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August 12, 2017 18:07

Paint the walls with his own hands

Painting of walls - is not such a difficult job, as it seems at first glance.It is enough to properly prepare the necessary materials (paint, brushes, rollers, etc.).Also it is necessary to adhere to certain rules and recommendations, which will be discussed in this article.


  • nuances of selecting paint
  • Basic requirements for painting
  • How to choose a roller
  • painting technology wall
  • Decorative painting
  • Painting of walls: Video

nuances paint selection

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As you know, today there are many types of paints.In order to choose the right one that you really need, look at some of the features of a paint formula.

Paint the walls with latex paint.In the sale of such a mixture usually comes in the form of thick.To obtain a smooth matte finish for the entire working surface, it is required to dilute the water, then mix well.The paint is often mixed with a drill fitted with a mixer.If using a water-based mixture is necessary to depict texture patterns on the wall, then it is allowed to leave in the form of a dense, ie,optionally diluted with water.

This type of paint can be prepared in advance of the main works.However, it is necessary once again to mix right before application on the wall.When the mixture becomes a suitable consistency, it is possible by means of tinting liquid to give the desired shade.Colera by combining it possible to obtain different colors.This work is recommended to entrust the masters.

Today in building materials stores that sell paint and varnish products, there is a program in the computer selection of paint for painting walls.It allows to choose the color of the mixture based on many factors, including a change in the error paint color after drying.This program is quite handy and useful, it is very important to pick up all the paint cans that have the same color, to result in a surface of the walls in the room the same color, without flaws.In the extreme case it is allowed to dissolve the paint, which is enough to paint one wall entirely.Then may eventually turn out a bit different shades on the different walls, but it is not so noticeable and more would like a special effect.


What about oil paints?They are rarely used for the interior renovation of apartments.Most often they are used in non-residential premises, for example, for painting walls in utility rooms and closets.This type of paint is applied to the working surface somewhat differently than the latex mixture.However, here too it is important to thoroughly distribute the material surface.First of all, we must remember that when applying the first layer does not adhere to any one direction, on the contrary, the paint is distributed by different strokes.The mixture should be preprinted such that it is completely and uniformly covered the entire work surface.Sometimes, oil paint applied zigzag strokes.Thus between the strips leave a small space.The mixture is then smeared across the wall using a semi-dry brush.The result is a leveling layer.Painted surface to dry for 5 hours, after which another layer, which is generally thinner than the first.

Basic requirements for painting

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to spend quality painting surfaces, need some knowledge.In particular, painted walls require pre-prepared.These works include leveling and cleaning of dust.To successfully complete this task, as the painting of the walls in the apartment, use some tools - sponge, brush, roller and spray gun.Regarding

technology using water emulsions, this mixture is usually applied to the walls of 2-3 layers.Wherein the first of them is strictly required to distribute horizontally second - vertically.In the case where it is planned to apply three coats of paint, the first and last divided vertically, and the middle (i.e., second) in the horizontal direction.This order is important.Therefore, do not mix.

There is another requirement Painting: Apply a coat of paint is necessary to each other, without having to wait until the previous dry up.The joints of the walls and ceiling corners and various remote places, it is desirable to paint with a brush.For this purpose, convenient to a brush with a long handle.

How to choose a roller


by roller is possible to achieve high-quality and effective results.Besides this tool to paint faster than a brush.But before you buy a roll, it must be able to choose the right.For example, based on polyacrylic and nylon tools are characterized in that they have good strength.Therefore, these rollers are more resistant to corrosion.Usually they have white or beige color.They are recommended for use with polyurethane, epoxy paints and enamels.

sale yet available polyester and velor cushions.It is recommended to use for painting with acrylic or oil paints.These mixtures are well absorbed in these rolls, this is especially true of polyester.Velour is different durability and flexibility.It can be used as a varnish for coating and for finishing.

If you want to paint the walls with silicone, water-based, silicate paints or mixtures of acrylic-based, then this event will be the most suitable cushion of foam.

roller size is typically chosen depending on the total area of ​​the room that you need to paint.Working with this tool is simple enough.To do this, first on an area of ​​about 1 square.m. Three coats of paint is applied, which are rolled by means of a roller pressed.With this tool, you can gently and evenly distribute the paint across the surface to be coated.

wall painting technology


It is important to properly prepare the wall for painting work.From this it depends largely on the quality of the final coating and further durability.No matter what kind of paint you choose.Training is always done almost identically:

  1. First you need to remove the old paint and wallpaper.
  2. After that, the work surface should be thoroughly sanded.The most important thing - to put on the wall putty and smoothed cracks and chipped.
  3. Further work surface re-polished.Then apply a second layer of putty to even out the wall completely.Work on the plastered wall painting will be easier.
  4. next step - the primer.It is desirable to apply before and after the filler.This will improve the grip.

