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August 12, 2017 18:06

Work on the plastered walls under the wallpaper

Work on the plastered walls under the wallpaper

important stage in the decoration of the room - it Shpatlevanie walls under the wallpaper or paint.

How correctly and efficiently will be performed this work, new walls will be long enough to please you, it is especially important if all the repairs you're doing with your hands.

shpatlevanija main task - to make a perfectly smooth wall.

It does not matter what material is used to make the walls of concrete, gypsum boards, bricks and so on.


  • Types of fillings
  • What tools are needed for the job?
  • Preparations
  • Plastered walls for painting,
  • wallpaper How to align the angles using putty?
  • solution coating technology
  • Putty ceiling

Types of fillings

Choice filler - an important step to directly practical part.Usually plaster is a dry powder that is diluted with water to the desired consistency.

Also, it can be represented in the form of ready-made creamy (liquid).The second type, unlike the first, already ready for use, it must not be diluted.

There are plaster and cement putty.Gypsum is used for finishing the inside of premises for wallpaper or paint, and the cement for the exterior.

But because the cement plaster has the property as the humidity, often the choice stops on it for construction work in the bathrooms.

also different kinds of fillers like vysokozernistye, they are used for leveling walls, they have properties such as strength and good adhesion, and fine-grained or finishing is used for the final surface preparation for subsequent work, using them creates a smooth surface.

Apply desirable both types, so make the choice here is inappropriate.

suggest you watch the video, which provides an overview of different fillers.


What type of filler is best to use, what to choose, if you spend working with your hands - there is no single answer.

As we can see, the types of fillers have their purpose - under the wallpaper, painting, to be applied to the surface of the ceiling, drywall, exterior walls.

Ready putty or a mixture of liquid, which must be diluted - what to choose, and you decide.

putty dries the same - about 36-48 hours, and use should be completely one and the other until it is completely dry, since the re-cultivation putty will be unusable.

However, regardless of which filler is selected you should observe one important rule - you can not mix different types of fillings or or different brands.

What tools are needed for the job?

matter under the wallpaper or paint the walls you are preparing for their alignment with their hands at least, that you need - it's deep penetrating primer, coarse and fine-grained putty.

But what - finished liquid or dry - the choice is yours.

Required tools

and the following tools:

  • spatulas, better if they work to select several different shapes and sizes;
  • rollers and brushes;
  • grinder grater;
  • sandpaper;
  • stationery knife;
  • level;
  • trapezoidal rule.

for dry mixtures - container for mixing, a drill with a special nozzle-mixer.

can certainly stir manually, but using a mixer, you can mix the putty is ideal to obtain a homogeneous lump-free mixture.


Before embarking Shpatlevanie own hands, it is necessary to prepare the wall.

And the first thing to do before lining the walls - it's clean them, tear the old wallpaper, remove paint or other finishes.Sandpaper to clean, align irregularities.

If the surface left many traces of the nails in the form of holes, the walls plastered.

When the surface to be cleaned, it is applied primer to protect against mold, fungi.

Primer - an indispensable element in the repair work.The primer is applied to not only an antibacterial purpose, it also improves the adhesion with the filler surface.

dries the primer did not last long, so it is better to make several layers.

In the video you can see the gradual preparation of the walls.


In conclusion serpyanku cause, it will increase the adhesion filler and the surface to which it is applied.

prepared the walls with his own hands to use on, in case you plan to plant powder, can proceed to the preparation of the working mixture.

As we said above, it is best to use a drill with paddle-mixer.For kneading you need room temperature water.

How to plant and how to properly - always indicated on the instructions that came with putty.Typically, in the following proportions: 1 kg of a dry mixture of 0.29 liters of water.

That is, a standard 25 kg package, you will need 5.5-6 liters of water.Try to raise the amount of the mixture, which you use at one time.

Plastered walls for painting, wallpaper

Non-woven, paper, vinyl and other types of wallpapers require a smooth surface of the walls, through to them stood out irregularities, roughness and other defects.

putty should begin from the left edge of the wall.In small portions with a spatula the composition is applied to the surface and rubbing angle of 30 degrees.

Applying the mix do overlap to get rid of express transitions.When applying putty with your hands, you can make vertical, horizontal and even circular motion.Damage

layer which must not be more than 3.2 mm, dries within 12 hours after it is treated with sandpaper.

The video shows a plot of the application process fillings.


To align the walls for painting, Shpatlevanie do likewise as a wallpaper, change only the angle of the application, it should be 60 degrees.

Since the paint is able to transmit to the smallest detail all the defects, for the treatment of the walls with sandpaper using its various types.

Do not forget, before the filler is required in several layers of primer.

Drywall Walls also require shpatlevanija, coating technology is no different from other shpatlevanija walls, but there are some nuances.

special attention to the joints sheets of drywall.

If you cook plasterboard walls for painting, then applying putty to the entire area is not necessarily because the sheets are already providing smooth wall surface.

drywall primer is required in any case before the filler.

How to properly prepare the walls of plasterboard, look at the following video.


Under wallpaper walls of plasterboard to be processed putty - just a thin layer capable of completely smooth the surface.

drywall sheets by changing the wallpaper may deteriorate if they are not treated with a protective layer in front of sticky putty, as they have a paper substrate.

How to align the angles using putty?

performing work with your hands, difficulties arise in the design of the corners, but not internal, but external.Apply the mixture should be using the perforated angle (kontrashults).

putty is applied to the protruding corner batted thickly.After the application is put perforated angle and pressed.

Excess putty, which appeared in the hole, once removed.The final formation of the angle made by a trapezoidal rule, when the putty dries a little.

coat dries quickly, so you need to have time to properly align the corner.


solution coating technology

So, the technology of applying putty on the wall next:

  • Before Shpatlevanie to the surface of the walls to be cleaned, align the small bumps, cracks;
  • In order antibacterial protection and an increase in the coupling before the filler is applied primer.
  • Caulking is applied from the corner, moving to the middle;
  • scoop putty spatula 15 cm and 45 cm is applied with a spatula. For this 45 centimeter spatula remove part of a 15 cm, trying to keep filler evenly spaced throughout the length of the metal part.Trowel applied to the wall at an angle and horizontal movements of the mixture is ground from the edge to the center.Spatula clean and again carried out at the place of stopper, removing the excess;
  • To avoid differences, overlapping layers are applied;
  • If there is a need to apply the putty in the middle, then the motion of the spatula should be strictly vertical, and the excess is removed in a circular (semicircular);
  • Before coating the walls with wallpaper, paint, plaster should be dry.Drying the applied layer, depending on the thickness, between 12 and 48 hours.

Putty ceiling

ceiling, like the surface of the wall, you also need to align the filler before it is applied to the paint, whitewash, ceiling tiles and other coverings.

application technology for the preparation of such mixtures ceiling same as in the preparation of the walls.The process begins with the work of the ceiling from the previous cleaning coatings.

sure to apply a primer to enhance grip and putty ceiling.

Which is better to use putty to the ceiling and how well the layers do depends on its structure, how smooth surface of the ceiling, what you plan to cover.

Shpatlevanie ceiling shown in the following video story.