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August 12, 2017 18:06

Drain tank and its equipment

Drain tank and its equipment

When building a new home arises an important question - is a drain hole and its equipment.

Residents of big cities and even small towns do not face issues sewer arrangement, but outside the cities are so many places where this problem is in the first place.

Probably most people have suburban areas, whether it be a house or cottage.

And in the regeneration of the area you could be faced with the problem of draining waste water due to lack of sanitation.And without a sewer system comfortable and pleasant accommodation impossible.

To solve this problem, you can make a drain hole with their hands, the more that do it quite easily and quickly, you only need to understand how it works, to get acquainted with the most convenient device options, and find answers to the most important questions.

All this you will find in this article.

to quickly arrange the sewage collection system, you must first determine the amount of future construction, choose a place to stay.

Make a drain hole can be involving construction team, and you can own, having a minimum of building skills.

whole process is digging holes and strengthening the walls.Let us understand in detail how to make a drain hole.


  • operating principle of a drain hole
  • location of future wells
  • determine the future of the volume of the pit
  • Sump with brick
  • necessary construction tools and materials
  • Construction drain hole of brick
  • device drain hole atmeans of concrete rings
  • drain hole of the tire
  • Yama using barrels

operating principle of a drain hole

Modern suburban and country houses in the largely different from the old buildings.

Residents gradually change wooden toilets in the courtyard on the comfortable toilets, showers installed in the house, bathroom, utility appliances.


But in the absence of a central sewage system the question of where the need to drain the dirty waste water is usually solved most simple and convenient way.

Mounted outlet pipe through which water flows down into the pit, which is located outside the house on the plot.

As the drive performs the most common septic tank, which is known for a very long time, it can be equipped very quickly in many ways, for example by means of concrete rings, bricks, tires and much more.

When filling the pit waste and sewage pumped out of it with the help of specially equipped machinery.

For people who are chosen for the city mainly in the summer season, the easiest and cheapest way - it is a drain hole with their hands, the more that is done, it is usually the easiest materials at hand, and such installation time takes only a couple of days.

location of future wells

So when you decide to make a drain hole, the first thing is to determine the place of its location, that is to have special regulations in this respect:..

  • Be positioned drain hole in a private house should onlysurrounding area;
  • device such pits must be at a distance of 10 meters from the base of your buildings and other facilities, including those located in neighboring areas.Due to the proximity leaky drain hole may be destructive processes in the basement, adjacent houses and other buildings;
  • also a cesspool must be located no closer than 1 meter to the fence;
  • The depth of the pit should be no more than 3 meters.It is important to take into account the level of groundwater;
  • device pit should be no closer than 30 meters from the drinking water wells;
  • If the site has elevation changes, it is necessary to construct a pit in the valley;
  • Pumping drain holes must take into account the possibility of the entrance to her special equipment.

determine the future of the volume of the pit

Before you decide on the type of the future of the pit, you must decide which dimensions will have a drain drive.The amount must be calculated with the conditions of water use in the house.

If housing - is domiciled the whole family, and the drive must be provided with a plurality of sewer laterals.


But if your site is only for recreation in summer and on weekends, in that case, and the pit may have a smaller volume.

Here counts everything from the number of tourists people to calculations, will be used for the bath drain hole.

calculating the volume of the sump, keep in mind the availability of the entrance to her assenizatorskaya machines, given that pumping services are paid, with frequent use of water and a small amount of your pit, it quickly filled, so part of the call will fly you to the "penny".

Sump with brick

most affordable and easy way to everything the sides and bottom drain hole - it put them brickwork.

In such a system has a number of pros and cons, we consider them in detail.

Pros brick drain hole:

  • ecology - pumping the drain holes of the bricks quickly and easily performed using a special machine assenizatorskaya;
  • independence from seasonal fluctuations of groundwater;
  • does not contaminate the surrounding soil, because the pit is equipped with a large amount of bottom and enclosed on all sides;
  • ease of construction - a hole quickly and without great physical efforts can make a person who does not have building skills, with minimal knowledge.

Sump brick

Cons brick drain hole:

  • odors while filling the pit with drain water.With this help to cope timely cleaning drive;
  • Fragility - when exposed to adverse environmental brick indestructible.Thus, the average life expectancy is about 15 years;
  • cost of cleaning.Brick Pit requires a call assenizatorskaya machine once or twice a month under the condition of residence, this will avoid the accumulation of silt at the bottom of the masses, that in the future much more difficult drive cleaning.

necessary construction tools and materials

Before starting work, you need to take care of the necessary tools and materials:

  • shovels - shovels and bayonet;
  • measuring tape;
  • level;
  • buckets for earth removal;
  • staircase;
  • sand;
  • cement;
  • gravel;
  • bricks;
  • reinforced bars;
  • roofing material.

consumption of building materials depends directly on the volume of the future of the pit.

Construction drain hole of brick

The first step you need to dig a hole.This can be done in two ways, with your hands or with the help of an excavator.

second way is much more expensive, but it will help you save significant time and costs forces.

usually make a pit width is not more than a meter, the length is selected according to the amount of future wastewater.The upper layers are dug out of the earth can be left to sleep garden.

Once you dig a hole, you need to fill the bottom of the sand layer of about 15 centimeters, it is placed on top of a layer of concrete of the same thickness.


Over it still produced a layer of screed 2-3 cm of sand and cement mortar.Of course, the best option will be positioned at the bottom of the reinforced concrete slab with a slope of 45 degrees.

Laying bricks is done in a staggered manner, fix them with a mixture of sand and cement.

Over masonry plaster can be made for the duration of the service life can be laid a layer of reinforced grid, on which will be carried out plastering.

Do not forget to make the ventilation system, it is perhaps the most important stage.

Why is it absolutely necessary ventilation arrangement?

to outflow was for output of methane gas, which fills a hole in the decomposition process.Ventilation through the opening hatch produce or assemble an additional vent pipe.

device drain hole with the help of concrete rings

Mount sump using concrete rings is performed in such a way.

If the use of concrete rings without a bottom, then you first need to fill the bottom of the hole with a mixture of gravel and cement, about 10 centimeters thick.

After complete solidification of the cracks must also be filled with cement mortar.

Installing concrete rings made quickly with the help of special equipment, if there is no possibility of its involvement, it can be laid by hand with the help of others mandatory.

All joints of concrete rings necessarily need to be sealed.You can also make an additional waterproofing of concrete rings and the bottom of our pit.

The pit of concrete rings

Before laying the pipes need to make holes for mounting inside the concrete rings.

trench for the pipes is necessary to dig a depth of not less than one meter to avoid freezing in subzero temperatures.Also, pipe slope should be about 3 percent.

drain hole of the tire

If the drain hole in the country or area you plan to small volume, then the cheapest and easiest way of installation will drain the pit with their hands from the tires.

usually need about 10 tires, which can be found free in almost any tire service.

When the pit is prepared, in the middle of a garden drill a hole was drilled to waste water can seep through the soil layers after a pit filled.

In this hole mounted drain tube, it should have about 1 meter above the bottom drain hole so that it is not clogged by large drain waste.


bottom of the pit must be covered with a layer of gravel about 10 centimeters.After these steps, you can start to stack tires, you need to pre-cut interior.

joints formed between the tire must be sealed, and the gaps between the tires and the walls of the well itself backfilled with clay.

After that, you need to install the pipe, which will take place on removal of drains.A drain hole of the tire is quite a popular option.

Yama using

barrels When digging the hole for the barrel is necessary to make it 15-20 centimeters diameter greater capacity.

bottom of the pit is filled with sand, is 15 centimeters, if fit groundwater is very close to the surface, it is necessary to make a coupler from a solution of sand and cement.

After the cushion is ready, you can begin the installation of the barrel into the pit.The rest of the land will go to sleep gaps around the pit walls and barrels.But such a waste pit quickly filled.

This article is about how to make a drain hole is completed.Guided by all the rules and advice, seeing the photo instructions to build such a system on their own will have no difficulty.