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August 12, 2017 18:06

What and how Stroebe brick or concrete walls at the wiring , tips and videos

In the process of repair of an apartment, and sometimes and after the purchase of a new residential unit, it is necessary to make relaying or existing wiring in the room, or make the installation of a new "line".In modern homes, and not only in high-rise buildings, mainly used wiring concealed type.The wires are placed in special Stroebe (channels), and they are plastered on top.Therefore, the question of how and what Stroebe wall, there is a constant.

Brick and concrete wall

If the brick wall there any difficulties can not be.All bricks are bonded together with cement mortar.When you can easily layer in the solution of the ordinary means of a chisel and hammer to make a recess, which then lay the wire or cable.In the horizontal direction there are no difficulties.In preparing the vertical part Stroebe have to face the fact that a straight line is not.

'll have to do some cutting grooves or turns punching brick.Silicate bricks "processed" is easy, and the "red" can accurately pass.Especially that kind of masonry can be different, so you can proshtrobit brick wall without the use of power tools.

Stroebe grinder

Another thing concrete wall.It has high strength, and if applied to use it again, a chisel and a hammer, the wire laying is delayed for a long time.Naturally, other methods must be used.There is such a tool, as a wall chaser.It allows to perform cutting grooves required width and depth of virtually any material.But given its price, it makes no sense to spend so much money to use it for domestic purposes.It is better to use more common at home power tools.But first, some of the rules shtrobirovaniya.

How Stroebe

  1. wiring is laid at a distance of 15 - 20 cm from the ceiling.Therefore, if the decision to hold a new "thread" parallel to the old one, then you need to drop it a little, so as not to damage the previously paved;
  2. wires are laid only in two directions: horizontal and vertical.It is forbidden to lay a diagonal wire, zigzag, etc .;
  3. if the plane has a slope (eg, attic, which has a roof and walls), the wire is placed parallel to the interface;
  4. forbidden to do great depth Stroebe (for example, under the cable, thick cable) to the support structure design elements;
  5. distance between the cutting grooves and gas pipe must be at least 40 cm.

Council.After cutting grooves prepared, you need to make it a drawing (sketch pads scheme).This will come in handy in the future.After all, something forgettable, and the regular repair or remodeling may damage the wiring.

The Stroebe wall


This method of laying Stroebe is quite effective, but it is desirable to use it only as a last resort, if the wall is very solid.Or how to "help" when working with another tool.Reason: Bulgarian creates a lot of dust.However, there are Bulgarians with a vacuum cleaner, but considering the diameter of the circle, it is clear that it will not be able to do anything in the corners of the room.Therefore, these places need to go with a different tool.

a Punch

Shtrobirovanie wall puncher good to do in the event that they are plastered and plaster coat is thick enough to hide the wires in it.Otherwise, without the help of the Bulgarian hardly be able to pass the wall.Hammer used in different ways:

  • possible along the intended line nasverlit holes, which are then using a chisel and hammer gradually interconnect.The holes should be located as close as possible to each other;
  • can buy a special nozzle shtrobleniya.

Stroebe puncher

As a rule, a single tool to do the job fails.So the main thing - to be able to "combine", depending on the condition of a particular section of the wall.