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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making false ceiling with his hands

Making false ceiling with his hands

When home interiors require something unusual or ceilings is noticeable flaws, one way out - to install a suspended ceiling with his hands.

in any room quite well looked ceiling rack type, which allows you to translate into reality the most daring designs, for example, decorate the ceiling a soft light.

To install the ceiling in the room where it is always wet, that is in the bathroom, use PVC sheets.

PVC is easy to use, and most importantly - environmentally friendly.

Installing ceiling - it's pretty simple construction event.Experts say that the most basic way to make a false ceiling - to put him out of the cell.

Such plate-cellular structure called Armstrong.

All this deserves to be told in more detail.


  • Pinion ceilings
  • ceiling panels made of plastic
  • Tiled-cellular ceiling "Armstrong┬╗

Pinion ceilings

Covering strip ceilings are constructed of plastic panels, aluminum or steel.The thickness of these panels is at least 0.4 mm, at most - only 0.7 mm.

width of one cell varies between 50 mm and 30 cm longest bar -. 6 meters in length.

Reiki fit well both along and across the ceiling.And if they are positioned on a diagonal, it is possible to achieve surprising visual effect - the room will increase or, conversely, decreases in size.

If the room is narrow and few fairly large in length, the best option - to lay the rack horizontally.


If you ignore this advice and place the rack otherwise - in the opinion of the room will be even longer.

The main difference between the types of strips is in the process of interfacing.

Some rail close to each other are not adjacent, it is the tiny space of a little more than a centimeter in width between them.

After installation of the rack on the ceiling holes attach decorative profiles.There are also such rails that connect the edges to form a closed joint.

There is also a ceiling rack, one element of which is closely adjacent to another.

Before starting the installation of the ceiling panels in the bathroom or any other room, it is necessary to understand the grid system.

It includes niche carrier, adjusts suspension, angular profiles.Bus - a steel base fitted with locks, which are inserted in and snap rail.

suspension has a support with a holder.A holder attached to the bus, and a support - to the ceiling.

between the ceiling and the suspension remains an empty space in the range of 5 to 12 cm. This figure will depend on whether or not located in the communication recess ceiling.If

bathroom ceiling unit became clear to the last detail, we can proceed to the installation.

But if there is a shred of uncertainty, it's easy to do everything yourself, see how to make a false ceiling in the video.


To install the ceiling, it is necessary to stock up a drill and hammer.But other than that you need a builder's level and tape measure.

In this case, can not do without a ruler, markers, screws and dowels.

Installation begins with a simple marker.They represent the new frontier of the ceiling.From the old ceiling you must withdraw at least 5 cm.

then the course is building level, helping to carry out a smooth correct line around the perimeter.

With incised marks should measure the length of the wall to cut the desired portion of the angular profile.A standard profile length is three meters.His scissor on metal.

Made regulating profile is applied to the wall, always held on the line.

drills every 50-60 cm to drill small holes to screw back the screws and wall plugs, fixing their profile.

Then check the building level, even if it secured.

on fixing areas of support needed by the roulette tires make a mark.The first point is to put, moving away from the wall 30-40 cm.

And all the others have to leave a mark at a distance of 0.9 cm or 1 meter from each other.Drilled holes, and suspensions are mounted on screws and dowels.Correctness check mounting level.

beams (mounting rails) is placed at a distance of one meter from each other.They are placed in a vertical position relative to rails at the same height as the profile.


beams connect with the suspension screwdriver.There need a special care to not accidentally make the design curve.

layout Smooth false ceiling - a guarantee of its beautiful appearance.

further action - installing rack ceiling.Since the protective film strips removed, after which they were cut to the size of the room.

They should be at least 30-50 cm of space between the two walls.Reiki should be carefully inserted into the tire and secure locks.

Installation rack mount baseboards complete overlap.If the walls are errors, it is better to choose a wide skirting that visually correct defects.

Rack and pinion ceiling in the kitchen and in the bathroom, in the event of contamination, can be easily washed.

rack ceiling elements specially manufactured from a material which does not deteriorate due to moisture, such as PVC.

ceiling panels made of plastic

suspended ceiling system of plastic panels installed without any problems and is suitable for any room, especially for the loggia, toilets and kitchens.

Installation of the ceiling in the bathroom is able to hide the communication, that is, ventilation and pipes.


PVC panels do not absorb odors and a nice hide defects ceiling.If such panels lay upstairs bathroom, then you should not worry - PVC panel with heating do not emit harmful substances.

on the building materials market are models of PVC plastic panels with seams and seamless.

in length may be 2.7 m, 3 or 6 meters.Their width - from 20 to 33 cm, and the thickness ranges between 8 and 25 mm.

rack panels 6 meters take to install the ceiling in large rooms.A standard panels are dimensioned lengths, widths and thickness: 3 mm, 25 mm and 8 mm respectively.

kit components to create a false ceiling made of plastic PVC slats includes:

  • carcass basis, attach to the ceiling;
  • corners for connecting the skirting boards;
  • PVC panels;
  • plinth with slots for mounting the panels;
  • galvanized screws to press the puck to 2.5 cm.

supports for intermediate floors can serve as beams of wood or metal profiles.For the bathroom is better to buy metal profiles.

If the bathroom to install a wooden support, with time will strain the ceiling.
Metal frame is complemented by directing near-wall and ceiling profiles (DM and DM).

Secure ceiling profile on the ceiling between floors help direct U-shaped pendants.

Fixing the support frame to the floor and wall is performed using dowels and screws size 6 to 40 mm.

When you want to bond profiles with each other using a Phillips crab and screws, drill for which taking 12 mm.

When the perimeter, for example, the bathroom is marked with guides, the wall is applied profile, fixing it with screws in increments of 40 cm.

The axes bearing profiles with an interval meter with dowels 6 to 40 mm is attached U-shaped hangers.Feet suspensions perforated bent at a right angle.

And then to them by screws make installation of ceiling profiles.


Next comes the installation of plastic panels.First, in steps of 20 cm are fixed ceiling moldings, and then inserted in its groove slats.

Insert plastic strips made with fixing screws and press the puck.Following rail is inserted into the hole, little tapping on it to completely entered the plate.

And then there is the fixation panel PVC ceiling moldings in the recess.

To connect the plinth ready corners can be used in the corners.For lamp in plastic panels cut out hole and lighting device mounted on the previous panel.

How to make a false ceiling made of PVC panel, tell in the video section.

Tiled-cellular ceiling "Armstrong┬╗

To install the "Armstrong" design, measure the perimeter of the room, rounding the resulting figure to 3 meters.The extra centimeters of the ceiling will be easy to cut corners.

For room measuring three to four carrier profile using the size of 37 meters.For example, about 80 cm of the material will go for one quarter.meter ceiling.

Experts advise quantitative figures rounded profile and material.

If Armstrong is soft and does not loaded, the ceiling is best attached to the wall every 60 cm, and if it is hard and loaded, then 2 times more often.

To strengthen the construction of the installation support section produced vertically to the short length of the walls.So Armstrong becomes stronger and saves coating.

Armstrong ceiling installation requires a retreat from the existing ceiling of one meter.According to make a mark around the walls draw a path on which will be located and a false ceiling.

As Armstrong put shown in the video.


As you can see, the ceiling Armstrong assembly principle is simple in the extreme.Cells need to be installed with a slight slope, a little push in the corners.

Mount Armstrong suspended ceiling as long as a conventional roof.

If you do not resist yourself to do and illuminated from above, then learn a few tips:

  • ceilings can decorate lighting, imitating the starry sky;
  • backlit expand the space of the room;
  • create unusual lighting effect can be illuminated from beneath the eaves of the ceiling;
  • can confine ourselves to the simplest lighting, which creates a ribbon of light-emitting diodes;
  • ceilings in the two levels can be decorated with a combined lighting;
  • backlight can change and decorate the boring interior.