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August 12, 2017 18:06

Waterproofing of the basement from the inside with your own hands

Waterproofing of the basement from the inside with your own hands

underground part of any construction requires significant protection against the ingress of moisture.Waterproofing of the basement from the inside - is a necessary job to perform.

Moisture always has a devastating effect on the foundations of buildings and leads to premature failure of the structure.

If the question is how to protect underground facilities from the water, the answer can only be the correct execution of works, observing the application of the material technology.

popular form of protection from moisture basement waterproofing is considered, which is called vertical - is covering the walls with special formulations.

However, most experts recommends creating a drainage system to drain water and do horizontal waterproofing.

Waterproofing basement with his own hands made in carrying out such work:

  • device of the first layer on top of structures around so that the waterproofing sign 15 cm on finished floor waterproofing;
  • Location of the second layer is 30 cm above the ceiling.In the case where overlap will be below the location of the second layer must be applied to the third layer.

simple and inexpensive embodiment of a vertical type of waterproofing is to cover the surfaces of the walls using insulating paint.

The advantage of this type of insulation - is a reliable filling of all joints.


If the surface is wet, it can be applied directly to bitumen emulsion embroidered stitches.

material can also be applied to wet plaster, but in this case the need to apply a liquid composition as a primer.

Then apply a thick layer, which may be several.


  • What material for waterproofing choose?
    • Waterproofing liquid glass
    • Use "Penetron" for waterproofing
  • Getting waterproofing in the basement
    • Injection waterproofing
    • Penetrating waterproofing
    • Determine the cause of the moisture

What material for waterproofing choose?

By the choice of material should be treated seriously.The best option of internal protection - is lining the walls with two layers of slate, which are glued using bituminous lubrication.

Popular materials for waterproofing inside the basement are a certain range:

  1. Round waterproofing building material.It is easy to apply.This is the easiest way to create a multi-layer protective coating;
  2. liquid waterproofing material, which protects the surface.They handled a large number of pores and microcracks;
  3. insulation, which is based on a special part of clay;
  4. metal sheets;
  5. astringent composition;
  6. penetrating view of the waterproofing.

lately are very good, aqueous solutions of sodium silicate.

calcium often used, which adds a certain amount of quartz sand or an ordinary soda instead of sodium.


After that, the mixture is burned, and glass, which happened amenable to crushing and dissolution in water.

Waterproofing liquid glass

basement waterproofing with liquid glass inside repeats technology, via which the silicification of concrete structures.

insulation of buildings from moisture using water glass acts like the insulation penetrating mind.

This effective form, which is used inside or outside.Because the water glass is used, by which the produce of the foundation waterproofing basements, walls and concrete floors.

As regards the duration of waterproofing service, the liquid glass can last longer than the building itself.

large number of chemicals that are composed of liquid glass contribute to the appearance of certain building materials inside the crystals.

They fill many small cracks and pores.

Waterproofing liquid glass

crystal structure of a material such as - water glass has great air permeability and high water-repellent effect for a long time providing a protection of the material.

Waterproofing any underground structure using liquid glass - it's the best way to protect.

Use "Penetron" for waterproofing

means to deal with the moisture in the deeper areas - this is the material, which is called "Penetron".

He is one of the most practical materials, which comply with the quality and the level of cost.

«Penetron» system - this is the most reliable protection of building structures against water, expiration date - equal to the service life of concrete.

With "Penetron" system can make basement waterproofing of concrete, or concrete blocks of various, grade is not lower than the M 200.

Often waterproofing is done with a further application of the plaster layer.


With this system it is possible to isolate the concrete and joints.It is also easily removed pressurized flow.

Getting waterproofing in the basement

Internal basement waterproofing your hands will help prevent various unintended consequences that are associated with the accumulation of moisture inside the premises.

Atmospheric impact usually associated with various types of fungi.

choice of materials for the application of waterproofing layers:

  • Bituminous mastic, which play the role of special membranes on the walls are not subject to deformation and reliably protect the surface from moisture;
  • «Penetron» - ideal for concrete and reinforced concrete structures, it penetrates deep into the material structure, providing reliable protection from moisture;
  • Liquid Rubber - a waterproofing type of coating.Such material can easily be put in using their own forces on wet or damp surface.

Injection waterproofing

Injection waterproofing the basement from the inside is done in accordance with the composition of the polymer.This is a new technology, it has proved to be a good idea in practice and is considered one of the best.

inject isolation when penetrating waterproofing does not eliminate the problem.This method is used in the case where the material is pumped under pressure.

By its method of difficulty simple, but can not do without additional testing.The material which is applied by means of this method - a polyurethane.

waterproofing scheme

He does not break under heavy loads, enough plastic.Polyurethane polymer composition are economical.

As a result of his contact with water - the volume can be increased about tenfold.

Penetrating waterproofing

penetrating basement waterproofing applied to the inside when the need to protect the surface of the precast, cast (concrete) or a reinforced concrete building.

When using this type of material increases water resistance, durability, frost resistance of concrete.

They are easy to protect the structure from any action of an aggressive environment: acid, alkali, dirt (river, sea) water.

penetrating waterproofing used for a surface that has a number of pores and cracks of a width of about 0.4 mm disclosure or more.

This type of insulation is not suitable for the elimination of the pressure leak.

Basically, waterproofing basements do, as a rule, in the off-season.It is in spring or autumn water rises to the maximum mark.

cellars owners try to do everything to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Determine the cause of the moisture

Waterproofing from inside the basement of groundwater always starts with identifying the cause of the moisture.

main cause dampness in basements is the lack of waterproofing layer or improper installation.


waterproofing basement walls from the inside - this is a very important part of the work.The polymer membrane waterproofing mixture should be carried out from the inside after removing the dust or dirt, fungal attacks.

After drying the mixture and its layer will not be able to pass water inside.Processing with such compositions is carried out quickly, and the results will surpass all expectations.

Waterproofing joints in basements passes at a high speed when using the composition of the membrane.In this case - get a homogeneous membrane having a complete adhesion to surfaces.