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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of the shower with his hands - the procedure works , video instruction

should make a reservation that it is better not to buy products from China.Not only is the quality of "not very", so also the "quality" itself assembly instructions - also "not quite."And that's putting it mildly.We'll have to use all your ingenuity and imagination to strain to make sense of this translation into Russian.But to fully understand all the same will not work.Therefore, to explain in detail how to installing any shower stall that is not too difficult and it can be done with their own hands.

Components and assembly of booths

technology of this work may be slightly different for the booths of various designs and different manufacturers, in fact as in the case of acrylic baths, which we have already spoken.After all, there are more than a simple cabin, and there are a whole set of additional functions.But in general, the order of assembly for all virtually identical.Before you get started, you need to understand, from what is the main parts of this cabin.

So this:

  • pan with a special leveling frame;
  • rear panel and side panel (if applicable);
  • cap (ceiling);
  • door (or doors).

device should be understood that all the cabins have different equipment.There are modifications in which no wall.These cabins are set in the corner of the room - it was the wall of the room, and will play the role of "sides".

With this construction, the tray is attached to the wall, and it is better to do it by means of anchor bolts.Those who are already faced with the assembly of shower enclosures, it is recommended (if possible) to hold first "training" assembly.This idea is quite robust - in this assembly will be to understand the whole structure in the installation procedure, and at the same time to check whether all the necessary components in stock.

happens so often that something is missing, but something does not fit, and you have something or not buy, or to change the product in the store to another.At the same time it will be possible "live" to see which has the dimensions of the cabin.This will help to more accurately determine the location and installation, and the position (orientation) most cab in the room.

To install

all work starts from the pallet unit.The main thing - to fix his legs properly.After this connection is made, "plum".Discharge pipe to the sewer should be laid so that, on the one hand, it was for the opportunity to be seen, and on the other, that there was easy access for maintenance (cleaning) of the pipe.

Therefore it is necessary to provide a special hole, as is done in the sewer pipes.But this, of course, unless you use the corrugations.Next, using the spirit level must be leveled tray.His legs have a limit adjustment, so unscrewing - screwing them, you need to get the absolute alignment of the pallet relative to the plane of the horizon.

should be understood that if the pallet will have at least a small, even invisible, skewed, it has collected the car will look like, respectively.The door just will not be tightly closed, and the presence of cracks is guaranteed.

primarily after the end of the pallet, experts recommend to install a back wall.Bracing may be different, but one rule for all - a good sealing of the rear wall of the junction and the pallet.If this is not done, while taking a shower around the cabin, on the floor of the room, there will always be water.Pleasant, of course, this is nothing.By the way, the same applies to the fixing of the side walls.All well is sealed.The large variety of different stores sealants, including color.

pallet plant install pallet

Best of all, after the rear wall fixing to do the installation of water supply system.It is more convenient to use flexible hoses, and to buy a slightly larger length than necessary.The stock can not hurt.When installing water elements also need to pay attention to the quality and integrity of all connections.

Many cabins are composed of hydro-massage, steam generator.For such booths require a power line.It is carried out necessarily using a separate circuit breaker.And we should not forget the ground.If

for private homes is not a difficult problem, for residents of high-rise buildings - a sore point.After in apartments on the project until recently was "approached" only the phase and zero, and no land.Therefore, this issue should be necessarily solved.We must remember that the shower (many of them) - is electricity and water in one place!So ignore the security issues is clearly not worth it.

roof is set on the last stage of assembly.Again, apply the sealant.And finally, the door and the accompanying accessories.After assembly, check the cab operation in all modes, with all the features.


required water pressure

Before buying a cabin, it is necessary to clarify the issue, and the water pressure is sufficient if that is present in the room?Especially if it's one of the top floors of high-rise houses, where, as we know, the water pressure is not always at a height - pun left.You may have to buy, and even something extra (pump capacity).

Incidentally, it was on the water pressure and the need to focus, choosing to buy a particular model.It may be that in a particular apartment cabin will not be able to work in all possible modes, with all the available options.