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August 12, 2017 18:06

Principles for selecting the washing vacuum cleaner for home

Principles for selecting the washing vacuum cleaner for home

How to Choose the good washing vacuum cleaner for your home or apartment, if before you do not have to make such purchases - this theme will reveal in this article.

Cleaning cleaners differ from conventional in that they can not only suck up dust or debris, but also qualitatively wash floor.

And it listed only two basic functions of a number of existing ones, the presence of other characteristics, which the manufacturer gives the washing vacuum cleaners, depending on the product design, its purpose and value.

Having considered in detail some models of vacuum cleaners, at the end of the article, based on location, reviews and the rating that consumers deserve household cleaning machines, can learn how to choose the washing vacuum cleaner that best suits the needs of a household.


  • How to select a robot cleaner for the house?
  • How to choose a good vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter?
  • How to choose a mop cleaner?
  • How to choose a steam cleaner?

How to select a robot cleaner for the house?

Sometimes cleaning floor house or apartment has neither the strength nor the time, in this case, instead of the usual detergent cleaner, if funds allow, you can buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

But to choose the right robot unit from the existing range, enough to read customer reviews and see ratings.

Therefore it is necessary to consider all the details.

Robot vacuum cleaner

main parameter to which you want to look for when choosing - is the power of the model.

If the floor area exceeds 100 m2, it is not necessary to choose a low-power, the robot cleaner, designed for cleaning the surface of 40m2, as he did not master.

Typically, power model, and the area that it can help to remove, specified by the manufacturer in the data sheet.

good robot vacuum cleaner should be able to overcome obstacles.

Maybe not for everyone, this parameter is very important, but it is better when the robot cleaner will cope with this task alone and jam will not be "calling" to help owners.

highest rating and the best reviews in this regard has earned the cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 700-line «iRobot Roomba».

With 2-cm threshold of the apartment, as well as to spread out on the floor of the wires, the robot behaves "peacefully".
next point - Scheduled cleaning the apartment.

This function is suitable for those who do not wish to be involved in cleaning.By programming the vacuum cleaner robot once, you can do their business.

device will self-employed respectively for the task, and then return to his seat.This feature is present in all models of well-known brands.

mild stroke and the same soft touch in the collision with the interior.

course, no robot vacuum cleaner with no acceleration runs into obstacles, but still, each model is equipped with a spring-loaded bumper.

Also, some robots are equipped with proximity sensors - is another useful feature that works by reducing the stroke unit at the approach to the obstacle.

Therefore, if your home is furnished with valuable furniture or antiques, it is better to choose a robot cleaner with the specified function.


Additionally, you can play it safe by selecting the unit with minimum weight.In the event of a collision with a valuable subject of impact degree will be completely insignificant.

high reviews and rating on this occasion won a 4-pound model Neato and iRobot, as well as the model of 2.8 kg - iClebo Arte.

next important point that must be considered when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner - is the amount of the dust collector.

for a house or apartment with an area greater than 80 m2, it is recommended to purchase vehicles with the dust collector capacity from 0.5 up to 1 liter.When

area 80 m2 waste container should have a volume of at least 0.5 liters, especially if the animals live in an apartment.

for cleaning the apartment area of ​​50 m2, on the condition that the house no pets, you can buy a robot with a dust collector 0.3 liters.

If after all the animals there, the machine with the dust bag 0.3 l will not be able to cope with its task, as it will quickly become clogged.

a filter system in the washing vacuum cleaner confirms the rating models range iRobot Roomba and iClebo Arte.

On examination technique is difficult to ensure the quality of the filter, sometimes, instead of the declared manufacturers HEPA filters in the vacuum cleaner is a cheap paper filter.

Therefore, it remains only rely on the reliability and integrity of the company.

choosing a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to pay attention to additional devices and accessories that are in the box.


It is because of their presence may grow and the cost of the device, some of the devices may not be useful.

example, DPI can be considered a useful thing, if you have to switch the TV, but for a vacuum cleaner, which he switches the program, it is not needed.

But the presence of constraints more than desired, the virtual wall is a magnetic tape for sticking to the floor and create a restricted area for the robot.

How to choose a good vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter?

To properly select the best washing vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter, it is recommended to pay attention in the first place, aquafiltering type.

way, from its quality will depend on the cost of the device and cleaning efficiency.

Currently, manufacturers offer cleaners vacuum cleaners for houses and apartments with a separator and a water-pipe filter.

Vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter hookah type has an acceptable cost, but is ideal for cleaning the premises in which the dust of large dimensions - 0.3 microns.

dust filters such microparticles are not late, since both go outside air.

Therefore, washing vacuum cleaners with aqua-filter of this type require the installation of additional filtering system in the form of air porous element capable of restraining mikropyl.

An example of a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter

certain amount of air filters forms a step diagram of thin clearing.

can take as an example a HEPA filters, their efficiency reaches approximately 100%, they are able to hold dust particles of 0.3 micron size, thereby preventing the spread of airborne allergens.

downside to using cleaning vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter hookah is expressed in the need for every 15 minutes change the water.By forcing a small amount of capacity - up to 1 liter.

In addition, air filters need to be cleaned (washing and drying) after each cleaning.

If the filters are not changed periodically, their running condition will affect the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

Because of this, these washing machines are equipped with powerful engines, thereby increasing power consumption.

