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August 12, 2017 18:06

The choice of roofing ondulin or corrugated board , which is better ?

Choosing roofing - a crucial step in the construction of the house, because of the right choice depends on time and ease of use of the roof.When selecting a roofing material preference is often given to inexpensive and popular types of coatings, such as profiled metal sheeting or evroshifer.It is often the question arises: which is better - Onduline corrugated board?In order to make intelligent choices, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of these materials and their characteristics.

Choosing the right roofing

Choosing the right roofing

What ondulin?

Ondulin or evroshifer - is corrugated sheets of cardboard impregnated with bitumen under high pressure.It is quite flexible and easy - one sheet weighs less than 7 kg, with impregnation provides excellent protection from moisture.Onduline is several standard colors, its surface is slightly rough, velvety to the touch.It is a soft material that can be easily cut to size, drilling and penetration by nails, which ensures its easy and fast installation.



ondulin The operation has a number of advantages:

  • low price and long service life (25-50 years);
  • lightweight material that does not require a continuous arrangement of crates.It does not weigh down the structure, in contrast to the traditional slate;
  • Because of their ease in handling and flexibility can be used to cover roofs with complex shapes valleys, junctions and turrets;
  • easily withstand snow loads of up to 0.5 meters thick;
  • has excellent sound insulation;
  • not subject to corrosion, damage by micro-organisms;
  • warming up and freezes slowly enough, so no condensation and icing;
  • Environmentally friendly material does not contain asbestos.

However, besides advantages, have Ondulina have a number of disadvantages:

  • fire hazard.The bitumen impregnation is highly flammable and self-extinguishing;
  • fade in the sun for a few years and changes color;
  • rough surface retains dust, debris, and winter - snow, therefore, requires periodic cleaning;
  • On the north side of the roof, in wet areas often covered with moss and lichen;
  • the sun softens the cold becomes brittle, so in the heat and cold ondulin can not mount and subjected to a load;
  • the Russian market found fakes often Ondulin, losing its performance for two or three years.
We determine what is best ondulin or profiled

Determine what is best ondulin or profiled

What profiled?

Krovelnyyprofnastil - galvanized steel sheets undulating section, coated with a protective varnish or polymer paint.Decking has a different profile, wave height, the material thickness.The width of the sheet is usually about one meter, and the length of the manufacturer cuts on standard sheets or 6 meters along the length of the ramp to order.The weight per square meter of material - from 5 to 8 kg.Krepjat decking to the roof by means of special self-tapping screws with a sealing washer.

The advantages of corrugated board include:

  • low price, service life - up to 50 years;
  • absolutely non-flammable, which is important for a stove heating houses, fireplaces, roof coating bath;
  • not require reinforced crates, enough to put the board in increments of 0.3-0.5 m;
  • When ordering length of the sheet size number of joints minimum slope;
  • Thanks corrugated easily withstand not only the snow load, but also the weight of the human body.The strength is not reduced in the heat and cold.Therefore, the installation can be done at any time of the year;
  • corrugated surface completely smooth, so it does not delay the snow, debris and water;
  • sheeting does not fade, does not rust, while maintaining the integrity of the coating;
  • Environmentally friendly material does not contain harmful substances.

corrugated Disadvantages:

  • low level of noise reduction.The rain or hail could be heard not only in the attic, but also in the upper floor.If you have poor fixing on corrugated crate possible buckling of the material in strong winds, accompanied by an unpleasant sound;
  • Due to the possible formation of condensation or ice in houses with an attic floor insulation roof requires mandatory;
  • The heat heats, which degrades the top floor of the microclimate;

case of severe damage to the coating can be corroded.

Fixing corrugated board - easy procedure

Mount sheeting - easy procedure

Which is better - ondulin or decking?

Considering the given characteristics and features, it is possible to compare these roofing and choose the most important parameters.The service life and the price of these materials are about the same, as the roofing is absolutely harmless, so the choice should be made depending on the installation conditions and operation.

  1. Flammability.Onduline flammable, corrugated board - no.For houses with stove heating decking will provide the best protection against sparks.
  2. Ease of installation.Decking can order any size, ondulin has standard sheet sizes.Onduline is flexible and easy to cut, corrugated roof of irregular shape is much more difficult to style.Therefore, for the simple roofs with a slope length of no more than 12 meters profiled more convenient for complex-shaped roofs or high-angle slope of the ramp is better to choose ondulin.
  3. sound reduction.Ondulin, in contrast to the sheeting, a poor conductor of sound of dripping water, hail or wind.For houses with an attic floor, as well as in regions with frequent downpours, hail and strong wind ondulin convenient.
  4. Save appearance.Profiled not fade in the sun, a few years ondulin changes its color becomes faded.Therefore, in hot areas with a large number of sunny days longer retain its profiled appearance.In addition, the sheeting can easily refresh the color, paint it.
  5. necessity of cleaning.Ondulin prone overgrown with moss and dust.In winter, the snow sticks to the surface quickly Ondulina and difficult to remove, it should be cleaned.Decking smooth, all the dust and debris go with him, together with precipitation, so it does not require cleaning.This is especially useful for homes in several floors where cleaning of the roof is connected with the danger of falling from a great height.
House with a beautiful roof covering

house with beautiful roof covering

What exactly choose ondulin or profiled, depending on local conditions, layout, number of floors and location of the house.The above comparative analysis will help you find the right roofing material, using well the pros and cons of eliminating the coating.