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August 12, 2017 18:08

Guide rail for circular saws and other spare parts for tools

Parts for circular saws -

tool unit work of such tools is highly efficient and cutting speed.Though do not expect that you will be able to saw it all in the world.In particular, the ferrous metals, steel quality as stone materials, it is better not to try to cut.By the way, to perform the material shape cutting circular saws also will not work.In this respect they are inferior electric jigsaw.

On the other hand, precisely dissolve lengthy fret board or sheet of plywood as a circular saw, is unlikely.Still, it's different instruments, although both have electric motors and something sawing.Differences in the shape of a cutting tip.We saw blade it will be notched circle with a hole for attachment to the motor shaft - drive for the saw blade.

tsirkulyarok Engine power (the old name) is significantly higher than jigsaws.Here the range - from half to nearly three kW.No wonder: you need to rotate the disks of different diameter with a different number and size of the teeth.By definition, it is clear that for cutting thicker material needs a larger diameter disc and a more powerful engine.

And very often this engine is mounted on the bed with a desk in the form of a flat plate, which includes limiting stops, other accessories and spare parts for saws , allow you to customize the size of the necessary cuts.Although most by an electric circular saw refers to hand tools, which, however, also can be mounted on the frame.

For both options (stationary and portable), it is important to choose the right drive.On the inner hole it must be suitable for mounting on a shaft of the existing model.The outer diameter of the same should not exceed the maximum value determined by the guard.Both sizes are indicated on the disc canvas.

Accessories for circular saw for convenience and safety

Determination of the maximum thickness of the material being cut with a circular saw with a guide, will help to make a rule that calls for its size of the disk should be at least one and a half or two lengths of teeth.In this case will be provided by full-time job throughout the cutting part of the tooth and into the material at the optimum cutting angle.

rails can be mounted at a certain angle and to the frame, making it possible to perform a smooth edge.Each disk has the maximum thickness of the saw cut at 90 and 45 degrees.

As a rule, special controls allow to smoothly change the size of the protruding portion of the cutting wheel (vertical immersion and depth of cut) and the angle of inclination of the disk relative to the base plate.

Prerequisite safe operation of this tool is the availability of reliable protection.In modern models have been applied Pendulum hoods covering the working part of the disc.They are convenient in that at the beginning of the work automatically relegated to the rear position, without hindering the cutting, while moving away from the workpiece back to its original position.

At work should not neglect safety and remove protective covers.Safety Goals also serve as a means for the saw blade to prevent accidental activation.Typically, this two-button switches.Many models allow electronic control of engine speed (from two to five thousand revolutions per minute).

Some models have a soft start circuit, automatic speed control of constant-load protection circuit and overheating.Another important part of the design are the special connections for chips and dust removal: it can be connected to the vacuum cleaner, which will collect all the garbage.

guide rail for circular saw - what we do?

features and usability of the tool significantly increases when using a saw disc with the guide rail.This arrangement can be purchased, or you can make your own.As experts say, the importance of the quality of the guide rail is much greater for submerged and underground cutting circular saws.

Enough popular options for directing "Flexy".Flexible and elastic rubber tires with steel edge and special guides are very convenient to use.These devices are lightweight and take up little space in the folded position.

Equipped continuously adjustable vertical dipping the blade, installing the cutting angle and fixing the cut depth circular saw with guide rail turns into a multifunctional tool for professional applications.

However, given the cost of industrial tires, the variant used as a guide over the metal or smooth edge boards fixed on opposite ends of the clamps.In this case it is necessary to track the two evenness measurement: cut line and the installation guide.

way, available on many models have adjustable guide stops short in length and provide the only parallelism cutting edge material.It is clear that, if the edges linearity in question, and then cut off the band will have a ripple.Therefore, preferably circular saw with the bus, which can be manufactured from a pair of flat strips of laminated chipboard.

They are attached in parallel on the same basis with an interval equal to the width of the strips of hard duralumin.It is screwed into the hole saws regular base plate.The thickness of the tire chosen for the minimum possible smaller decline blade removal.Naturally, variants improvised tire construction and may be different.