Vacuum cleaning separator type aquafiltering operate like a centrifuge.They possess the property to divide the dust and dirt, moisture and air.

Assignment separator consists in stirring water in a flask, causing the dust and dirt settle under pressure.

air with fine dust due to centrifugal action splits, and wet the small dust particles remain in the machine.


The wet vacuum hookah type aquafiltering not require the installation of an auxiliary air purification system.

negative point in buying a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter of this type can be considered as the high cost of the machine.

To correctly determine the choice of detergent cleaner, in addition to information about the types and properties of the filter, you must learn more about the suction power level shumoproizvodstva and configuration of the device.

power washing device with suction aquafiltering affect the final cleaning result.If the room is not very dirty, it is enough to buy a vacuum cleaner with a power of 300 watts.

If floors are covered with an apartment or house products with a long nap, then can not do without the help of 400 W unit.

Even better, if the washing vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter will have a power control function.

As for the noise level that is produced during the operation of the domestic appliance with water filter, it may be from 60 to 65 dB - like sound from stiralki.

from being equipped with a cleaning device with aquafiltering effectiveness of cleaning depends.The more brushes and nozzles comes, the easier it will be to work with the surface.

With their help, you can do dry and wet cleaning, but not limited to sex, and furniture and glasses.

How to choose a mop cleaner?

Mop cleaner, depending on the cost of the apparatus and its operating functions, can handle a variety of native applications.

If the home you just need to maintain cleanliness in the gap between the major spring-cleaning, mop and vacuum cleaner should be purchased to replace an ordinary broom, you can choose a low-cost standard model.

good reviews and the above average rating received standard vertical devices, equipped with a simple attachment in the form of a brush.

Type - mop cleaner

This robust model with a high-quality design of the company «Electrolux»: ZB 2904, ZB 2943, ZB 2941. Mop cleaner has a high level of maneuverability and mobility.

well as good power, which is enough for the daily collection of fine dust, animal hair and dust of different sizes.

Mop with vacuum function may have more opportunities.For example, a good rating and good reviews from consumers and got the cleaning mop steam mop cleaner.

Both of these devices perfectly cope with their functions, they are practical and easy to use in a simple homework.

Their use allows to remove not only the smooth surface of the floor, but also to clean the carpet, tile and tile surface.

Vacuum Cleaner mop-cost much more than the cost of a mop for dry cleaning.

deciding to buy a mop to function steam cleaner, be sure to familiarize yourself with what the rating earned for the last time a vacuum cleaner, a mop of German company Kärcher.

Judging by the reviews, with the steam cleaner device is convenient, has a high level of operating capacity.

Karcher device can be recommended for areas with high traffic, for apartments or houses inhabited by pets.

addition to a number of advantages, cleaning mops have some disadvantages, because of which the steam mop may not be suitable for cleaning concrete premises of the house.

example, regular steaming tile, mirror or ceramic surfaces over time, will lead them to destruction.


Also, if contamination is too fired, steam mop vacuum cleaner only soften them, but does not remove completely.So do not be too much to hope for high quality results.

As for minuses design apparatus, due to the formation of scale in the steam generator tank is necessary to support the use of special equipment that can prevent undesirable.

price for steam mop, especially brands, whose rating is always on top, very high.

this fact is explained by the fact that the steam vacuum cleaner equipped with a quality design, and at the same time expensive elements.

So if you suddenly need to additionally buy any accessory, it will be costly.

How to choose a steam cleaner?

cleaners are available in three types: compact, hand-held devices and steam cleaners vacuum cleaners.

Since vacuums discussed above, it is necessary to get acquainted with the functions of manual and compact type of devices.

Hand steam cleaner has a compact size, so it is convenient to store.The only negative - it weighs about 2 kg.


Since the unit during operation is always in his hand, then 2 kg will seem like all 10.

It is tolerant, if the device to use only a few times a month to clean the interior of the car, windows, upholsteryupholstered furniture or carpets.

compact steam cleaner like a small vacuum cleaner to use it, do not have the hands to keep the capacity of the steam, both in the manual version.

main thing when buying - select a device with a fairly long cord and hose, usually cord should be as long as possible, but the length of the hose should be enough for the height of the windows.

ratings and reviews submitted by buyers of household appliances, high-quality steam cleaners make it possible to recommend proven brands: German manufacturers Karcher, Thomas, Klatronik;Italian Delonghi and Arieti.


power of any steam cleaner is an indication of the speed of the harvesting process.

This means that the larger its value, the quicker will be generated steam and efficiently processed surface.

Therefore, a working model of the power of 1000 W is the ideal solution when choosing.

humidity regulator - the presence of this feature, you can choose to wet steam for cleaning heavily contaminated sites on solid objects, as well as select dry steam for cleaning the surface of the fabric.

vapor pressure - if you select a device with an indicator 5-6 bar, it can be used to remove stains and dirt stuffy.

But these steam cleaners are professional instruments, so their cost is considerable.Models with a vapor pressure less than 3 bar only to help cope with the fresh mud.

tank volume - steam cleaners can be equipped with a volume capacity of 0.5 liters and above.Thus in one liter reservoir will suffice only to clean half-hour, after which the water is filled in the tank.

Choosing the best steam cleaner with aluminum tank, which heats up faster than others, and almost does not collect inside scale.