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August 12, 2017 18:08

Welding work at home - will be easier to keep house

Why handyman welding technology?

In fact, welding technology is to create a permanent connection of the metal parts with the weld.When welding in the home are most likely to need the following types of connections: angular, butt, overlapped, tees, slit;and there are many others.

Welding his hands are held mostly by gas, electric welding or inverter.But before any work you need to know the basic rules of safety.Do not operate a faulty or poorly insulated equipment.

And it is not necessary to weld or cut designs that had just been painted.You can not weld containers that are pressurized or contain flammable flammable substances.The work must be carried out in a protective mask and protective clothing.

Welding work with his own hands - the preparation and safety

Before this kind of work at home, you need to get a welding machine and an essential tool, as well as carry out some preparatory welding.Any kind of welding jobs at home will require welding machine, electrode, protective mask with sfetofiltrom, dense protective clothing, a hammer, a metal brush.

better to have a welding machine with continuous control current, which will gradually adjust the strength of the current depends on the diameter of electrodes used and the density of the welded parts.Since welding technologies require the use of different diameter electrodes to perform certain tasks, it is better to stock up on all kinds of electrodes in sufficient quantity.

Then you should wear clothing that protects from sparks on the skin and make a mask that will protect the eye during the operation.According to safety regulations need to get away from the workplace all flammable substances and prepare a bucket of sand.

Welding work at home - how to get the right seam?

To begin to acquire welding skills, exercising on unnecessary details.It is best to use the most common type of electrodes with a diameter of 3 mm.It needs to be strengthened in the electrode holder.Thereafter amperage required to adjust to the unit according to the type of the welding seam, air temperature, and the diameter of the electrode used.

electrode exhibiting relative to the workpiece at an angle of approximately 70 °.Then you need to deal with the details of electrode sparks.After the lifting of the electrode on the workpiece to a height of about half a centimeter arc must be formed, which melts the metal electrode.The electrode is melted under the influence of an arc, will fill the gap between the welded parts, creating a permanent connection, so you need to carefully maintain the electrode in the direction of the weld.

Sometimes electrode can stick to metal - this is the first sign of a lack of current.To do this, you need to tear off the electrode, and adjust the welding current.If this is not done, the welding machine may be damaged.Then you need to ignite the arc again.The main thing to be learned, it is stably maintain an active arc.

Once the seam has cooled down, it is necessary to knock on it with a hammer, beating off the scale, and clean it with a brush on the metal.

For the major welding work should be read to learn welding drawings.Independent welding works, video-guide which is attached to the end of the article - a simple process, but requires a certain knowledge and skills.