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August 12, 2017 18:06

Panel of tiles in the bathroom : ceramic , mirror , photo panel with his own hands

Panel of tiles in the bathroom
  • Species materials
    • From tile
    • of granite
    • From wall panels
    • From mozaki
  • determines the size
    • Large bathroom
    • small bathroom
    • Photopanel
    • Mirror
  • wall Mount Panel
  • with their hands out pieces of tile

it so happens that the bathroom design laid out, it would seem, to the last detail, but something did not seem enough.There are many ways on how to make the interior of the missing flavor.One such method - a panel of tiles for the bathroom.Enough for him to release one of the walls in the bathroom and the room definitely will play in a new way.

You can buy ready-tiled panels, which have a great variety of stores, but you can try to make it yourself.Learn more about the types and characteristics of the decor elements will be discussed in this article.

Species materials

For the production of panels used mainly the same materials as for the walls in the bathroom.Consider the most popular solutions.

Panels red flowers in the bathroom

From tile

This is perhaps the most common variant.Ceramics has won the love of customers, due to its low cost and the huge variety of colors and textures.In addition, this material is ideal for rooms with high humidity levels.The disadvantage of the tile can be considered its low strength.However, in order to damage the ceramic panel, you will have to make some efforts, for example, hit it with some heavy object.

Panel of tiles in the bathroom

of granite

For adherents of the natural style of the interior is perfect panels of granite.Porcelain plates are often an imitation of rock.This is a heavy, durable material that looks really solidly.The price of such a panel will be slightly higher than panels made of tile, but it will serve you for so long that it may have time to get bored.

The panel in the bathroom of granite

From wall panels

For those whose tastes are fickle, "like the wind in May," it is - the most appropriate option.Such panels can be set up and dismantled very quickly, so you can update the interior as soon as you see fit.Moreover, they are quite inexpensive.Manufactures wall panels made of wooden planks or plastic.

Decorative wall panels bathroom

From mozaki

most creative personalities will certainly appreciate the mural mosaic.It represents a small plitochki variety of materials attached to the metal grid.For the production of such a mosaic using ceramic, natural stone rocks, artificial stone, glass, plastic, smalt.Elements of the mosaic can be placed in a random order, creating their own unique designs.

Panels made of mosaics in the bathroom
Panels made of mosaics in the bathroom
Panels made of mosaics in the bathroom


size Determine the size of the panels in the bathroom, it is important to observe the correct proportions.A key role is played here by the dimensions of the room, on them you need to navigate.

Panels of glass mosaic

Large bathroom

The large bathroom small panels could be lost because in this case it is better to allocate a whole wall panels, and can be two.In the spacious rooms you are not restricted in the choice of images.It can be a picture of your favorite artist, exotic landscape, abstraction, or your photo (the creation of photo panels will be discussed below).You can even find a panel with protruding three-dimensional parts, reminiscent of ancient bas-reliefs.

Panels in the large bathroom
Panels made of small tiles
Panels for small bathrooms

small bathroom

In a small bath panels may occupy only part of the wall.If it is too large, the room will appear visually even less, to the same, there will be "oppressive" feeling.Owners of small rooms is better to opt for a "plotless" images: Fine abstract patterns, landscapes, creating the prospect of, in general, on these figures, which will help to visually enlarge the space.

size tile or tiles should also be selected according to the size of a bathroom. The spacious room, the larger must be tiles.The same goes for the figure: for large bathrooms have to choose a larger picture, and vice versa.The exception may be a light pattern that does not create clutter effect.

Panels made of mosaics in the bathroom


services for the creation of photo panels of wall tiles appeared relatively recently.The special technology of production of such panels allows to put on the tiles of the image, which do not lose their own kind, that is, do not fade for 50 years.Image can not be erased or scratched.However, the most important advantage of this technology is that it allows you to decorate your bathroom absolutely any image.

Digital mosaic in the bathroom

you can choose for this purpose a favorite painting, a child's drawing, own photo - yes anything!Particularly well be watching your family pictures, brought from summer vacation in southern countries.Also, using the panels, you can create an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

obtain your photo panel is quite simple in its bathroom.

