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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a main filter for water

modern pace of life dictates its own rules, and technological development has shown the reverse side of the coin - environmental pollution.In many buildings, water mains supply is so poor-quality water, that the question of her purification is becoming increasingly important.About filtering methods and types of systems will be discussed in this article.


  • types of main filtration devices
  • Choice of main filter for purity
  • advantages of operating the installation
  • devices Disadvantages filter
  • Selecting the cartridge device
  • main filter manufacturers
  • cost of cleaning filters
  • Self installing the main filter cartridge replacement

main types of filtration devices

filter housing can be made of metal, reinforced plastic or stainless steel.Type of material depends on the water temperature, which is to be cleared.In this regard, the experts share the devices into three types:

  • main filter for hot water;
  • main filter for cold water;
  • universal filter.

Choice of main filter for purity

line filters for water purification are cylindrical devices, which are installed inside the cartridge - replacement parts, which actually acts as a filter.Such devices are mounted directly into the water system, due to which it gets its name.To fine filter is applied filling, which has a filtering effect.The type of filling is determined by the nature of the contamination.For coarse - mesh of steel with fine mesh.

By purity mains filters are divided into three categories.

  1. Single-, which differ in the least degree of purification.Cartridge in the form of a filter should be replaced with a frequency of 1 every six months.These devices are able to purify water from the coarse particles and sediment, such as sand, sediment and rust.
  2. two-stage , which have a higher capacity of water purification.In the apparatus a mechanical barrier and carbon karbonblok.In addition to sand, sediment and rust, this type of filter will purify water and chlorine from the smallest fractions, clay, organic matter and odor.
  3. Three-stage filter - enables to perform the last step in the purification of water, turning it into high-quality drinking the product.As part of the tank is three cartridges - sediment, a layer of activated carbon and ion-exchange element, water softening.

filter 2

Benefits device operation

His popularity backbone filters acquired through an impressive list of advantages of their use.Let us consider each of these in more detail:

  1. Significant improvement of the palatability of the water that is provided by the integrated cleaning of various kinds of impurities and microorganisms.
  2. Extend the life of household appliances and pipeline.The presence of such filters helps correct operation of washing machine and dishwasher, water heater and plumbing available.
  3. Installing such a device would allow to consume pure water and thus save the health of the user.
  4. practicality of use, due to the small size and ease of use.
  5. In such devices, you can use removable cartridges that are oriented to protection from certain types of impurities: water softening, water conditioning with activated carbon, reducing the levels of iron and removal of chlorine.

filter 3

filter installation Disadvantages

Before you buy a filter for the water main should also point out some disadvantages of their use.These include the following features:

  • need to manually clean the mesh cartridges as needed;
  • install a filter on its own will not succeed.To do this, invite qualified plumbers;
  • if the device must be installed on a suburban area, there is a need for the services of specialists in drilling wells.

But in spite of all the nuances of the installation and operation of the main filter, the positive effects of its use significantly exceeds any negative.

In addition, by selecting a filter for the water main, should focus on the following indicators:

  1. Which pipe is installed the device - hot or cold.
  2. Technological filter capabilities.
  3. physico-chemical parameters of water.
  4. Reputation and reliability of products.

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Selecting the cartridge device

line filters are equipped with cartridges that provide the main function of the device - the water filtration.Experts divide them into the following types:

  1. Granular cartridge with a layer of activated charcoal - a device used to remove chlorine fractions, organics, heavy metals, as well as unpleasant odors.The advantage of its use is fairly high degree of filtration.However, the speed of the water flow passage of the cartridge is not high.
  2. cartridge coal briquettes - cleans water from fines and chemical slurries, as well as Cryptosporidium and Giardia bacteria.This type of cartridge filters water at a high speed, but the degree of purification at this weak.
  3. polyphosphate cartridge loading for protection against limescale.This type of filter element serves to protect the health of domestic appliances.
  4. cartridge, softening the water by removing salt from it and stiffness.
  5. cartridge mechanical action, which aids in the removal of water sand, rust, etc.

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main filter manufacturers

should pay attention to the rating and reputation of the manufacturer for selection of the main filter.Today, this type of product offered by manufacturers such as: "Atoll", "Aquaphor», «Opera», «Biq Blue», «Geyser", "Bosphorus", "barrier", "Bio Source".Consider the detailed features of the production of the most popular brands:

  1. Cleaning equipment "Geyser Typhoon" are universal.Such filters are designed for purification of water as cold and the hot line.Replaceable cartridge capable of cleaning water from the iron ions, salts, oils, heavy metals, odor, solids, and reduce the spring constant.
  2. Reliability «Honeywell» German company filters today have appreciated customers worldwide.The device effectively cope with domestic water purification from large mechanical factions and has no equal in effectiveness of mechanical cleaning.In addition, the cartridges are equipped with a stainless steel mesh, which as needed can be washed independently.In addition, filters «Honeywell» protect appliances from pressure differences in magistrali.Takoy main water filter by price costs more expensive counterparts, but high quality products will provide a long service life.
  3. manufactured Filters "Aquaphor" is a compact sorption cleaners that will provide you with the opportunity to use the water, completely cleansed of harmful substances, chemical impurities, and even odor.

cost of cleaning filters

Regarding price boundaries on the main filters - they can vary greatly.The cost of equipment for cold water usually starts at $ 50.00, and for hot - $ 120.00.This difference in price due to the fact that the devices for cleaning on the hot water line, operated in a more complex environment.Therefore, they are made by high-tech methods to meet high quality requirements.The marginal cost of the filters can reach $ 1000.00.

Self installing the main filter

This process should take into account the important point - filters designed for cold water, should not be used to clean hot.For the production of these two types of devices used different material.Therefore, the device for cold water will not sustain the aggressive exposure to hot.But it is possible to establish the contrary.The presence of such a filter will provide an opportunity to protect themselves from the revenue stream of water rust, sand and chemical slurries, as well as eliminate the turbidity.

Before you install a filter yourself, you need to consider a number of important factors:

  1. the purpose of convenience in the further operation, in the process of installation of the filter is necessary to provide drainage from the filter flask and ball valve to cut off the flow.
  2. also need to take into account the time that the cartridge - and his replacement will have to change with some frequency.For this reason, the filter must be placed in an accessible location.Using the bracket, the device can be mounted on the wall.
  3. When installing the main unit must be remembered that the original should be mounted strainer, and secondarily - fine.

Instructions on how to self-assemble filter shown in movies:

cartridge replacement

, do the following to replace the spent cartridge:

  1. First close the water supply.
  2. Next key, which is attached to the purifying device, it is necessary to promote a flask in accordance with the instructions.
  3. Take away the used toner cartridge and put the new one.
  4. Assemble the device to its original state.

Cartridges, overwhelmingly, are disposable.They are not intended for repeated use and end of life can not be restored.


Overview of devices for filtration of water hot line is presented in video: