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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to connect your home theater to the TV?

technique perfected with each passing year more and more.Previously, the receiver can be connected to the screen via RGB cable, then today more appropriate to use the connection via HDMI.Next we will talk about how to connect your home theater to a TV that was sound and video, asmany difficulties arise in this process (for example, can not select a suitable cable from several options).

Modern appliances So you bought a new home theater system, consisting of a DVD-player, the receiver and speaker system (usually 5.1).Now, to enjoy the view, you need to connect all the cords into a single system.How to do it?Quite simply, the right thing to connect the connectors on the lettered and colored markings.

Instructions for connecting the home theater to a TV as follows:

  1. Operating diagram included with the devices.It is best to focus on the way the wiring harness, which is recommended by the manufacturer.If the scheme is not or is not clear to you, it can focus on the simplest version provided below.Transparent scheme of connection of the system components
  2. determine which connectors are on the back of the receiver and the TV (like in the photo).In modern models use an HDMI connector to a legacy - a component (RGB), S-Video or SCART.Preference should be given to the first embodiment, sincein this case, the transmission quality is the highest image.Standard connectors on the rear panel
  3. display images on the screen.To do this, attach the connector «OUT» to the receiver «IN» TV one of the selected methods (for example, HDMI OUT - HDMI IN or MONITOR OUT - MONITOR IN).The wires are usually included.If no HDMI connector, you need to connect to the cinema screen tulips.
  4. output sound to the speakers.To do this, use the optical (OPTICAL), coaxial (COAXIAL) cable, or over the famous "tulip» (RCA).It is necessary to «OUT» connector to connect your TV to the «IN» receiver (for example, OPTICAL OUT - OPTICAL IN).It is best to carry out the home theater to connect to a TV via an optical cable.
  5. to satellite receiver, attach the speaker system.On the rear panel you can find such inscriptions as: FRONT / CENTER / SURROUND / SUBWOOFER, which consequently means - front, center, surround speakers and subwoofer.According to the color-coded wires, and the symbol "+" and "-" must be connected contacts the exposed threaded or push method (depending on which is present).Clamps contacts on the receiver
  6. Installing speakers home theater at selected locations.As a rule, are located on the front sides of the screen, the center - below or above the viewing area of ​​the rear behind.Installation location of the subwoofer can be arbitrary, but it is best to place the device on the floor next to the screen, as shown in the picture.Proper placement of the speakers
  7. TV hung on the wall (or a small place on the bedside table).Hanging on a wall screen
  8. you to connect it to the power and check the correct installation by running a movie from your home collection or television program (or at least check the column).Sound and video should be no interference.Results of work

So you can connect your home theater to a TV that was the sound and video.The whole essence of the connection, you can also see in an object lesson:
Video tutorial on connecting a home theater with their hands
YouTube Preview

Please note that the speakers can be used as a speaker system to watch the usual channels.Of course, the stereo can not be, but it's clearly better than the feeble dynamics of the TV device.


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