Before painting the walls with his own hands, always make sure that the room air temperature is suitable and there is no draft.If the temperature is high and at the same time in the apartment there are drafts, the paint will dry too quickly, which is not very good.The fact that due to this unevenness may appear, the cracks and swelling.In addition, it is better not to start painting, if the temperature is too low, and the air is wet or dry.The desired quality of the coating is still in such circumstances it is simply impossible to achieve.

for paint application using rollers, sponges and brushes.The tool is selected depending on the desired effect.For example, a roller to evenly distribute the mixture over the surface.Brush, in turn, can paint small areas, joints, eliminate various defects caused in the course of painting.Sponge is useful in case you want to give the surface an unusual appearance, decorate it.It should take a paint having a thick consistency.The liquid mixture will not work here.For the decor may need more and rollers equipped with a long nap.They allow you to distribute the paint in different directions on large surface areas.However, the most convenient for painting the walls will be a roller equipped with medium-length fibers.

In order to make it convenient to paint roller, acquired a special tray, which is filled with a small amount of paint.Perimeter walls is best to paint with a brush.It must be equipped with a soft pile.Only such a brush can make a smooth coating.When using a rigid brush the surface in most cases turn out rough.

Do not paint the entire surface of the roller.At the edges is better to "walk" with a brush.In general, to roller painted well, his nap should be how to soak up paint.So first take the plank (or heavy paper) and rolled over it covered with paint roller several times.Only then proceed to paint the wall.

begin to paint can be anywhere broken surface, but it is advisable to do it from the top.Then drops and drips that will drip from above, do not spoil the already painted areas.

Decorative painting

often to add flavor to the interior of the premises, resorted to the method of staining decorated.It is somewhat similar to ordinary paint technology mix.Only in this case use some special tools:. Stencil to paint the walls, wide sponge roller with raised fibers, etc. All these devices allow the surface to give an unusual color.

Do not think that when the decoration used special types of decorative paints.This opinion is in fact erroneous.The most important thing in decorative painting - a technique applying different coatings.

This painting technique is quite simple.So, there are several paint application techniques:

  • For example, you can take a round brush, dip it in the paint, and then just start hitting her on the painted surface.Then wait until the paint dries, and we put the next layer of the roller.At the same time the following mixture for coloring need to pick up a little lighter.This will allow the dark figures "break through" the second layer.After this painting wall decoration design turns very unusual.

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  • can use another option.It is called "stamping".In this case, the first paint over a wall, and then allow it time to dry.Then a soft sponge to apply paint a darker shade.This sponge is used like a stamp.

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  • One of the techniques of decorative painting is a stippling.It allows you to create so-called "aging effect" painted surface.But this method can only be used on a perfectly smooth surface.For this purpose, the base layer glaze is distributed, which should be sharper acrylic based paint, applied previously.Then using the miter brush "sostarivayut" painted surface.To add the finishing relief applies glue or stained solution.If the first option is selected basis, further fine sand is applied to it.When the solution is distributed over the surface with a sharp object on it created the desired shape of the ornament.


  • There is an option of finishing, which is called the "stone wall decor."This method is usually used to decorate fireplaces and interior arches.For this first wall is painted with acrylic paint beige or white.Thereafter, the mixture was taken with a touch similar to cement mortar and is also applied to the surface.Then, when the paint dries, using a bottom-up chalk outlines are drawn, like brick or massive stones.Next, take the orange color paint.She painted the specified paths.Finally, apply a mixture having a hue that is called "zhzhёnaya brush."
  • When making the hallways and bedrooms often use decorative method, which is called "Crumpled skin."This type of staining to perform simple enough, but for a long time.The fact that the wall painting is made not as a whole, and the individual parts.The mixture is covered with a small area of ​​the surface.Next to the colored part of the applied crumpled paper.When the desired shape is made, the surface of a good paint over paint.

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  • to furnish office cabinets popularity is another way - "under the skin".To this end, the wall is applied to the glaze with latex paint, which is a darker shade.Further there is shading her with a brush made of suede.

Painting of walls: photos

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Painting of walls: Video