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August 12, 2017 18:08

How can we distinguish between sidewalk and curb , and is it worth?

sidewalk and the curb - not the same thing?

First, let us recall what was originally called the curb.Even in Russia, in the construction of white stone churches and princely chambers of the limestone facing bricks tried to put so as to obtain a certain pattern on the outer side of the wall.And a layer of bricks laid at a slight angle to the rest of the masonry, when one of the edges facing outward, just called curb.This word perfectly to the style of masonry.

Worthy of mention is the fact that the curb is mentioned in the law "On measures to strengthen control over the state of the external beautification of St. Petersburg", developed and adopted in the northern capital of Russia.It just says that on the sidewalks, where the density of pedestrian traffic is extremely high, the soil around the trees should be closed bars, separated from the pavement curb.The latter should be laid flush with the paving surface, flush.

How big contrast border on the curb?

was felt that between sidewalks, located at the level of the roadway, and raised above it, there is definitely a difference.And, therefore, edging towering above the road pavement is not a border, so - is the curb.

Border separates the sidewalk and the roadway that are at the same level.By the way, border pedestrian part of the road may indeed consist of the set of bricks vertically, turn to beauty at an angle to the roadway .Also the curb can be made of a concrete-cast blocks.

also quite frequent, especially in St. Petersburg, the curbs are made of granite, they can be seen not only along the quays, but also on the streets of the old city.Interestingly, as a material for curbs are sometimes used tombstones from the graves orphan.

This takes place all in the same place, in St. Petersburg, and in accordance with the rules of the city about the future of the identified orphan graves.If within 3 years of the relatives of the deceased will not be found or do not declare themselves burial was abolished, and the plate is transferred to the needs of the city.

How to put a stone on their own side?

Sometimes you do not want to wonder curb called the boundary track or something else.There is a desire that this restriction was the most and the only exciting moment - as the board put the stone right?This is no big deal.And even there is no need to use heavy construction equipment, as borders are made not only in large formats, but also in the form of short elements.

Most often curbs the production of simple rapid method of plain concrete casting, the service life of these border stones not more than 2 years.

Making the section markings track, and so that line trenches for laying curbs were parallel to each other, it is a matter of aesthetics.Roy ditch or trench, someone like that, and depending on what is set, curb or sidewalk.Then stretch over to receive (and certainly not too deep) trench thread, pour sand on the bottom to create a cozy pillow under the stone board.

aligns rule and rammed sand on beacons - two bars, packed in 23 centimeters from the skin, taking into account the thickness of the solution layer, and two meters away from each other (if you need them to lift - use all the same sand).Fill in the sand base grout and set it stone board, proceed to the next and so on until the last. Moat throws ground after hardening solution.