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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a greenhouse or a greenhouse with their hands out of the window frames

If you have your own piece of land, that have their own, albeit a small greenhouse, greenhouse or better, it is necessary - I you how cottager with experience talking.It is useful for growing certain crops if the spring will be late or delayed at all, as so often happens in our Northwestern District.In order not to depend on the vagaries of the weather and not have to worry about the future harvest, seedlings are grown in greenhouses it.

The easiest way to make a greenhouse or a greenhouse with their hands, which is available beginning summer residents - build it from the window frames.Very often, to cover greenhouses gardeners use plastic wrap.But the window frame - it is also a glass, but it is better at trapping heat and transmits light than film.Spring is especially important, because the days are not as long as in the summer.And the reliability of the film has its limits.

What you need to know about building a greenhouse / hothouse on

cottage During the construction of greenhouses and greenhouse guided not only by the need to free space on your country site, but also the size of the existing window frames.You can, of course, order a plastic window frame, but then need to take care of the appropriate mounts.We believe that we already have a wooden frame b / y.

If the frame is long, it can be used as a single upper sash, actually I did, when I used the old frame of the loggia.In the presence of short frames can be set across a total greenhouse frame, and then get a few opening lids.Therefore, everyone decides for himself how it is more convenient to do.

Greenhouse of the window frames

Now you need to decide and the hull itself.If the greenhouse is operated for many years, and place it under a different time of the year, except in spring, it will not be used, it is best to do a major greenhouse.This means that his body better to lay brick.The upper part - the cover of the window frames can be made in a removable version for the winter clean up.If you can not make the body of the stone, it is made of a conventional board.

Greenhouse can be made as to the top of the slope to one side, and on the two.In the latter case in the middle need to provide stacking ridge beam.The slope of the upper surface of the need to ensure that it does not accumulate in the water (in the rain).If the slope is only one, you should orient the greenhouse so that the top of the slope, he was sent to the other side, where most of the day is the sun, then the seedlings and vegetables you will grow soon.

If the window frames a lot, it is possible, and even necessary one to do well and the greenhouse frame.The main thing - then gently work so as not to break the side windows.This greenhouse is the most preferred because it is the "light" version, and therefore the landing will germinate and grow better.

Greenhouse - of - window - frames

Particular attention should be paid to the tightness of the whole structure.Securely fasten all, tie, shoot down - that's not all.It is necessary to carefully close up all the grooves and crevices.For this purpose, various putties, sealants.The task - to completely isolate the internal space from the environment.Just need to think about backups for the top "door".They should hold open windows while working with plants.

When installing a greenhouse is necessary, if possible, choose a place that is protected from the winds.The presence of a number of water sources must also be provided.As an option - to make the greenhouse as a continuation of some buildings in the area.If the frame is made of wood, you should take care about protection boards from rotting.Under the bottom is laid roofing and board themselves (lower part) would be good prosmolit - then serve as a framework for a long time.However, if the greenhouse make for a long time - make the base of the brick.My greenhouse is already 6 years old, and will stay on for at least as much, delighting family fresh vegetables in March.

To make it easier to understand the whole principle of building the greenhouse, see video: