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August 12, 2017 18:05

Puts laminate uneven floor - tips and videos

Durability and strength of laminate floor coverings depends entirely on the quality of the training base - otherwise the material will deform, burst, constantly creaking under the weight of steps.For different types of laminate deformation period ranging from several months to a year, and this applies to both the castle and the adhesive laminate.Therefore, the first stage of work on covering laminate flooring is to prepare the subfloor.

first step is to evaluate the uneven floor of the room.It uses ordinary building level - it just shows all the defects.Differential unevenness in the floor must not exceed two mm per meter.If there is excess - uneven floor before laying the laminate must always align.Here, there are various ways - a lot depends on the base.

If the laminate will be laid on a concrete base, the alignment of the concrete floor is quite simple.It is necessary to get rid of the existing floor covering.Thereafter, the entire floor must be inspected for cracks or other defects.All these shortcomings are easily removed by a variety of self-leveling compounds or concrete screed.However, the tie - it is more troublesome.

must be remembered that the laminate is laid only on a dry floor.If the laminate will be laid on the rough wooden floor, it is necessary to eliminate the creaking floorboards, the gap between the boards and all kinds of irregularities.Creaking boards can be fastened with nails or screws - screws.Be sure to putty all the gaps.It will only improve the quality of both sound and thermal insulation.

irregularities between the individual boards are removed or hand tool (jointer, planer), or sander.Otherwise laminate strips will fall unevenly, leading eventually to cracking and breakage.For wooden floors are used and the already mentioned mixture.In some cases - sheets of plywood, drywall.Use sheets of chipboard experts do not recommend, because they are not environmentally friendly and capable of releasing harmful to human pair during operation.

In any case, regardless of the base material and uneven floors, which you have already leveled, do not forget about quality substrate for laminate.It smooths out any remaining irregularities in the substrate, provides a better sound insulation and thermal insulation of the room.