  • To begin, select the image. Consider your decision carefully, because you will enjoy it every day.Resolution image should be as high as possible.
  • defined the picture, you can go shopping for tiles. Buy at least with the minimum reserve!
  • Next, find the company which is engaged in printing the image on the tile. It will help you "fit" your drawing under the future size of the panel.A few days later take away the result.Everything else is done for you!
Photo tiles in the interior of a bathroom
Photopanel forest

For the curious reader will try to briefly describe the technology to create photo panel on the tile:

  • image printed on special paper, the appropriate format;
  • lacquer coated printed image;
  • paper is moistened and put it on the tile;
  • calcined in a muffle furnace tile, whereby the paper is completely burned, and the pattern remains on the tile.
Photo panel on the bathroom tiles of different sizes


Another no less interesting version of the decor - mirroring panels.It is not only beautiful, but also functional solution.In addition to its primary function, the room mirror adds light and a certain "lightness".Mirror panels is a wall drawing, collected from different in form, but specially selected to each other pieces of the mirror paintings.As decoration, you can use the tiles - ceramic, glass, stone and others.

Mirrored panels in the bathroom

Create a mural on their own is very difficult, because it requires special tools for cutting of mirrors plus a precise calculation.There are many companies that provide such services.Cost of the work there is quite high, as in the production process is activated several persons of different specialties.

Option mirrored panels in the bathroom
  • First you together with the designer, has developed a sketch of the future panels.At this stage, you define its size, shape, pattern, color and number of fragments.
  • on technological stage mirror cloth is cut into appropriate pieces, which are then ground and polished.
  • Then do facet - cut along the edge of the decorative mirrors.
  • then produce all the elements fit panels and numbered them.
  • At the final stage, the extra decoration pieces - they are applied patterns, matting coating, etc.

Mounting on

wall In order to establish that the finished mural on the wall, you can turn to professionals, but you can do it yourself.Laying panels is fundamentally no different from laying ordinary tiles.The only caveat is that all the elements of a panel are numbered, and the numbering of this must be followed carefully.

Assembling mosaic panel
  • first preparation is carried out of the walls: remove old paint, the walls are leveled and primed.
  • After the walls dry out, they applied markings, which will be posted on the tile.We are using a builder's level and a pencil.
  • Then you need to dilute the adhesive designed specifically for the tile.All the proportions indicated in the instructions.To achieve a smooth consistency is possible, if the composition of vymeshivat drill.
  • Now you can proceed directly to the installation.The work starts from the second row from the bottom.Apply glue to the wall with a spatula and pressed tiles, you need to press is not much, otherwise it will crack.Remove excess adhesive with a piece of soft cloth.
  • distance between the tiles is adjustable by means of special plastic crosses.It should be no more than a few millimeters.During operation, do not forget to check exactly whether the rows are laid.
  • When the glue is dry, and the tiles firmly in place on the wall, you can begin grouting.Color composition is chosen based on their notions of style and beauty.Grout can be merged with a pattern, and can appear in stark contrast.
photo tiles Laying
Mounting the panels on the wall in the bathroom
Variants of wall and floor panels in the bathroom

boxes with their hands out pieces of tile

If you are not welcome ready-made solutions and prefer a creative approach, try to make a mural in the bathroomindependently.The easiest way to make a mosaic tile pieces.To do this you need the pieces of tile and ceramic tableware, decorative stones, beads, shells, and the like.

Self- stacking panels in the bathroom

tile shards can search for friends, but you can go to the nearest hardware store.There they are sold for a knockdown price, or even give free.

Panels made of tile fragments

Prepare the area for work.Better to do it on the floor previously laid out his cardboard or old newspapers.Arm hammer and smash the tiles into smaller parts.If you already imagine what will be shown on your panel, try to make pieces corresponding contours using emery.

The panel in the bathroom from tile fragments

If you still have not decided on the design, play with the items, placing them in a different order, you may be able to see in the mosaic of separate fragments something unexpected.

Option panel for the bathroom , made ​​with his own hands

finished with a pattern on the floor, you can begin to carry it on the wall.This can be done directly by pasting fragments of the wall one by one, or build a mosaic on a piece of cardboard, and then mount it on the wall, pre-coated with lacquer.For this work you need to use the tile adhesive.