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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculation of power electric floor heating

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  • 1 How do the calculation power of the electric floor heating
    • 1.1 mechanical calculations of the power of electric underfloor
    • 1.2 Guidance professionals

If the consumer chose the electricwarm coat, then the next step is the calculation power of the heating cable.How is the calculation of the electric floor heating, a calculator online?Solve the problem can be prepared through the online system to get the most accurate results on calculating power electric underfloor heating.

How do the calculation power of the electric floor heating

  1. is important to consider data area of ​​the floor surface.This cable capacity will depend on the size of the room rates.It is necessary to measure a building tool - tape measure, length and width of the floor, and after multiplying the data for trebuemogorezultata.Such calculations are valid for rooms with a ceiling height of up to 3 m.
  2. Specify the type of finished space, when it comes to closed areas, it is necessary to take into account the high thermal insulation of the walls, which will retain heat for a long time even after disconnecting the heating.
  3. If the floor is installed on the first floor, it is necessary to check the insulation from the walls and floor, the presence of a basement with a certain level of heat transfer.
  4. What type of heating?Underfloor heating can be used as the main source of heat, as well as be a part of the heating system of the house or apartment.

using the online calculator of electric floor heating can be found in a short time a total cable capacity and its specific value per square meter.

floor Width (cm.)
Floor Length (cm.)
room warm? ObychnoeTёploe (warm walls) Cold (1st floor, thin walls)
Heating Type As a general otopleniePodogrev comfort

data to calculate the electrical power warm floors.The user must specify in the table prepared by the individual performance:

  • width and length of the floor;
  • as a warm room;
  • select the type of heating.

After clicking on the button "calculate" and a few seconds to get a reliable result on the basis of these data.

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mechanical calculations of the power of electric underfloor

If the user needs to calculate the area of ​​a warm floor living room of 25 square meters, should impute utility room area.Useful area is not more than 60% of the total space, and it is: Skomn = 25 * 0.6 = 15m2.

The next step is to choose the power conductor, which is the heating cable.Master have to decide on the steps of laying the material per square meter, the optimum value for the living room is 110 W / m2.

Using preliminary data and putting them in a certain power calculation formula we get:

P = 15 * 110 = 1650 watts.

Once payment is made, you can go to the hardware store for the necessary materials.

Warning: using the online calculator for calculating the warm floors can be a short time to compare the data of different types of flooring, it is possible electric type heating will be more expensive and economically disadvantageous, and the best solution would be the use of infrared heaters.

Guidance professionals

  1. all the energy has to be transformed into heat for heating cables, it is an important technical parameter of the heating system.
  2. electric floor heating system is laid under the tiles, so the floor will provide excellent heat transfer and ensure insensitivity kdlitelnomu heat.
  3. Online calculator for calculating the ratio of warm polademonstriruet heating sections and mats, the first installed in a cement screed, and the second part of the tile adhesive layer.

power electric floor heating

Do preliminary on-line calculations of floor heating with the help provided on our website, an automatic program and get the most reliable and accurate results.Calculate the cash costs of home heating calculator online.

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