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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose a gas column of hot water to your home?

1_gazkolonka at different sites placed numerous articles on the topic of choice of the gas column - but as a rule, they all start to get acquainted with the device of this appliance in the hope that the consumer will be able to think through some things on their own.We will not burden the reader with a description of all the design features of these products, as many of them will simply not clear, and hardly ever such specific knowledge will be useful.

Suffice it to say that the domestic gas water heaters - not that other, as instantaneous water heaters, automatic equipment which can operate either by e-mail / network or offline.Naturally, as the "fuel" used gas and water should be supplied under a certain pressure.We suggest to approach this issue from a practical point of view and assess not what a column is better, and what are the criteria to choose a model that is best suited for our house.


Any column 1 the draw point is sure to provide hot water.And if at the same time will open valves on the two (for example, in the kitchen and in the bathroom)?To understand the work of a particular feature of the model, you need to ask her power in "kW".

This question is often confusion.The fact that there is a concept of power "consumption" and "thermal".We should be interested in the latest feature, as the first "speaks" about how much e / energy expended to ensure the device works.

Instantaneous gas water heaters are divided into classes:

  • of 28 or more (high power) - more than 2 points of analysis;
  • 19 -28 (average).It can work on 1 or 2 of the crane;
  • of 19 or less (small) - usually only for one point.

Note that any unit is guaranteed to run for a lifetime, if it is not always "loaded" to the limit.In addition, it plays a role and efficiency of the product (85 - 90%).Therefore, power must be selected with some margin, about increasing computational 1/3.


minimum pressure in the water

One device protection circuitry provides automatic overlap of gas pipeline (slam-shut valve) and stop speakers work by lowering the pressure in the pipe more than acceptable for this model.With such a problem, as a rule, property owners are facing apartments on the upper floors, the owners of country houses that do not have an autonomous water supply system.This indicator is very important, otherwise the speaker or not at all will be "run", or will stop periodically.

If all other parameters needs as well as possible, we can give such a recommendation - optional install on the pipe (to the device), the pump increases the pressure of the fluid.Some models are able to "bump" it to 25 - 30%.Performance


Even for the same wattage heating columns can provide different amounts of fluids ( "L") to the number NN degrees per unit time (for columns is 1 min).This is due to structural and performance characteristics of the component.Performance is indicated by «Δt 0C" symbol.

gas circuit

This parameter is correlated with power, and this should be taken into account.Here are some indicative data showing a flow for what purpose is the optimal:

  • mixer in the kitchen - about 3.5 liters / min;
  • shower - about 8.

If you are primarily interested in the performance of the device, it is necessary to it and navigate.In this case, the required power is calculated as follows:

V x (t1 - t2) / 14,3


necessary to simultaneously provide the water (hot) 2 points.Flow in the kitchen - 3, showering - 7, the total (V) - 10 (l / min).At column inlet water temperature 5 0C (t1), output - 50 0C (t2).

Get 10 x 45: 14.3 = 31.5 (kW) .And if you increase the rate at 1/3, you get about 40. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a column with a capacity of approx.

But in practice, we have never at the same time, and for a long time, will not "work" 2 parsing point.Therefore, the product can be taken with less power.Practice shows that the intermittent operation of the crane 2 only if it was at least 20 - 24 kW.

ignition system

pezorozzhigom speakers What are they?

  • Electric.Spark is supplied to the igniter automatically, simultaneously with the opening draw-off valve.Food - from e-mail / network or from batteries (cylindrical, for manual torch), established under the cover of the column.
  • Piezo.When water flow through the column a spark occurs when the button is pressed (manual control).Sometimes it is very inconvenient, so you need to consider where exactly (in the house) will be installed the device.
  • «Hydro Power».Ignition is automatic, with the spark gives micro-turbine.But there is a drawback of such a system.Compared with the first two for the firing operation requires more water pressure (the minimum is about 2.5 times).It is this limited to the possibility of exploitation of these models.

power adjustment

  • Step.
  • Smooth.

The two types of regulation has a significant disadvantage - the likelihood of temperature jump at a pressure drop.For example, in a parallel flow of cold water in the pipe (cold-water tap opening in the adjacent room, the sink in the toilet).But it is not so significant, although some people it considers.

  • Automatic.These speakers have a burner flame modulation.It is enough to set the desired temperature at the exit, and the maintenance of its value at the same level - automation task, without user intervention.



main schemes are to ensure safety at the flame failure, overheating of the coolant, the absence of traction, the critical value of the water pressure.Although there may be a number of additional, depending on the model.


This is - at the Buyer's discretion.Some cost a minimum, someone required "bells and whistles".Therefore, there are no specific recommendations.But another concern is - the smaller electronics, the less likely event of a breakdown.This practice is checked.

consider what else to look for when choosing speakers:

the presence / support

This fully applies not only to imported products, but also domestic.If in the locality there is the specialized center, you will have problems not only with the service as the repair.With regard to foreign-made products, such a structure should be authorized.Otherwise, the repair will be endlessly delayed timing, and any parts (and, consequently, the service recovery device performance) will cost several times more expensive.After all, if "service" no direct connection with manufacturers, even in warehouses and little there, and master the necessary details or acquire from dealers, or bought in other cities.No need to explain how to increase the price of goods purchased on the "chain".


That's about it, few people think, so you should explain in more detail.In many of our homes there are still household appliances made in the days of the "Soviet power" (for example, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners), and they work perfectly.Modern same manufacturer is not profitable (and that's a fact!), As the longer the work equipment, the less people buy new models.That is why there is a tendency that after a couple of years of use (and even earlier) in need of repair.Therefore:

  • need not be lazy and talk with professionals (in the same service center) that in this model often fails.Then it will be possible to buy with it a couple of most replacement parts (reserve);
  • special attention - the number of nodes, made of plastic.It is clear that in many respects these structural elements for inferior service life "metal", wear faster.

operation possible in our conditions

Not all imported gas columns are adapted to them.Many models fail when surges (which is not uncommon for us), are sensitive to the pressure of water, gas reducer configured "wrong" and the like.It is necessary to immediately determine at what value the pressure of the "blue" fuel in the line unit will operate stably.

Analysis of the information shows that the choice of an optimal model of a gas column must be strictly individual, based on the characteristics of operation of the device - the specifics of utilities, family structure, habits of its members and so on.