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August 12, 2017 18:08

Installing a water meter sf

Purchase counters.

First of all, counters, hot and cold water have different structural elements, although the function is performed by one and the same - find the cubic meter consumption.Counter hot water (it has a red stripe along the diameter of the body) can be installed as a water meter cold water, but such devices are much more expensive."Cold" counter (it has a blue belt along the body) can not be used to calculate the flow of hot water, this installation will not even make out in Gorvodokanal.Instruments for measuring the amount of water are of two types:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.Installing a water meter sf

Electronic water meters, of course, very presentable, but the chips often fail, which means the extra money and bureaucratic wire.And it you want?The best option to purchase the device is reliable turbine vane wheel meters.Each device for control and accounting of water consumed must have a certificate of quality and it should be required when buying a new appliance.Also make sure that the instrument package includes items such as:

  • check valve for each product;
  • strainer;
  • connecting nuts and gaskets.

often can be seen in the sale of only the counter, without accessories, and it is not correct.Special attention is paid to the presence and integrity of the seal, which means that the device has been mandatory Gospoverku and is suitable for further use.Installing a water meter sf

Varieties of water meters.

  • single-jet water meter -under the influence of water pressure occurs impeller rotation and counting the number of revolutions.That is, the amount of liquid to fill the space is directly proportional to the number of the circular motion of the blades.
  • multi-jet water meter - water is a division under the action of the mechanism of the wings into several jets.
  • turbine water meters - are fit for both of cold and hot water.The number of cubic meters is considered by rotation of the turbine.

tolerance and precision are divided into counters installed vertically - class A and class B - counters mounted in a horizontal position.Installing a water meter sf

Important recommendations

Another important element when purchasing a new meter for water in Saint - Petersburg, is the presence of the product passport, printed in a printing house, and not a scanned copy.The serial number on the product and specified in the data sheet should be the same and must be affixed stamp factory - manufacturer.Water meter, which does not have the documentation, is also subject to mandatory verification, but will have to pay for it.

And a few more technical recommendations:

  • if there is a fire drainage, then it sets the latch, which Lenvodokanal should put the seal;
  • water meters should be in areas where the temperature does not fall below + 5 ° C.With apartments and apartment buildings do not have problems, but we need to look for a solution for counters installed in the basement of St. - Petersburg and its region.

Installing water meters became mandatory action for all citizens.Installation and registration of all necessary documents Saint - Petersburg has been a lot of companies and it is not a problem.Installing a water meter sf