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August 12, 2017 18:05

Choose a gun for foam - the types of tools and tips

What is the foam, to explain to anyone not necessary.In recent years, this material has become so popular that without it is impossible to carry out any construction and installation work.However, its use in the home for people who do not use it, and at best only have seen how other presents some difficulty.

Professional and household foam

first talk about in which "form" this foam sold.Buy it can be in metal cans, in which it is under pressure.Cartridges differ both in volume as well as the manufacturer.However, there are cans of "household" (for non-professional work), and there is for the "pros."What is the difference?She is one - in the process of "extraction" of the foam cylinder.All cylinders are distinguished only by the design of the exhaust valve.

special plastic nozzle is used in amateur (comes with the bottle) through which foam and out.However, these cylinders - disposable.The fact that the foam is quite dries quickly, and then clean all the "channel" of its release can not be outside.

Average time to use one bottle - about 1 - 1.5 hours.However, quite difficult to calculate how much foam should be (a bottle purchase).After all, it should be used fully, immediately, "to the bottom."If foam is still left?In fact, such cans are relatively expensive, and will throw a pity.

gun - for - assembly - foam

In this regard, preferably cylinders for professionals.They have a valve, adapted to be mounted on it a special assembly handgun.This "assembly" can use repeatedly for a long enough time.After applying the foam only need to rinse gun cleaning fluid (it should be purchased along with a pistol), and can be used again.The jet of such a foam gun is much thinner, and therefore its consumption will be more economical.

What to look for when choosing a gun for foam

  1. all its parts must be metal.Currently available models with plastic parts, but they are less durable;
  2. better to buy a collapsible model.In which case, you can always dismantle, wash, clean.If necessary - and repaired.Although the cost of such models and higher, but "it's worth it."
  3. very "delicate" question - how to check a working gun or not?After all, its performance is checked "in" with the balloon.Therefore, you should specifically stipulate the issue with the seller.And do not forget about the law, which stands on the side of consumers.Therefore, a receipt must be kept for at least two weeks - on it is possible to replace the goods, if you will fall marriage.

«Knowledgeable" people are advised to check the gun does not foam, namely that the cleaning liquid, which you buy.Neither the seller will not prove that it's you messed up his (poor quality foam, was not so screwed cylinder, and so on. D.).After the foam leaves traces, and the liquid - no.And best of all, buying a bottle of liquid in the same place, with the seller and check the operation of the gun, then you will not go wrong.

gun - for - mounting - peni2

well-proven gun foam "Bison" and "Workman".They have long term "nice" service is combined with the low price.

Watch video instructions on using the gun for foam: