers as Philips (Phillips).These lamps are good characteristics:

  • little heat;
  • is long;
  • saves energy by 80%;
  • switched on without blinking;
  • provides luminous flux of 85%.

Another leading manufacturer of lighting equipment - Germany's Osram (Osram).This brand is very popular, and the lamps of a series of OSRAM DULUX SUPERSTAR and OSRAM DULUXSTAR different:

  • warm and pleasant, like the incandescent lights;
  • almost instant achievement of the planned light flux;
  • excellent luminous efficiency;
  • long life - 15 thousand hours.
  • compact attractive design.

Faults energy saving lamps

What are the failure of energy-saving lamps and methods of their elimination by the example PHILIPS 6yr 23W ECONOMY.

Dismantling energosberigayuschih lamps

housing energy-saving lamps to understand the following sequence:

  • take a flathead screwdriver and, moving carefully around the perimeter pushes the latch;
  • disconnect the lamp bulb by unscrewing the 4 wires with which it is connected to the electronic control unit;
  • perform desoldering wires connecting the base and charge.In the hands of the unit will remain.It is now possible to determine the fault.


Common faults:

  1. If the network was observed higher voltage, the bulges to the condenser and flow, and the lamp will no longer light up.There needs to be replaced CD and testing of semiconductors.
  2. For the same reason, and there is such a failure as a breakdown of the capacitor C5.The lamp lights up at the same time only where there are filament.Capacitor change.
  3. reason for incomplete glow lamps can be quite a long operation.In this case it violated partially sealing the bulb is reduced thermionic emission.Lamp throw.
  4. When blows one of the filaments, the lamp ceases to burn.In this case, we check the serviceability of the capacitor C5.Where the heat is interrupted, desoldering diode, and in its place insert a 10 ohm resistor.
  5. Another cause of failure with the energy saving lamp output is faulty trigger diode (Shockley diode).Detected by eliminating this cause malfunction of semiconductors, capacitors, inductors coils, filaments.Out - replacement of the defective item.
  6. If prozvanivaya resistors and semiconductors, you can see that they came from the system, the details, of course, be replaced.But think about whether to do it, because such repairs will cost dearly.Simply buy a new lamp.


Look, it eliminates the flashing energy-saving lamps the author of this video: