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August 12, 2017 18:07

10 rules of installation of the electrode boiler

We have you considered how to make electric heating in the apartment with his hands.Similarly it is possible to mount the heater in the house, in the country and even in the garage.In addition, we have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that in the absence of better gas heating system will be combined: water + electricity.It is in this case it is necessary to use boilers for heating the coolant, which is water.Next, we consider the scope of work on the connection of the electrode boiler with his hands.

  • Briefly about the benefits of the device
  • Rules self-assembly


device advantages compared with TANS boilers, electrode consumes less energy, easier to install and has ahigh efficiency.This is due to the fact that during the heating electrodes are no intermediaries like spirals.It's simple - the current is supplied to the coolant (water) through the anode and the cathode, resulting in rapid heating of the liquid and its circulation for the heating system.The principle of operation of equipment

addition advantages connect this equipment are considered:

  • low cost compared to alternatives;
  • quiet operation;
  • fire safety;
  • can be used not only for heating, but also just for water heating (dual system);
  • compact equipment dimensions (can be installed even in the bathroom);
  • easy to install (even cope maker in electrical and plumbing).

As for the drawbacks, generally considered a low level of electrical and high electricity tariffs, resulting in a connection of the electrode boiler is rational only if there is no central heating system.

Rules self-assembly

We will not detail the composition of the paint work on the installation of radiators, metal pipes connection and connection (flow and return) to the terminals of the boiler. All these stages you can see in the video instructions, which demonstrated an electrode boiler connection technology Galan, very popular today:

Video installation instructions with their hands
YouTube Preview

As you can see, the installation is not anothing complicated, all that is needed - to bring the pipe to make ground, connect the automation and perform the configuration.Even in the original instructions to the hardware in detail painted the entire scope of work.Much more important to tell you what rules you need to consider when installing the electrode boiler with his hands.Thus, the system has worked for a long time and without accidents, we recommend to observe the following recommendations:

  1. Make coolant setting (water), according to the equipment manufacturer's requirements.For example, the company Galan strongly recommends the use as a coolant for electric boilers of such models as the volcano, geyser and hearth, the liquid "Argus-Galan", which must be independently replaced every 5 years.For the model "Galan-BeeRT» need to use only distilled water.At the same time, such antifreeze as "Arctic" and "Antifreeze" use is strictly prohibited.Argus- Galan
  2. sure to flush out old heating of the salt deposits (for a new pipeline that requirement is not relevant) system.The fact is that the contaminated radiators adversely affect the density of the coolant, which may be displayed on the worse the electrode is recommended to use an inhibitor called "Protector" for washing.
  3. Without earthing device in any case can not be connected to the network.As the PE conductor is recommended to use the copper wire, and 4 mm2 impedance of 4 ohms."0" The ground wire must be connected to a terminal marked.grounded electrode
  4. optimum coolant flow rate of 8 liters per 1 kW of power equipment.Leaving behind this value is not recommended, becauseThis allows you to save a maximum consumption of electricity.
  5. At the highest point of the system you want to install the valve-obezvozdushivatel (in a simple way, the air vent) to bleed air and the pressure gauge and a back-pressure relief valve.Back - pressure relief valve
  6. All valves must be set for expansion tank (as shown in the wiring diagram of the electrode boiler).Driving electrode heating homes
  7. housing heater must be installed in the upright position, as shown in the photo.Any negative bias displayed on his work.proper erection
  8. When selecting new radiators, buy products from primary aluminum or bimetal.In these metals is less than all the impurities that have a negative impact on the electric boiler.Photo Bimetallic radiator unassembled
  9. In no case do not use cast iron batteries when installing the electrode boiler with his hands.These products are quickly polluted and also spend more coolant, which will reduce the efficiency of electric heating several times.
  10. You can install several heaters in series (as shown in the video), if the power of one is not enough.It is recommended to use the group when installing heating boilers in the two-story house (for example, one cylinder will be the first floor, and second, respectively, the second).The system of three electric heaters

That's all that I wanted to tell you about how to connect the electrode boiler in the house and apartment.Also we recommend that you review the video, which describes the advantages of the use of ESM - electrode heating installations flow types that are popular today.

advantages of using ESM

YouTube Preview
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