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August 12, 2017 18:07

Making the walls in the bedroom

bedroom in each house or apartment is the quiet location.Its interior is to promote relaxation owner after a hard day's work.Therefore, to its formation must be approached very carefully.The interior planning must take into account all of its components: the texture of materials, colors, ergonomic furniture arrangement.Of course, it is best to invite an interior designer who will be able to consider all the evidence and make a few options bedroom decoration.However, if you have the ability and well-developed spatial imagination, you may well be able to deal with that is not an easy task on their own.So, what do you need to know to create a really interesting interior in your bedroom?


  • color of the walls in the bedroom
  • How to make a wall in the bedroom.Finishes bedrooms
  • Decorating the walls in the bedroom and a choice
  • curtains simple decoration of the walls in the bedroom with his hands
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color of the walls in the bedroom

design wall - in-the- bedroom - 2

special role in the design plays a color scheme of the bedroom.Consider the role of color in the interior:

  • Yellow.He is a human association with the sun, light and warmth of summer.It is noteworthy that the feeling of heat next to yellow in humans occurs in the physical layer.The room, decorated in such colors will seem warmer.This is due to the fact that the color of the exciting way affects the human psyche.The heart begins to beat faster, breathing becomes more frequent, which is why the blood begins to circulate more active in the body.This should be considered when using the yellow color in a given room.Such tone well suited for dark and cold rooms.This color will smooth their darkness, and will make it more comfortable for the human perception.The yellow room heat is very bad.
  • Red.He is considered one of the most exciting, aggressive and emotional.This color is often choose the most healthy and active people.It can be used for mental development and leadership qualities in children.It will be useful to raise vitality.True, this color has a negative side.So, if a person is under stress or tired, the red aggressive tones will only harm.
  • Green.According to Feng Shui - is the color of the wood.It is associated primarily with spring greens and nature.It is a symbol of peace and peace.Green calms, soothes, heals from stress, relieves heartache and sorrow moderates.
  • Blue.This color is associated with the quiet, cool and quiet.This shade depth of the sea and the distant sky.And, the brighter the color blue tint, so it is considered to be a greater sense of relaxation and rest in humans.The blue hues give a person in a room with such a design, a sense of lightness and lightheartedness.
  • Pink.Most of these shades are impressed by women's moods.However, the design of the room in these colors will not always be appropriate.


Making bedrooms in mind the specifics of the room has its own peculiarities.There are some general guidelines:

  • Since this room is primarily designed for recreation, the colors have to fully comply with it.That is why when designing the look of the bedroom should be wary of flashy and exciting colors such as red, burgundy, yellow and orange.In this room is unlikely to get a rest, as a bright range of exciting acts on the psyche.If you still intend to make the interior of the paint, try to use a muted and matte shades.
  • Also, do not get too carried away in purple.It has diametrically opposite.Too much purple can act on the human psyche is not only relaxing, but also depressing, and it can cause depression.Because purple is better to dilute a little pastel colors such as light green, pale pink or pale yellow.
  • perfect color scheme for the bedroom wall design will be pastel colors.Pale blue, beige, white - give the room a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, which always have to rest and relax.In addition, for small rooms on the area is the color scheme will help visually expand the volume, which is very important in small apartments.
  • combination of colors finishes Bedrooms more dependent on the orientation of the windows of the room in relation to the sun.Thus, if the bedroom windows face south, south-east or south-west, to finish better to use cold colors, which would offset the effect of bright sunlight.If the window premises out to the northern part of the world, it is better to build the interior with warm colors.

It is said that the shade of color that is used for the walls, very much depends on the available light in the room.For example, in the bedroom, a person usually wants to relax and unwind after a busy day.Therefore coverage here, first of all, along with a color palette of interior design should create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.Therefore, it is not necessary to use lamps and floor lamps with direct light weld.Here it is necessary to arrange to have bedside lamps, which allow comfortable reading in the bedroom.It is desirable that this lamp had a color temperature below 3.5 thousand degrees Celsius.Also, local lighting should be in cabinets.As for general illumination, it must be hidden and weightless, as if to dissolve the palette of the room, but in no case do not change it.Therefore, the best fit local spotlights.

How to make a wall in the bedroom.Finishes bedrooms


Recently bedroom decor with a specific role for the wall, which is at the head of the bed.The fact that this single wall in a room that is outside the field of view of its owner.That's because its design can not be a rigid framework.It can become a bright point in a quiet room, and, in simple terms, to make the entire interior is more colorful.

The decoration of the walls used a variety of materials, from the long-familiar to wallpaper ceramic tile, vinyl and textiles.On what is now fashionable solutions exist for izgolovnoy walls, and how beautifully decorate a wall in the bedroom - on.

  • Ceramic tile.Although we are accustomed to the fact that a permanent place, "dislocation" ceramics - a bathroom and kitchen work zone, it is very often used in the decoration of the bedroom.No, of course we are not talking about the notorious squares 25x25 cm with a complete lack of taste and figure.You can do amazing design bedrooms From modern ceramic materials.Those who think this stuff is too cold, it may be advisable to use electric ceramic heaters, which got its popularity during installation "warm floor" system.They may well be used for heating, and then your ceramic wall will not only please the eye, but also to create comfort.By the way, the latest trend in the use of tiles is a mix of parts of the same size, but with a different ornament, and, have them asymmetrically.The only drawback of this material is the difficulty of mounting it.
  • wooden paneling.It looks very attractive and gives a natural shade of the bedroom.For this purpose, artificially aged or salvage board.Alternatively, you can paste special wallpaper with a similar print, but nothing compares to the glamor of natural untreated wood.To express the refinement that wall can be illuminated vintage metal flashlight with elements of forging.They use a lamp with a little dull light, bright LEDs because in this case will be a little out of place.
  • Soft textile panel.Ideal fit into the interior of the bedroom.Different textures and colors are perfect for any design solution.The undoubted advantage of these panels is an excellent heat and sound insulation, which will be one of the outputs for the corner bedroom.
  • installation.For those who want to bring to the interior of the room for something new, you can just do the installation.For this fit applique, vinyl, different suspension, that is all that your heart desires.It should be only a small - a little imagination and hard work.Interestingly looks installation of white paper cubes on a black background wall.
  • ┬źnative walls."Such decorations suited for apartments or houses where the walls and Perestenko lined with brick.Just enough to knock the plaster and leave the brick look.If you are confused unsightly brick, just pick the wall latex paint, and it will be a real gem of your bedroom.
  • picture.Already pretty half-forgotten way to bring something new into the interior of any room.However, it is worth noting that found in the attic of Grandma's "oil" on "Slava" should not be used, although this is an amateur.Excellent will look great abstraction, cosmic landscapes, images of nature.Think about printing.The wall in the bedroom colors will lift your mood.
  • Modeling.Creating patterns of plaster or plastic molding adhered to the surface of the wall, it has become quite important in recent years.Create something in the bedroom, like Catherine's Palace, it will be very interesting.

Wall - in - bedroom

  • Ornament.Coloring the wall at the head of a certain ornament will look pretty interesting.You can use the cliche, masking tape and spray.Well-chosen colors will complete your design ideas.The only drawback in this case is one - will have to paint the wall twice.
  • Photo panels.Quite a modern version of the design of the room, which appeared relatively recently.On the panel are not wide printing is applied, which is in the collection of certain forms the plot.Components mounted on the wall with small intervals.In this case, they look quite interesting.
  • Graffiti.If you want to make the interior walls in the bedroom in the "loft" style or modern, the perfect solution would be graffiti.And the picture may be quite different.The only thing that can stand in the obstacle in the realization of this idea - find a professional who can work with the spray.Figure can be applied both on plastered walls and a brick.
  • Curtains.If you see his friends curtain at the head of the bed, do not be surprised.No, no one came to mind to put the bed to the window.Just the latest trend in bedroom decor was the placement of textile on izgolovnoy wall.Thus, we can radically change the interior of a bedroom with little effort.

Decorating the walls in the bedroom and the choice of curtains


This process is slightly different from the choice of curtains for the other rooms.The curtains in the bedroom should be soft and well-draped material.Their color should be in addition to the basic color scheme of the walls.In this case, the web will create a sense of security and special comfort.

If the bedroom has a small window, it is possible to hang curtains, the wall on which it is located.This will help visually expand the room, giving it extra volume.When choosing curtains, take into account the orientation of your windows.In eastern location better to take a dense fabric that can protect you from the morning light, if you want to sleep.If the window faces north, then take a light translucent material, which adds light, especially when it is not enough.

simple wall decoration in the bedroom with his hands

The easiest option is a wall decoration bedroom Wallpapering.

Work procedure:

  1. before gluing the walls must be leveled to the wallpaper looked sharp and had no bevels.Aligns wall using starting and finishing putty.To do this, remove the old plaster from the walls, which can collapse, destroying more layers.After this, the walls are cleaned from dust and soil.
  2. dried on the surface after the primer layer is applied to the first launch of putty, which is intended to align the basic irregularities.If they are too clear, after drying of the first layer, the second coated.Having a flat surface, its special grind sandpaper and primed again.
  3. layer finishing putty is applied then.With a microscopic particle size, such compositions do perfectly smooth surface.Minor irregularities after drying putty zashlifovuyut again with the help of a grid with small openings.
  4. next step should be the installation of a baguette, or as it is called, ceiling moldings.Installed it to the finish plaster.
  5. Then you can hang wallpaper.Before this operation primed wall and allowed to dry.Wallpaper glue on a special glue that is diluted on the basis of the type of substrate.For non-woven or vinyl type adhesive coating should be thicker than paper wallcoverings.

walls in the bedroom: photo

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design of walls in the bedroom: Video