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August 12, 2017 18:06

Materials required for the installation of profiles for gypsum board

Materials required for the installation of profiles for gypsum board

Work with dry gypsum plaster begins with the installation of profiles for gypsum board.

Framework is the basis from which the roughness depends on the result of the whole, so at each stage of its construction is necessary to use the building level.

In general, this work requires concentration and attention.

key to success in any repair is the selection of high-quality materials and the right tools.


  • necessary materials and tools
  • Decorating the walls with plasterboard
  • erection of new walls of plasterboard
  • frame for plasterboard ceiling
  • Finishing

necessary materials and tools

When repairs are carried out by theirhand, many of the tools already in the arsenal of craftsmen, but for rack mounting of profiles for gypsum board will need some special tools.

list is not small, but there are no extra points.

From the usual guns can be called:

  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • hammer;
  • stationery knife;
  • knife metal;
  • few spatulas.

should also buy a trowel for corners, if will create a three-dimensional structure.

You will need a screwdriver and a hammer.

Types of profiles

mounting frame and drywall itself is impossible without:

  • -anchor wedges;
  • dowel-nails;
  • screws.

If the room has "filled up" the wall or ceiling is too skewed, you will need to use some types of attachments: straight hangers, connectors such as "crab", profiles extenders.

Well, of course - aluminum profiles and drywall in the right quantity.

marking applied to the line and subsequently erected plasterboard planes were perfectly flat, can be used for laser or gidrouroven.

These tools save time, since the usual spirit level is difficult to determine exactly how skewed the ceiling or put the marks on the wall.

may also be useful shnurootboynoe device.For a kind of insulation, the wizard when installing the supporting profiles using sealing tape.

If sound insulation to be done thoroughly, the material must be appropriate.

finishing require acrylic primers, fillers, reinforcing tape for joints, as may be necessary to treat the surface of the original anti-fungal solution.

Ready crate

market currently offers different types of drywall for interior and exterior work.

order to repair their own hands, we must pay attention to the following ones: normal and waterproof.

For decoration, exposed high humidity, it is better to use the latter.

Also worth connecting elements and aluminum profiles to choose reliable from trusted manufacturers.

Decorating the walls with plasterboard

Secrets perfectly smooth walls often are in the correct choice of finishes.

Clearly, estimating the time, effort, money spent on the work, as well as the end result, it is possible to state with certainty that the drywall - the ideal solution for imperfect walls.

work begins with the markup.On the floor, draw a line, which will be located bearing profiles and the layout for the vertical elements.These lines need to be at equal distance from each other.

In the standard sheet width of one meter and twenty centimeters, is the distance of sixty centimeters.This is done so that the joints of sheets come exactly at the middle of the profile.

first vertical profiles must be located at some distance from the corners.Other secrets mounting frame for gypsum board are disclosed in the following video.


frame Erection begins with a guide profile fixed on the floor.Thereafter, the vertical elements will be placed on the drawn lines.

Their length should match the height of the room, but the standard length is usually greater than the height of the walls.

This is not a problem, because even aluminum are easy to cut your hands with scissors for metal.

Before starting the installation of the vertical components of the frame on the wall with 50-60 centimeters step attach hangers, which are subsequently set profiles.

If the walls are higher than the standard length of the sheet in two and a half meters, the need to install drywall in Extension.Thus there is need for additional transverse webs.

They should also be installed, bearing in mind that they should have to the joint.The remaining seats are filled with cut to size pieces of drywall.

mounting on the screws with a pitch of up to 25 centimeters.

Erection of new walls of plasterboard

If necessary, divide the space into several rooms, drywall can express themselves well.

A particular advantage of this material is its fire safety, without this quality you can not even talk about carrying out electrical wiring inside the wall.

Besides all the work you can do with your hands.

draw up a preliminary plan of the room, you can begin to layout the design position of the future walls.

Design line is easier to apply, using a laser level and shnurootboynym device.

Secrets of the correct use of these tools are presented in the video.


walls, especially in older homes, almost never make perfect right angles to each other.

always have some uncertainty, which causes the distance between opposing baffles at the beginning and end differs.

Taking this into account, drywall constructions is placed equidistant from the opposite wall.Then there will be much that the room is not the ideal shape.

In addition, construction of plasterboard partition should be the last stage of repair, ie, walls and ceilings must be plastered.

on putting labels carried out installation of the lower support section.The distance between the fastening points must not be more than a meter on each element should account for a minimum of three anchors.

Likewise, guiding profiles attached to the ceiling.After measuring the height of the room, made cutting and installing rack-mount profiles.

Those that are adjacent to the walls, installed with the sealing tape, the ones that make out the doorway, must be strengthened.

about how it should be done, says the top video.

After installing the outer pillars, the remaining space to be filled by vertical elements in increments of sixty centimeters and horizontal bridges as in the casing wall.

After pulling the electrical wiring, drywall can be fastened to one side of an aluminum frame and put the insulation material.

Plasterboard second side frame is mounted so that the joints plates do not match on both sides.

Before finishing putty walls, joints should be primed and sealed with the serpyanku, recessed head screws and hide under the putty.

frame for plasterboard ceiling

Some types of suspended ceilings or similar constructions are building not only for aesthetic purposes, using plasterboard boxes hiding communications or unsightly beams.

Also, if necessary, in the design can hide the additional heat and sound insulation.

Setting the frame

Mounting ceiling with his hands can not be called easy.But if necessary, and sufficient practice, the result may surprise.

This will require a lot of time, but even a two-level design can be made, if desired, with their own hands.

Gypsum ceiling, as well as the last types of drywall constructions, are mounted on the stage when the other surfaces (except the floor) ready.

Assembly also begins with the application of markings on the walls and ceiling.

If no laser level and shnurootboynogo device, the layout can be done their hands with pencil and spirit level.

As planned lines in the wall plugs with sealing tape guide profiles are secured.

frequency attachment points must be at least fifty centimeters, at least three for each profile.After that, the ceiling mounted direct suspensions.

distance between the suspensions defined by the appended later load.After installing the support rails, mounted transverse bridge.

Step cross members should be uniform, with standard dimensions of the sheet it is expedient to take a step equal to 50 centimeters.

first support section of the wall has to defend 10 centimeters.Cross bridge fixed with "crab" connector.

How to fix these clamps are well shown in the following video.


After installing the frame, you can begin to trim its plasterboard.Cut sheets produced using stationery knife or a special knife for drywall.

sheets should be fastened to the Extension.Screws have a frequency of 15-20 centimeters, leaving the "left" a centimeter from the edge.


order was the result of long-lasting, it is necessary to follow some rules plasterboard work.

When editing sheets on the frame, it is necessary to cap screws were slightly recessed screws should be placed in a checkerboard pattern at a distance of ten millimeters from the edge of the sheet.

Cardboard mounting points must not be disheveled.Before installing with drywall should be cut at an angle of chamfer - this will facilitate further jointing.

When creating rounded designs, for example, in the multi-level ceilings, smooth lines of the profiles and drywall can be done with your hands, making frequent cuts in the profile or on one side of the sheet.

Finishing includes primer and caulking with serpyanku.Also under the filler cap is hidden recessed screws.

After drying and grinding, the finishing is applied a layer of putty.The last step is painting.