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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculation of cable section length and power


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  • 1 How to make your own cable cross-section along the length of the calculation?
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Learn section of the cable for power and length of wires.Using effective online calculator wire diameter.Cables are key elements in the power transmission and distribution.They play an important role in connecting the electricity, which is why you need to accurately and efficiently do the calculation cross-section of the cable length and load capacity, in order to create favorable conditions for the smooth passage of electricity and avoid the negative consequences of the accident.

If the design and development of power grid will be chosen the wrong diameter wire, the possibility of overheating and failure of various electrical engineering.And broken cable insulation, resulting in a circuit and fire.There will be a significant cost of restoring not only the electrical wiring, but all appliances in the room.To avoid this, you need to competently make a choice of cable cross sections for power and length.

Online calculator selection of cable for power

Input power: kW
Select nominal voltage: 220 B380 B660 B6 kB10 kB
Specify the number of phases: 13
Select conductor material: Aluminum (Al) Copper (Cu)
Enter the length of the cable line: m
Specify the line type: not opredelenodo 1 kB6 kB10 kB
Rated conductor cross-section mm2:
Recommended cross-section mm2:

on our site you can freely make the necessary payment diameter wire for a few secondsusing ready-made program to obtain data on the cross section of the cable core.
by entering into the prepared table a number of individual settings:

  • alleged power of the object (load totals of all used electrical appliances);
  • select the rated voltage (usually single-phase, 220 V, but there is also a three-phase - 380V);
  • specify the number of phases;
  • core material (specifications wires, isolated two compounds - copper and aluminum);
  • length and type of line.

sure to specify all values.Then click on the "Calculate" button and get the finished result.

This value ensures that the calculation of the power cable section for online wire will not overheat when the workload.In the end, it is important to take into account the voltage drop across the wire veins, picking up the parameters for a particular line.

Table recruiting section of the wire depending on the power (W)

Calculation of cable section length and power

How to make your own cable cross-section along the length of the calculation?

In a domestic environment such data are necessary in the manufacture of extension cords over a long distance.However, even if the exact results obtained should be left in the reserve of 10-15 cm in the switching and connection wires (by welding, soldering or crimping).

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In industry, the formula for calculating the cross section of the cable length and power used at the stage of designing networks.It is important to accurately define such data, if the cable will have additional and significant loads.

Calculation example in everyday life: I = P / U · cosφ, where

I - current, (A);

P - power (W);

U - mains voltage (V);

cosφ - factor of 1.

Using this calculation formula, you can find the correct length of wire and cable cross-section performance can be obtained with the help of online calculator, or manually

program to calculate the cable cross-section power

to learn

power equipment or device, you need to look at the label, which shows their basic characteristics.After fold data, such as 20,000 W, is 20 kW.This figure shows how much energy consumes all electrical appliances.If the percentage difference would be used at one time, about 80%, the ratio will be 0.8.cable cross-section calculation power: 20 x 0.8 = 16 kW.This conductor cross-section for copper wire size of 10 mm.For three-phase circuit - 2.5 mm at a voltage of 380 V.

better to choose the largest wire cross-section, in the event of an unplanned connection techniques or devices.It is better to add money today and do everything qualitatively, than to change the cable tomorrow and buy a new kettle.

Tips professionals

apartment Standard wiring is designed for the maximum current consumption during continuous load - 25 amperes (use copper wire of 5 mm and 2.5 mm in diameter).The greater amount of current consumption is scheduled, the greater the cores in the cable.If the wire 2 mm in diameter, its cross section can be readily determined by the following formula: 2 mm × 2 mm × 0,785 = 3,14 mm2.If the rounded value, it turns out - 3 mm squared.

To make a selection section for power cables need to independently determine the total current of all electrical appliances, to lay down the result and divide by 220.

Choice for cable depends on its shape, a round better wiring routed through walls and for interior works best fit flata cable which is easily installed and does not cause any hindrance in operation.Their technical characteristics are the same.

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