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August 12, 2017 18:06

We provide hot water in the pool

We provide hot water in the pool

After the construction of the swimming pool in the yard, in the country is necessary to ensure the maintenance of a comfortable temperature at a specific time and can be done with his own hands in the basin of hot water for this.

for tempering any suitable temperature, but if you're not a "walrus", it should be 25-28 degrees.In the summer in the hot water warms themselves.

In the cooler months it is heated special furnaces.Pools often have a large volume, so you will need a lot of energy.

to make rational use of energy, it is important to choose the right device.


  • Why do you need hot water?
  • methods of heating water in the pool
    • heating coil
    • Circular pump
    • Solar heating
    • heat savings
    • heating fuel boilers

Why do you need hot water?

summer are not always bright and warm days.The cloudy water is not warming up time to a comfortable temperature.If the pool is arranged in a room, the sun's rays do not reach the water.

This is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure to splash in the water.Pool should not depend on the weather, so you should install special equipment that will heat the water.


This can be done by hand.

heating devices will make it possible to achieve several goals:

  • can swim at any time of the day in the pool;
  • water temperature is adjusted according to the wishes of bathers;
  • swimming season is extended for a few months.

different devices can be used for heating water.If the house has a water heating system, you can install the boiler with his hands.

Alternatively, you can use the sewers, running from the sun, heat pump, fireplace, which is inserted into a heat exchanger.Optionally, you can combine a number of ways.

question than warm water, need to be addressed at the stage of building a swimming pool.It is important to calculate the thermal structure of the balance of how much will need hot water, climatic conditions.

only after the analysis of all the components needed to make a choice in favor of a heater.

methods of heating water in the pool

water heating can be done in several ways.Let us examine them in more detail, to make a more suitable option.

heating coil

To warm the water in the pool, you can own hands to construct a heat exchanger.According to it, and the hot water flowing through the pipes, laid along the walls of the pool, heat the contents.

exchanger should be made of stainless steel or titanium, to withstand corrosion.

The heat exchanger for heating water

case itself, which is in contact only with the heat carrier can be made of cheaper metal.It is also possible to use plastic.

heat exchanger can be made as part of a separate circulation circuit.So it will not depend on the health of all components of the water system, heating.

Make it your own hands not hard.Pipelines through which hot water is supplied to the heat exchanger and from it, to be connected to distribution collectors.

Circular pump

better to install a circulation pump to achieve full autonomy.Water for the pool is specially prepared, cleaned and disinfected.

All fluid that is in the basin passes through during circulation circuit where it is heated to a certain temperature.

Thus, a complete cycle of water passes several times a day.Such a system can be constructed with their own hands.

Using such a system, you should definitely install two filters.They will produce a pre-cleaning and main.

should also be a pump, control valve, dosing of chemicals, which will disinfect the water.

water is heated only once to be filtered, but the disinfection is carried out after heating.This is to ensure that chemicals do not affect the heater.With

valve can regulate the heating element.Thus, it is possible to abandon water filtration, if it is of good quality.


Thus will be energy saving, which is spent on the filter performance.

The water in the pool is heated in several stages.The first phase - a liquid heating to a comfortable temperature.The remaining steps of - maintaining the temperature in the entire bowl.

heater power will vary depending on what the water temperature.What it is lower, the higher the capacity will be.

Solar heating

Heat the water in the pool with their own hands can be almost free of charge, except for expenditure on plant construction.When water is heated by such a system is not being used electrical power.

water heating devices are mounted on the base of solar collectors.

In single-loop structures to heat water is applied directly to the collector.Such installations are used for heating the water when the air temperature is above 0 degrees.

If the temperature drops to below zero, the system is damaged, as water in the system will freeze.

Solar thermal system for swimming pool

Such systems it is advisable to install in the country, which only come to live in the summer.
two circuits can be used year-round in any temperature.

system will not freeze during the cold, as the collector passes through the antifreeze.That he does not give the water to freeze.

In this setting, the heat collecting circuit is separated from the intake circuit.If the house is completely provided with energy from this system, the pool will also consume it.

to heat the water in the pool with the help of dual-solar heat exchanger is connected to the storage tank.It must be made of high quality stainless steel.

Thus, the main heat generator will run much less energy, respectively, will spend less.

solar systems can be built on the basis of vacuum and flat collectors.They are based on the installation of a number of copper tubes.

If the water is treated with chemicals, then this system will not work.

to heat the water in the pool, you can do the installation on the basis of plastic solar collectors.

structure may be any type: a flat, a series of tubes.The material most commonly used polyethylene or polypropylene, after which it was dyed black.

This material is suitable for use in a flowing mode designs.

Solar systems with plastic collectors are not suitable for use in the cold season, unlike vacuum or flat.


large amount of heat is lost without glazing and heat water very hard at a low temperature.

If you plan to use the pool during the warmer months, these settings will be very handy.
solar collectors it is advisable to heat the water in combination with a heat pump.

Thus, when the temperature drops below zero, the solar thermal system is switched off and the pump is connected.

heat savings

heat of water depends on the heat losses of the pool.They are the result of a number of processes: conduction, convection, evaporation of water from the surface.

At a time when the steam is formed, heat is absorbed.Therefore, water must be added periodically, and that it was not cold, it should be warm.

To reduce heat loss, it is necessary to close the surface of the pool, if it no one uses.

To do this, you can equip a special coating of a polymer material.

can pull a special louvres.There are transparent coatings.They miss the rays of the sun to the water, so that it heats up.But the heat of the pool does not go away, the water stays warm for a long time.

To conserve heat in the pool, you need to choose wisely the lining inside the pool.Colour coating does not reflect the rays of the sun and absorb them.


If the pool is indoors, a coating for water it does not hurt.After evaporation of water affects not only temperature but also humidity, the movement around the pool.

It will help keep the heat insulation of the water bowl.

heating fuel boilers

If the home is no gas supply, and there is no possibility to install expensive equipment or solar panels, it is an option - to heat water using fuel boilers.

Such furnaces are working on fuel oil, wood and other fuels.

water in boilers heated by various methods:

  • boiler heat exchanger, which in turn heats the water;
  • water warms propulsive way in the boiler;
  • water is heated in the oven, after which it is poured into the pool.

Before installing such boiler with his hands, to do calculations to create a project, to ensure fire safety.