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August 12, 2017 18:06

Building a metal staircase to the second floor with their hands

Building a metal staircase to the second floor with their hands

If the house has two floors and more, it acquires relevance construction metal stairs to the second floor with his hands.

Despite the fact that the ladder may be manufactured from a variety of materials such as wood or concrete, the metal is considered as the best solution.

As is known, the metal has a number of technological features that have long been successfully used by mankind.

metal stairs may have the most different design, though their strength and reliability will always be at the highest level.

In addition, the appearance of such products is quite attractive and original, they simply fit into a ready-made interior as inside the house and outside.

and streets and internal staircases of metal going on a similar principle, using the same technological methods, however, have some differences, which should be paid attention to, when drawn up not only the project, but also conducted the production of theirhands.

Manufactured their own hands external staircase leading to the second floor, in some embodiments, can be seen on the photos, which are placed below.



  • Key Features
  • Kinds and types
  • Required calculations
  • procedure of manufacturing

Key features

Any stairs leading to the second floor, as street and internal made of many different materials, have the same design features.

In addition, they are subject to the same requirements in terms of reliability and security.

It should be noted also that the relevant project and the drawing is made on the basis of the same standards and principles.

So, stairs leading to the second floor in a private structure should have a width of not less than nine millimeters.

Besides all its marches should have equal and constant amount of bias throughout the structure.


Recommended height of each step, which is to be laid in the project, is about one hundred and sixty millimeters.

In turn, the recommended depth of each step should be in the redistribution of two hundred and seventy millimeters.

There are certain requirements and to the fencing of stairs leading to the second floor.

and exterior and interior building envelope must be calculated under load for at least a hundred kilograms.

There are certain performance standards, and the distance between the uprights of ladders fences.

So, if the house is inhabited by children, then this distance should be within one hundred and twenty millimeters, otherwise this figure can be increased to one hundred and fifty millimeters.

These recommended requirements are designed for wooden and concrete structures as well as for metal.

In any case, the ladder project, leading to the second floor of the house, must necessarily take into account all of the above recommendations and comply with safety standards.

order to collect their own hands metal ladder, you must be in possession of a competent design, and in the works to take into account relevant safety recommendations.

Some interesting options for internal metallic stairs leading to the second floor, which can be collected by the hands, are shown in the photo below.


Kinds and types

metal staircasea robust design, which, subject to the standard rules of production and technology, will be safe during its subsequent operation.

As a method for producing them can be divided into welded and forged design.Also, these products have differences in a constructive manner.

most popular and frequent type of design are metal Saddle stairs.

In this case, provides special support, located directly under the stairs, which is called kosour.


These products are able to withstand severe stress enough, though, to have a light and airy appearance.

Also very common staircase on the string when the main support is in the side of the steps and rails.

In this particular case, mounting the steps made by means of special bolts directly to the base of the wall.

most original design and interesting appearance have spiral staircases made of metal.

In this case, the main bearing element serves special support column, which is located in the center of the whole structure.

Spiral metal staircases in most cases is placed in the interior of the house, as they can become a real decoration of each house.

The photo below shows the metal screw design that with the right approach to business can be assembled by hand.


In addition there are also marching structures madeof metal, which may consist of several separate spans and be both direct and rotary performance.

easiest to assemble with their hands from a metal ladder, which will have odnomarshevuyu design.

should be noted that any type of metal stairs leading to the second floor, above all, it will be necessary to prepare a project, as well as purchase all the necessary materials and tools.

Required calculations

In large enterprises, who are professionally engaged in manufacturing a wide variety of types and designs of metal stairs, to carry out all the necessary calculations using special computer programs.

These programs allow you to quickly change a variety of options and almost instantly get the finished project.

In the event that production of the metal staircase planned their hands, to carry out all the necessary calculations and draw up a project will have a manual method.

To begin to explore all the requirements for the safety of such structures.Next, you need to make measurements at the place of the future installation of a ladder.

For example, for the simplest odnomarshevoy stairs, measure the distance from the house directly to the subfloor to the point where she will go to the second floor.


Taking into consideration the recommended angle of inclination, so you can get the length of future construction.

After be known length of a flight of stairs should be roughly calculate the optimal number of steps.

To do this, take the recommended settings of each stage and share in the total length of the ladder.

In this case it is necessary to take into account the size of the overhang, which will be located at the top of the ladder itself.

After all the necessary measurements and calculations can go directly to the drafting of the project, as well as the implementation of a drawing showing all the required parameters and dimensions.

also in drafting should take into account the expected load on each element of the stairs, carefully consider the options for fixing its components and to take into account the characteristics of the materials.

In the photo below you can see a simple odnomarshevuyu metal ladder that is easy to assemble by hand.

Odnomarshevaya staircase

procedure of manufacturing

Once the project is fully ready, it will be necessary to buy all the necessary material and prepare the required tools for the job.

When assembling metal construction with their own hands should observe a certain sequence.

For a start will have to be cut according to the size of all the design of the workpiece.It is further recommended to collect filly that will be mounted on a metal frame and hold stage.

After that the welding of the main supporting parts and assembly directly stringers.

Particular attention should be paid to the assembly between a main structural elements, namely, weld steps and railings.

At the final stage, a grinding of welds, and priming and painting the metal stairs.

If this exterior design, the protection from external influences of further necessary to cover the rust inhibitor.

Procedure and the principle of the assembly is the same as for the exterior, and interior designs and should be conducted in a strictly determined sequence.When manufacturing

their hands main stages of attachment points, it is important to prevent any distortions and inaccuracies, since it may lead to deformation of the finished product.

All fillies must be absolutely identical and mirror each other.Best of all, these elements are made of metal corner.


order to give the finished product the maximum strength and rigidity, it will need to be further strengthened by welding metal gussets at the bottom of each step.

when working you must follow not only the evenness of the whole structure, but also the observance of precise geometry of each element separately.

Attach stage to the body is possible as by welding or bolts.In any case, the compound should be as strong and tough.

Additionally, you can spend decorating the staircase located in the house.This can use a variety of materials ranging from wood and finishing ceramic tiles.

In the photo below you can see a metal staircase leading to the second floor with wooden steps that make it even more original.

Stairs made ​​of metal and wood

on several floors of a metal ladder design is the best option for private homes.

In addition to its high strength characteristics, and it has an excellent appearance.

With the right approach to the matter and the availability of all necessary material to work, it can be collected by hand.