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August 12, 2017 18:07

Decorative plaster bark beetle : technology application and the price of work

What is the decorative plaster and where they are used, known to many, except that few people realize that they are divided into two types - internal and facade. Their separation is not only in their ability to withstand the weather conditions, but also on the structure of the coating.

This separation is due solely to their appearance and structure.Let's just say, for premises more suitable plaster, capable of give the room warmth and comfort. Decorative plaster woodworm does not fall under this definition and is intended solely for the facades.

Decorative plaster woodworm photos of houses

Decorative plaster woodworm photo houses

positive aspects of the application of such a lot of plaster, it makes no sense to list them, so the main focus our attention on its merits.

Firstly, this is an excellent ability to withstand almost any weather conditions.Equally, it can withstand a severe frost and strong heat.In full compliance with the application technology decorative plaster woodworm able to decorate the facade of your home for decades.

Secondly, its price.Cost pitted plaster today is one of the lowest in comparison with other similar fa├žade technology.

And, thirdly, it is an opportunity to perform the finish of the facade with his hands.Whatever may seem daunting at first glance, this technology with the necessary tools and knowledge of the theory, even the novice master will cope with it.

Decorative plaster woodworm photo

Decorative plaster woodworm photo

pitted Decorative plaster is of two types: acrylic and gypsum based.What is the difference between them?The fact that the acrylic composition, although ironed on the wall much more attractive and richer, has a rather complicated and fastidious application of technology - a lot of all sorts of subtleties and nuances.Therefore work with such material it is best left to professionals.

way, pitted acrylic-based selling ready-made - in buckets, you only need to zakolerovat in his favorite color.Naturally, not by hand - make absolutely identical coloring several buckets solution, even if much hard work, you will fail.Therefore, in this situation there is only way out - tinting on special machines with the use of computer technology.

much easier in the bark beetle, sold in bags and is a dry mixture.Incidentally, such a mixture is much less compared to acrylic.Application of decorative plaster woodworm in this case a little more complicated due to the fact that we have to prepare their own solution, but in the process of this compound less capricious and it is quite simply applied to the surface.

Decorative plaster woodworm

Decorative plaster woodworm

Exterior decorative plaster woodworm

facade decorative plaster woodworm

technology of application of decorative plaster woodworm

If you set yourself the question of how to apply the plaster woodworm, the first thing to do is to learn how to cook the mixture- it is compulsory.A slight deviation in the amount of water required - and the mixture will go to the wrong, the result is not what it should be.It is therefore necessary to study carefully the instructions on the package and add the liquid as much as there indicated.The dry mixture is poured into a bucket with the right amount of water and thoroughly mixed with a mixer construction.Mix must be within a few taps - plaster should swell and take the necessary thickness.

Even before the start of the very plaster trim wall must be covered with a special primer with quartz sand.When it comes to brand Ceresit products, then this primer is the name of ST16 and serves not only to increase the adhesion, but also for the preservation of rough plaster on the autumn-winter period.

Speaking of the time of year - applied plaster woodworm best in spring or autumn, when there is extreme heat.Fast drying solution also leads to browsing sites docking.

Now the process itself, it is not very difficult.Facade plaster woodworm applied to the wall with the help of an ordinary trowel and then pounded plastic falcon until the desired layer and the appearance of the desired structure.A layer of plaster is set small round pebbles that are in its original composition - rubbing the plaster on the wall, you have to feel how these stones rub against the wall.Speaking of pebbles: the bark beetle is distinguished by grain - organizing groove stones can vary in size from 2.5mm to 4.5mm.This nuance is also necessary to pay attention when choosing a dry mixture - usually grainy plaster woodworm indicated on the packaging.

now about the nuances of how to apply the plaster pitted his hands.Almost all finishing materials of this type are applied to planes.What does it mean?Namely that if set about finishing one wall, it is necessary to finish the whole entirely.And not the other way - otherwise you will get to browse the joints, how would you have them or subsequently tried to paint.In general, to do with the angle of the two sides would be wrong.

Unlike his kinsman acrylic, dry plaster woodworm does not require tinting - to give it the desired shade apply a special exterior paint.After drying pitted plaster (usually it's 24 hours, it all depends on weather conditions), the paint is applied to the surface of a roller or by spraying.With experience painting problems should not - however, if you decide to allocate the color of any elements of the facade, you will need masking tape and the ability to precisely his stick.

decorative plaster woodworm technology application

Decorative plaster coating woodworm technology

pitted plaster: the price of the work and

And finally a few figures characterizing plaster pitted as one of the most inexpensive ways to ennoble the facade of his house.It should be decorative plaster woodworm near $ 15 a bag, which, by the way, depending on the faction, enough for about 6-8 sqmThe cost of works on application of bark varies from $ 8-10 for the same square meter.So you have all the chances to save a decent amount of money, fully master the technology of application of the plaster, and at the same time learn something new.

Vladimir Belov

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