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August 12, 2017 18:06

Soundproof walls with his own hands

Soundproofing - it finishes in the room walls, floor and ceiling with special materials, able to absorb noise and provide the desired level of quietness.

Heating in the apartment is not less important than insulation.It is proved that loud noises, not giving rest, a very negative impact on the human psyche, causing neurological disorders, psychosis, depression and breakdowns.Make a soundproof their own hands is not as difficult as it might seem to work do not need super-expensive tools and materials.Little effort for the preparation of premises and compliance with all stages of the work, and the problems in the form of the sound of tires with the roadway, annoying violin neighbor girl and the old man TV included at full volume, will disappear forever.And you do not give reason to neighbors scold you for rapid viewing of football with your friends, for your favorite dog barking and the music of the unexpected style, no matter how loud it was.Soundproof walls - a milestone, followed by the floor and ceiling finish, it must be carried out carefully, without fuss, because haste can lead to defects in the work and poor quality of sound insulation premises, and thus a waste of Finance.

Soundproofing in a flat

Soundproofing in a flat with their hands

noise types and permissible limits

noise is divided into air, and the structural impact.The first includes shouts, laughter, loud conversation, that is, those sounds that penetrate through the cracks, doors, windows.The second - the work of the punch, and the third all the noise transmitted through the vibrations.

noise level is measured decibels.Human whisper is 20 dB, quiet conversation - 40 dB, the permissible noise levels in the enterprise - 85 dB, but the sound power 130 dB causes physical discomfort.Measure the noise level to select the material with the required degree of insulation.

Species most popular soundproofing materials

- fiberglass;

- foam (with a bad waterproofing material on this developing mold);

- elastomeric plates and gaskets;

- probkorezinovaya substrate (as well as the foam is exposed to mold);

- bitumen cork underlay (additional sound insulation quality - waterproofing);

- extruded polystyrene, for example Izoplat ISOPLAAT and Izoteks ISOTEX (has a good level of sound insulation and sound absorption insufficient).

In choosing the material, pay attention not only on the cost and ease of installation, but also on the environmental, non-toxic sound-proof layer.

Self-preparation premises

Preparation room to work.The first step is to clean the room all the available furniture, moldings, chandeliers, remove old wallpaper and plaster.The walls should be as smooth, with a difference less than one centimeter.To do this, carefully look around and are sealed with plaster (plaster or cement mortar) existing cracks, gaps in the receptacles, and the door frame, and then fully plasterers wall, align it long spatula, we clean the dried wall irregularities special mesh or cloth of coarse wool.heating pipes junction with the wall must be sealed with sealant based on silicone.This is done to eliminate the occurrence of cracks during periods of seasonal temperature changes.

Soundproof walls with his own hands

Stages mounting aluminum profiles:

  1. - making pencil markings on the ceiling, using a laser level;
  2. - expose beacons;
  3. - be laid under the guide profile soundproof tape;
  4. - fixed to the floor, the ceiling and around the edges of the guide profile, bonding them together with screws on metal;
Fixing metal profile

Fastening metal profiles to the wall

  • - install rack profile at a distance of 60 cm from each other, check the level and causes soundproof tape.
Install rack-mount profiles

Installing rack profiles

Setting a frame of insulating material

preselected type of insulation material is installed inside the metal frame so as not to leave gaps and voids.Installation is desirable to produce a respirator and rubber gloves to protect your skin and the respiratory tract from the irritating particles sound-insulating layer.

Plating metal frame plasterboard

- sticking on the entire surface of the soundproof strip profiles;

- drywall sheets (GCR) is attached to the frame with screws 25 mm long;

Plating metal frame plasterboard

Plating metal frame plasterboard

way: fixing points and joints drywall sheets obscure filler;

- gaps between the drywall and the walls, ceiling and floor are sealed with sealant.

- gruntuem surface sheets of drywall in front followed by lining (pasting).

The easiest way to install soundproofing on the walls - ready to use ZIPS panel that secure the frame without base.The disadvantage is not the low cost of the panels.The system consists of sheets of drywall and sandwich panels, they, in turn, have two layers - GVL (gipsovolokno) and staple fiber.

The easiest way to install soundproofing on the walls - ready to use ZIPS panel that secure the frame without base.The disadvantage is not the low cost of the panels.The system consists of sheets of drywall and sandwich panels, they, in turn, have two layers - GVL (gipsovolokno) and staple fiber.


- align and plasterers wall;

- sealant sticking to the floor and ceiling of two layers of sound insulation tape;

- clipped panel and install them through vibrouzly;

-after mounting joints treated with sealant.

addition to the above methods, sometimes soundproofing produce non-traditional methods.For example, in a cardboard egg parolon grid or used as sound insulation material factory production.Save this, of course, it is possible, but the quality is unlikely to be good enough.