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August 12, 2017 18:07

9 circuits correct connection voltage relay

Relay control voltage on the phases allows you to instantly turn off the electricity after counter in case of emergency - power-line surges.This device is used both in single-phase and three-phase mains electricity for consumer protection from failure.Next we look at the templates voltage relay connection to the housing panel.

So simple circuit layout leads from the opening of the circuit breaker in the apartment to the voltage monitoring relay is as follows: Typical project adherence to the single-phase power supply Connecting DigiTOP

In this case, a network of single-phase (220 V) and the load is not more than 7 kW, therefore, not further need to connect a magnetic contactorcontactor or dIN rail mounting.If the load is more than 7 kW, it is advisable to connect via the starter as shown in the second circuit connecting the relay RN-113: Wiring the RN- 113

immediately draw your attention to the fact that there must be an RCD in addition to the network of the overvoltage protection device in the control panel orEmergency circuit breakers to protect the inhabitants of the house from the leakage currents, which may cause electric shock to persons.Schematic diagram of the connection voltage switch and RCD (or Emergency circuit breakers) looks like this:

Full wiring in a home with a draft protection ZUBR Connection RN- 111M contactor is 220 V

If you have a private house a three-phase network of 380 volts, the safety device connection can be made for one of two schemes: Separation of the phases Total protection of three-phase mains overvoltage

first recommended in the case if the house is no three-phase consumers - a strong electric stove or boiler on 380 V. If you are using a 3-phase motors, it is necessary to protect their respective voltage relay, for example, RNPP-311 or ILV 3-14-08, whose scheme we will provide: ILV 3-14-08 Connecting RNPP- 311

addition, be sure to check with the video lessons, which lucidly explained the whole process of installation:

Proper connection of the device to the network
YouTube Preview
Using a cross-module
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As you can see, in both cases there is an additional magnetic switch, which allows you to switch high loads (more than 7 kW).In addition, the actuator allows remote control of protection that makes the voltage relay wiring diagram is very convenient!